Few VT parents vax young children for Covid – yet

By Guy Page

Less than eight percent of Vermont children ages six months to five years old have been vaccinated for Covid-19, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said at a press conference yesterday. 

Of the total age-eligible population of 26,000, about 2200 have been vaccinated since the vaccine was authorized for that age group, Levine said. 

“Having only been going for a couple of weeks, I consider that a positive feature,” Levine said. “Vermont, per tradition, is leading.” Vermont’s young child vax rate is 3-4 times the national rate, he said. 

Levine said he expects the numbers to rise as children see their pediatricians for their annual vaccinations. 

The July 6 Seven Days noted that parents aren’t turning out in droves to vaccinate their children, but quoted health care providers as saying parents are just too burned out on Covid-19 to act. “It’s been too long to feel the excitement anymore,” a mom told a reporter.

The medical community is not universally supportive of vaccinating young children for Covid-19, because that age group suffers old mild effects from the illness and because of concerns about side-effects of the vaccine. 

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  1. In the UK studies have shown that 95% of the children have acquired natural immunity without vaccinations. Why inject the children when the risks of injection may out weigh the gains of a vaccine. With the changes in vaccine definitions what people used to think meant a lifetime or long term protection now can be only 3 months of protection.

    Children’s Health Defense has much more to say on vaccinations and other children’s health concerns.

  2. Kids have 0% chance of dying from covid, statistically and quite literally. Almost 100% of the kids that died from covid were already dying from some other comorbiditiy. Early on we were told it was to protect grandma and grampa. If you read the paperwork moderna and phizer submitted to the fda for EUA, you know this is not possible. And now the cdc, fda and vermont department of health admit the shots neither stop infection nor transmission. LIES! Everyone i know with covid now has had 3 or 4 shots of the mrna garbage. The people i know infected that have taken phizer’s paxlovid all got covid rebound. Countries like the US, UK, spain, Isreal that all had high “vaccine ” uptake are now the hotspots for covid infection where 95+% of the people infected have had 3 or 4 jabs. Countries with low “vaccination ” have low or no covid. All cause mortality in areas where many people took the shots is up substantially. Many US life insurance companies are reporting payouts 160+% higher than pre mrna jabs. Do your research! The news is funded by pharma! Your physicians cant speak of the adverse effects because they will lose their license to practice medicine. WAKE UP! THE SHOTS BENEFIT ALMOST NO ONE. THEY ARE DANGEROUS AND OFTEN DEADLY! IF YOU’RE NOT 80+ YEARS OLD AND DONT HAVE A BUNCH OF COMORBIDITIES YOU HAVE A 99% CHANCE OF SURVIVING COVID WITH NO SHOTS!!!

  3. good to see some common sense left in Vermont. no reason to vax young kids without knowing what long term effect might be

  4. “Levine said he expects the numbers to rise as children see their pediatricians for their annual vaccinations.” Sadly because uninformed (or uninvolved) parents will simply follow along with what the doctor says . . . follow the money.

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