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Government must meet in-person, again

Temporary Open Meeting measures tied to the pandemic State of Emergency will no longer be in effect as of midnight tonight, when the SOE expires, the Vermont Secretary of State’s office said.

Among these legislative measures are Act 92 and Act 113 of 2020, which temporarily amended the Open Meeting Law (OML) to  allow for fully remote public meetings and electronic posting of notices. 

Public bodies must now comply with the long-standing Open Meeting Law, Secretary of State Jim Condos said. This means: 

• A physical meeting location for public participation must be provided. 

• Members of public bodies may still attend meetings remotely. 

• Public bodies should review the OML’s advance notice requirements which requires physical posting of notices. • Meeting minutes must be made available after five calendar days from the date of the meeting. 

Deputy Secretary of State Chris Winters urged local governments to keep in place the option of remote, virtual participation in government meetings: “Even though the law is reverting back we strongly encourage public bodies to continue use of these proven tools to better enable all members of the public, including those who have limitations that may preclude physical attendance, to have their voices heard in their local government.”

More detailed guidance can be found on the Secretary of State’s website. 

Thumbnail photo: Huntington Town Meeting

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  1. This may be a tough pill to swallow for the legislature which NEVER ADJOURNS.