Heather is alive

by Mary Hahn Beerworth

The author, executive director of Vermont Right to Life, spoke this eulogy at the memorial service for Heather Sheppard Saturday, March 20 at Catalyst Church in Jericho.

I am honored to be here on behalf of Pro-Life Vermont to express our deepest sympathy. Our loss is heaven’s gain, but we know Heather’s advocacy for life continues from heaven more powerfully than ever.

Heather was a force of biblical proportions. She knew she was “fearfully and wonderfully made” in her mother’s womb by the Hand of God. He endowed her with the gift of speaking His word, His truth. She gave us a glimpse of what it will be like to sit in the presence of our Lord and Savior.

All who met her wanted to keep her close, to bask in her spirit and her joy. God moved her into amazing places and situations so that she could speak truth to power without fear or hesitation. But it was always clear that her first love and passion on earth was for her family.  So, today I want to say to Craig/Jerry, Brandy, Emily, Olivia, Scarlett and Elias and Aiden, Thank You. Thank you for understanding that your mom had a special purpose. and thank you for sharing her with all of us – across Vermont, even across the country – I know you jumped in the car for road trips with her, boarded planes, rode motorcycles, attended events and rallies, up early in the morning and out late at night, helping out at home, and you understood that the world needed Heather. And we thank you for all of it.

Your devotion to her was evident over the past weeks as you rallied us to pray for her, sharing photos and remembrances so that everyday we focused our love for Heather into our prayers.

Her time here with us was too short but she left an imprint on this world and on more people than most people do with a much longer life.

Heather IS alive. Heather will see her grandchildren. And we will all meet again when we gather together by the beautiful, the beautiful river that flows by the Throne of God.

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  1. A beautiful eulogy for a beautiful soul.

    Although I didn’t know this individual, any person who fights for the innate right to life, for those who seek to protect those who are too young, for those who heed God’s words and follow them is indeed none other than beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Mary, for honoring Heather on behalf of all who mourn her death while praising God for the gift of her Life that was such a blessing to so many!