Governor won’t back EUA mandatory school vaccines

By Guy Page

Governor Phil Scott doesn’t support the vaccines under Emergency Use Authorization for mandatory use in schools. 

At today’s press conference, Gov. Scott was asked by Vermont Daily Chronicle: “Is it ever appropriate for a vaccine under Emergency Use Authorization to be considered for mandatory requirement for public school enrollment?”

Scott replied: “Not as far as I’m concerned,” and then asked Health Commissioner Mark Levine to respond further. Levine said that “most of us would feel assured” by full FDA approval of a mandatory school vaccine. 

Levine and Agency of Education Secretary Dan French may discuss the subject of public school vaccination at length tomorrow afternoon. The schedule for the Senate Education Committee for tomorrow has both men appearing at 3 pm to discuss “mandatory vaccination for schools.”

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  1. Thanks Guy for your question. I do feel you could have pushed Levine a bit more and asked ‘WHY mandate vaccination for this age group if you believe it’s inappropriate without full approval?’ This is truly mind boggling and I believe it’s important for them to be feel pressure to answer this important question. Again, thanks for question.

  2. Nope just going to strong arm them by forcing them to wear masks until enough are jabbed and then let the schools individually decide if they will “allow” unjabbed kids, just like he did with the adults.

    • There is an overrepresentation of socio paths and pyschopaths in politics, C Suite, Law and Sales….these people are all about power, money and sex. They have no remorse or compassion for others. They are willing to lie blatantly and freely.

      they are often intelligent, charming and persuasive.

      • Those are three words I would not use to describe anyone in our legislature.

        Psycho and Socio + “paths” might be…

  3. This is not accurate, as there is no full FDA approval for any of the vaccines currently available in the US. The only FDA approved COVID vaccine is marketed as Comirnaty, which is not available in the US. The governor and VT Health Department assumes that Vermonters have not taken the time to read the FDA approval letter, which I have. In the FDA Comirnaty approval letter, the FDA clearly states that while Pfizer’s new application for Comirnaty is approved the current Pfizer vaccine is still only approved under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). In addition, the FDA website states that testing is to be done on pregnant woman relative to Comirnaty, as the original Pfizer vaccine was never tested on pregnant women. Our governor has incorrectly informed Vermonters that the currently available Pfizer vaccine approved via EUA is the generic version of the new Comirnaty vaccine, which is inaccurate. The Supreme Court ruled that the DOJ could not make this claim, as it is inaccurate. People believe that the language in the FDA approval letter is intentionally misleading. which our state leaders and institutions are more than happy to exploit.

  4. Aside from the fact that mandating any of these EUA approved vaccines is against the law, there is liability for the drug companies and state to consider. Once the vaccines have been added by ACIP to the already burdensome childhood vaccine schedule, the drug companies, government, and health care providers are home free and, as under EUA approval, again free of liability. We will then see the rapid deployment of Pfizer’s Cominarty vax and Moderna’s Spikevax in the US. …follow the money.

  5. Here is where I stick up for Gov. Scott in this important decision regarding freedom. This is the difference between him and Gov. Molly Gray, Gov. Becca Balint etc…..

    • So because he makes a decision marginally better than the others, we’re going to fully support him instead of telling him how it is?

      Exactly when do the conservatives; people who work for a living, people who live from paycheck to paycheck, people who don’t just give in to everything that’s told to them, people who want to live their lives with freedom and with that the responsibility; exactly when do we say no to the leftist propagandist progressive BS tearing this country apart via the media, government, federalized institutions (now including healthcare), and “new” societal “norms”?

      Rich I’m not trying to start anything with you you’re a good guy. I can see from what you post, I know that our views are very well aligned, but I’m illustrating this because it’s a constant theme in Vermont.

      “Give in, Give in because they have the power, we’ve got to meet them halfway, when exactly, what point in time do we stand up and say no this isn’t right?”

      No, there should be no requirements for vaccines in businesses, healthcare, schools or anything else. There should be no limits to our free speech (consequences should only come from the nature of the statement as in proving undue harm). There should be no limits to our ability to defend ourselves. Our vote shall be counted and it should be authenticated as OUR Individual vote. We should not condone abortions with any law, nor should we allow the government to make any of those decisions for us. Healthcare should not limit you as to what drugs you can take. Especially since they’re handing out crack pipes and giving safe spaces to heroin users but won’t give us a proven safe drug for parasites.

      If our governor had our best interest at heart he would be looking at those issues and the financial issues surrounding printing our money out of existence. Instead he panders to the left and gives them opportunity and meanwhile tells us “Well I don’t think they should do that.”

  6. Crimes against humanity. No amount of side stepping should excuse those who pushed this garbage from day one. All must be held accountable.

  7. This would be the ‘cover your butt for what you have been forcing on Vermonters for the past 26 months.’
    Nothing says politician like changing your tune when you realize your team is losing.
    When our elected leaders remember they work for US…maybe we’ll redeem our big boy and girl diddies and let go of our bankies and grow up into responsible, accountable, informed adults.
    More of Vermont is aware of the lies now and its just not going as planned.
    The Golden Goose Covid is still attracting flies though.
    Qui bono?
    Follow the money.

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