GOP House candidate threatened

“People like you have no [expletive] right to be heard. People like you have no right to say anything”

By Guy Page

Rebecca Pitre, the Republican/Libertarian candidate for the Vermont House in the Lamoille-3 District, was threatened by an unknown man at the Cambridge trash/recycling transfer station Saturday morning, August 27.

Rebecca Pitre

Pitre stated that the man expressed frightening outrage concerning untruths that were published on social media concerning her supposed views of the LGBTQ+ community.

“People like you have no [expletive] right to be heard,” the man reportedly raged, according to Pitre and other witnesses. “People like you have no right to say anything. You [expletive] Christians think you can say anything you want.”

Meeting voters at the town ‘dump’ is a time-honored, effective campaign tradition. But the threatening encounter is making Pitre reconsider Saturday morning at the dump, in order to prevent a tragedy. She says will be limiting her public appearances out of concern for her own safety and the general public’s. 

Pitre’s need to keep a lower profile for safety’s sake could impact not only her own electoral chances, but the hopes of the Republican House caucus to gain enough seats to uphold Gov. Scott’s vetoes of legislation passed by the Democratic/Progressive supermajority.

The Lamoille-3 seat is an “open” seat – incumbent Lucy Rogers (D) is not a candidate. Until Rogers won election in 2018, the seat had for many years been held by Republicans, including Adam Howard and Rich Westman. Pitre, a Waterville resident, faces Lucy Boyden, who was raised on a family farm in Cambridge. 

The seat is considered “in play” by both Democrats and Republicans. 

According to Rebecca, she was sitting next to her political display, playing music and singing with a friend, an elderly man. A black truck pulled up and blocked the whole front of her tent. An unknown white male with dark hair approximately 40 years old jumped out of the truck and within seconds was standing over top of Rebecca screaming obscenities and hate speech. Rebecca’s husband Tom quickly approached the unknown man in an attempt to stop the verbal assault.

The unknown man’s aggressive actions toward all three – Rebecca, her husband Tom, and their elderly friend – went on for 2-3 minutes before he got back into his truck and fled the scene. A complaint was filed with the Vermont State Police, and the license plate number of the truck was reported to VSP.

Pitre supplied VDC with the following account:

I was sitting in a low wooden chair next to my friend, an elderly man. We were playing music and singing. At approximately a black truck pulled up long ways and parked in front of our tent.

A man got out and was over the top of me in seconds shouting obscenities and his anger about my supposed views about the LGBTQ+ community based on a false accusation that was posted on social media.

He said: ‘You have no [expletive] right to say the things you did about the LGBTQ community.

His rant included things like: ‘Who do you [expletive] think you are.’

I asked him if I could answer and he said: People like you have no [expletive] right to be heard. People like you have no right to say anything. You [expletive] Christians think you can say anything you want. I’m an atheist and I hate you [expletive] Christians spreading your [expletive] all over.

He bent over and screamed in my friend’s face saying: ‘What the [expletive] are you doing sitting here playing music.’ I politely said: ‘He’s a Democrat.’

I politely said: ‘I am a Republican/Libertarian.’ He said: ‘[Expletive] Libertarians have no right to be heard.’

All of this was screamed over me with his finger pointing in my face. I tried to ignore him, but he wouldn’t go away. I was embarrassed for the people around me and worried for their safety.

My husband quickly got up from behind the table and stepped in front of him and said: Get out of her face. He started screaming louder and we asked him if I could speak. It was clear by the continued verbal abuse that he had no intention of being civil.

My husband quickly walked over to the truck and took the picture of his license plate.

After 2-3 minutes of his continued rant, he got in his truck and left the scene.

A transfer station employee reportedly said the same unknown man had a similar altercation about a year ago with a customer who had religious emblems on his vehicle.

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  1. Charles Wilson,running for the House of Representatives in Caledonia #3,have also been threatened on several occasions because of my stance on God Country Constitution and Right to Life!! To me the left is threatened by the Truth!!

  2. Yes, the Evil Cabal, Marxists, Left, etc., is threatened by the Truth.

    Liberty is from God not man.

  3. Yup, next you know the ‘Evil Cabal, Marxists, Left, etc.’ will do something like invade the Capitol and try and end the democratic process. Trust those sneaky lefitists to try and copy good upstanding rightists. They can’t eave anything alone. Political insurrection can and should be in the sole possession of the right.

    • thanks for exposing the left for their actions at the capitol on Jan. 6

      The FBI won’t comment on their participation that day

      Wasn’t it the left who robbbed and killed an looted businesses and federal government buildings during the summer of love…

      Thanks for reminding us of the corruption of the left who is hell bent on the destruction of America

    • you really need to follow real news, the whole “insurrection” myth is busted and the dems are filtering exactly what is told in the hearings, specifically hiding why when emotions would be high Pelosi and the DC mayor refused extra security.

