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Guv’s task force addresses school, youth violence

Governor Phil Scott has tasked a Violence Prevention Task Force to develop a longer-term prevention strategy that prioritizes early interventions for children and families.

Reconstituting this task force is a component of the Governor’s 10-Point public safety enhancement and violence prevention action plan, which was issued in August. It will be comprised of a group of senior executive branch officials and chaired by the director of violence prevention, Dee Barbic, who was appointed to the new role in September.

The Task Force is charged with:

  • Coordinating policy implementation across state government to help address violence against others in schools and communities;
  • Identifying needed reform of existing laws, regulations, policies and programs and propose appropriate legislative and programmatic changes to adequately prevent violent crimes and hold offenders accountable; and
  • Coordinating federal funding opportunities to better prevent suicide and community violence, facilitate better use of ERPO implementation/enhancements and significantly improve school safety and school violence prevention.

The Violence Prevention Task Force will be advisory to the Governor and will report to him regularly on its view of the effectiveness of violence prevention policy.

Click here to view the full executive order

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  1. Governor Scott is no defender of life, children or families.
    His 100% approval rating from planned parenthood proves he supports violence against the unborn.
    His refusal to provide metal detectors and armed Security staff in Vermont schools prove he supports more illegal Gun laws instead of doing something proactive to prevent a tragedy. He could have used the covid relief money to protect Vermont students and schools instead of rewarding school districts to push jabs.

    By far the worse betrayal of Vermont children and families is his support of Article 22.
    Abortion to the moment of Birth by anyone, anytime, anywhere.
    ” Compelling State Interest ” to take your child to sexually molest them regardless of age. Criminalizing Parents and Health Care workers that would fight to protect the child.
    This is the violence against the children Scott pretends to defend.

  2. Here’s an idea… if we’re REALLY concerned about this issue, let’s give our schools the same level of security our elected officials benefit from.

  3. All the task force will do is protect certain demographics, you know which ones, regular kids just trying to get an education will be punished and unprotected.

  4. Typical socialist thinking. Make all school protocol the same. Give away local control of funding and tactics and give this authority to the FEDS. When everything is the same, it’s easier to be exploited by the people who hold all the cards. Diversity of strategies and local control make things stronger and less penetrable. Do you ever think that the FED would endorse onboard training for qualified teachers to be able to access firearms within the classroom?

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