Have you seen these car thief suspects?

State police are looking for these car thief suspects.

A 2015 black Subaru Outback was stolen from a Vershire woman’s driveway either late Sunday or early Monday morning.

State Police say the car has a Thule storage rack on top and a two-pronged bike storage bicycle rack on the rear.

There are some suspects (see photo above) who stopped at a gas station with the car in Waterbury early Monday morning. Anyone with info should contact VSP at a number included in the link above. – Journal Opinion

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  1. The man’s body language suggests Eastern European origin. Seen that same impatient pose a thousand times. Are they Romanian theft group or more of Biden’s “asylum seekers” ? Don’t be surprised to see them exiting back the way they came.

    • The man in the picture certainly does not want to be identified. He is even wearing winter gloves. Must have identifying tats or something. I don’t think it was quite cold enough for his outfit.

  2. Although I have not seen the Man, I do have a suggestion to curb further stolen vehicles. Today, in our cars (and trucks) where ignition keys are no longer used and a pus button ignition system is used, in connection to the the car/truck Fob. The Fob transmitts an RF signal, and the car receives the RF signal that will allow the car to start when we push the ignition button on the dash. The Fob tranmitts an RF signal 24/7, even when you are home sleeping and you are in your home. Some of the more elaborate thieves have developed a way to amplify the signal and create a new Fob key from a blank Fob, using that RF signal. Thieves can do this 50 – 100 yards away from your house, then hop in your vehicle and drive it away while you are sleeping ; or after you park at a store and are shopping, when you return to your car it is gone. HOW CAN PEOPLE PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THIS TYPE OF CAR THIEF ? They make a pouch that isolates your Fob RF key signal. These pouches you can buy at Amazon for about $10 – $15. In this day of technology, we need to be smarter than the thieves.

    • …or we can demand that our law enforcement and prosecution officials treat the theft of an automobile as we used to treat the theft of one’s horse…with a rope…