Gray running for U.S. House

Lt. Gov. Molly Gray announced today she will run next year for Vermont’s lone seat in House of Representatives.

I’m running for the U.S. House of Representatives because the challenges we face — from our workforce shortages to our child care crisis — won’t be solved by Vermont alone,” Gray said on her website. “As Vermonters, we have so much to offer. I know our leadership on climate action, reproductive rights, voting rights, and human rights can move us all forward.”

Congressman Peter Welch plans to run for the Senate next year. Sen. Patrick Leahy announced last month he will not seek-re-election.

Gray was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 2020, best better-known candidates in both the Democratic primary and the general election. A lawyer and Vermont native, she was raised on a Newbury farm by parents who are longtime close friends of Patrick Leahy. She attended UVM on an athletic scholarship, then went to work for the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations.

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  1. I contacted Molly in response to her bragging about all the monies she secured from the Feds. I expressed my concern as to how the monies would be spent. She seems hell-bent on social welfare-related, and seems unconcerned about the ‘devil is in the details’. BTW: Molly never returned my query.

    • Representing the people of Vermont in the US House of Representatives is a very important job…….It’s a job that requires a person with a substantial experience and significant achievements at a high level over a protracted period of time……….Self promotion to less than one “no accomplishment” year as Lieutenant Governor does not qualify as substantial experience or significant achievement.

      Take a took at Ms Gray’s resumes posted on line and see a long list of activities and no achievements or accomplishments cited:



      Activities are not accomplishments as Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina said of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential primaries………The same applies to Ms. Gray who has a resume full of activities and no accomplishments.

      Ms. Gray needs to step back, get to work and build a resume of accomplishments before asking the people of Vermont to give her the honor and awesome responsibility of being their Representative in the US Congress.

      Learning that it’s important to respond to constituents’ concerns would be a good starting point for Ms. Gray in building a resume of achievements and accomplishments.

      • Thank you! Too much, too soon for her. She’ll be running for President in 2024 at this rate. I don’t get the feeling that she “cares” about Vermont. Obviously just a stepping stone. Reminds me of Tracy Flick.

  2. We do not need these sjw progressive dems representing Vermont, especially gray. Didn’t welch and sanders do enough damage to America with their lies and deceit??

  3. Molly looking to up her game, as well as her intake & become a professional grifter on the national stage…

    • I can’t beat her. I don’t know anyone today who can. I have to say I do not like what Vermont politics has become……..slicksters everywhere and big money from outside our state. SLICK EXPENSIVE ADVERTISING. Might as well just continue becoming NEW JERSEY.

      Dennis Morrisseau W Pawlet, VT

      • How about a ‘write-in’ campaign. Don’t spend any money. Just let us know your platform here on VDC and on True North Reports, explain that if you happen to be elected, you’ll accept the nod and represent us as well as you can.

        Keep in mind, Edward Durr, a retired truck driver for a New Jersey furniture company, spent $153 to win the Republican primary, and another $2,300 to win the election against long standing New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney.

        Make grassroots great again.

  4. Term Limits are a Must Have at this point…wonder what she says this, and what every Rep says to this. I’ve asked several, they skirt around the issue, or ignore the question….start asking

  5. Talk about a political turnaround. She’s been Lt. Governor for a year and she thinks she’s qualified to run the business of the country. What a fraud with a pretty face, vote no!

    • She’s just as qualified as anyone.

      I’m looking forward to seeing Lieutenant Morrisseau’s platform.

      • How can you say she is “as good as anyone”? I would be very interested in comparing other candidates. Many of the youth of our time have been indoctrinated by an educational system presented Elementary through University, particularly those of a Progressive Bent. i suggest you consider Mark Levin’s Book, “American Marxism”. Our educational system has been severely affected. I challenge you to study the content of Levin’s thoughtful publication. Bet a dollar to a donut you refuse the offer!

      • According to the Vermont constitution, she is not qualified to be where she is. Her residency status was in question but no one brought it up. So no, she is not as qualified as anyone. This was discussed on True North and here also, I believe. She also claimed she voted here but there was no record. Check it out before you lecture me again.

    • Sanders and Welch set the accomplishment bar very low. She is electable because of her gender and Condo’s mail in ballot scheme.

  6. Sounds like Saint Patrick gifted a Vermont Congressional Seat to a close friend’s daughter….

  7. want an example of politics gone awry! so she is already running an hasn’t produced anything. should there be some requirement before you can run for another office or was her current position a training camp. is it any wonder were she will be spending her time, on the campaign trail and not working for the people of Vermont? what other profession can someone tell there boss I wont be at work today, weeks, months because i want another job an have to be somewhere else. if she runs her pay should be docked and her hours working in her current position be monitored. there should be a law to not allow politicians to travel to other districts to campaign for others, such as biden going to Virginia or bernie campaigning for others. s there not enough work to do at home. shameless. were is the media

    • The only requirement is to convince voters to vote for her. Anyone can do it. Hopefully, someone else will.

      • You are already endorsing her, regardless of all the negative facts and questions that voters have wanted to consider? Don’t you think we might possibly not want to automatically lay the mantle on a candidate for another lifetime Progressive candidate, who makes a point of refusing to mention her Political Party of Choice. Why won’t she say, “I am a Democrat”?
        Does she not want to run on the President Biden Record?

  8. would never ever vote for her, too much of her ideology already in Vermont politics

  9. The sad part here is there doesn’t appear to be anyone who can beat Peter Welch either. A 74+ year old man who hasn’t done much of anything for the USA. He’s a Leahy clone just a lot smaller.
    I’d like to see term limits too.

  10. She’s a shoo in. She checks all the Commiecrat boxes and the voters are too stupid to vote for someone else.

  11. The only “qualification” one needs to be elected to any office in Vermont is being a member of the democrat or progressive party. She may have primary opponents who have other beneficial qualifications such as a greater melanin content in their skin or a difficult-to-pronounce name.
    Hypocritical, liberal Vermonters have already shown they are sexist when they elected Peter Welch over Martha Rainville. They have shown themselves to be racist when they failed to elect Randy Brock. Those intersectional victimhoods of a candidate still take a back seat to having that “D” tattooed on one’s chest.

  12. Any Vermont Dem/Prog going to DC may be lonely – reportedly 18 are jumping ship from Congress – not seeking re-election. I find that odd considering they are in control. Going forward, the Biden/Harris fiasco may be too much to overcome. Can they cheat their way in as they did in 2020? Vermont is a laughing stock across the nation. It will be difficult to find a friend in DC next session – she may want to bring her dog.