  4. I really enjoy the candidates politicking at my local trash and recycling site. It’s a Vermont ritual, not unlike mud season. All smiles and BS. I listen politely to their spiel, take the flyers they always hand out, and wish them well. And if I don’t like their flyers, well, the recycling bin is right there.
    I’ve observed in recent years, however, that some of the trash shows up at transfer site walking on two feet. I’m sure pretty sure that type of trash wouldn’t willing take a dive into the garbage bin…

  5. Rebecca Pitre stand strong. Lying low, backing down, and shutting up is exactly what they want. Don’t give in to them! Greater is He who is in you than he who was in that guy. STAND.

  6. Do not back down from their intimidation. Do not let fear and intimidation win. Stand your ground and do what it takes to win your seat. This is still Vermont, you have a right to protect yourself from such assaults. I look forward to the impending arrest report . . . this guy is obviously a menace to society and needs to be confined if he can’t control himself.

  7. So the Police have the License Plate #, there was a previous incident, and there are multiple witnesses.
    Has there been an arrest ?
    This is why the division in America is growing larger every day.
    Good people step up to fight for the values, morals and ethics they were raised with and want their families to follow.
    A self proclaimed atheist screams in the face of a Woman sitting with her Husband and friend.
    Why ?
    How many incidents have you heard of where a Christian or Conservative loses control of their emotions to the point of confrontation and threats against someone they don’t know ?
    But without question the people who claim to be accepting, tolerant and pro choice never really are.
    Your choice has no value unless it is their choice.
    The people screaming Defund the Police are reaping what they have sown. How will the State Attorney change the narrative so the victim becomes the aggressor ?
    After all, she had the nerve to offer everyone the opportunity to meet with and express their opinions in a friendly exchange.
    I don’t know Rebecca Pitre personally. But I have massive respect for her stepping up for herself, her family, her community and her State.
    What happens now will prove if the person who threatened her will be held responsible.

  8. EXCELLENT that she got his license plate! Her husband should be carrying – OPEN CARRY – and that scenario would likely have been avoided. Personally, I would also opt to purchase a protection-trained Rottweiler if I were running & keep him by my side or in the vehicle at all times at the ready.

    Liberal “Progressive” democrats are typically cowardly. And this incident of a man (though he’s not one in the most genuine sense of the word) threatening a woman & an elderly gentleman is the epitome of cowardice. The only thing that wasn’t brandished by this cowardly, possibly antifa fascist, was the typical child’s skateboard to be used as a weapon.

    Here’s tip though: There exist now many former downstate New Yorkers moving to/living in Vermont, so please do be aware all those who physically threaten others: With our state’s “right to carry”, you just may wind up on the wrong end of such revolting actions should anyone be legitimately threatened or feel their life endangered by your actions. Be aware. Proceed with caution when engaging others with such displays of violence.

    Her reaction to not continue to campaign as much, though understandable, is very sadly EXACTLY what these miscreants (yes, that means anyone threatening women or the elderly particularly no less) want so that their twisted plan of a uni-party is realized in VT – as if their super-majority isn’t enough of an this assault on democracy!!!

    In short – as with the 2020 elections via Facebook & Twitter – the USA is experiencing ELECTION INTERFERENCE enabled by democrats.

  9. Call Becca Balint! She has assured us that our time is finally here, and we are now safer for democracy! She can help!

  10. This guy is the type of person, the Republican rhinos well tell you, is who we all need to come together with.

  11. Seems as though there may be a mental health issue? Will the VSP or Lamoille Sheriffs Dept do ANYTHING about this unstable individual? Or must something tragic occur first?

    • I really do appreciate so many Vermonters’ patience & empathy with these types of situations, however, enough is more than enough. We cannot attribute every dangerous act & behavior to “mental health” issues – the summer of 2019 saw dozens dead, including cops, and billions of dollars of damages WE are now paying to rebuild cities & businesses due to planned political violence by ONE side. Such was NOT due to mental health issues.

      More & more we are seeing the “Progressives” & leftist extremists in the form of antifa, BLM, Soros prosecutors – all place Americans & now even Vermonters lives in danger – the once safe streets of Burlington are under attack with citizens & whatever tourists are left – being beaten, harassed, shot, & even murdered. This is intentional, pure & simple and is MEANT to cause chaos and fear, just as Covid19 was meant to cause the same.

      If someone genuinely is being accosted or molested and feels their life or the lives of innocents around them are in danger — VT law provides us with the right to DEFEND ourselves. This has been the law in Vermont for Centuries within our CONSTITUTION to be exact.

      And you know what? THAT was the very reason that Vermont was the safest State in the nation.

      We are being led to believe that the criminals are the victims, and that the victims are the criminals, and we need to “opt out” of defending ourselves and others.

      That is simply NOT the law & it’s simply not true, IMO, that much of this violence we see today has mental health origins. Evil? Yeah.

  12. There are knuckleheads Everywhere, thank goodness some occasionally make themselves known, so we don’t get complacent. Too many believe whatever appears on “Social Media”. When they don’t allow you to respond, their attitude reveals what they are. Certainly Not Tolerant!

  13. Thank you Kathleen Henry for calling it what it is: ELECTION INTERFERENCE. Attempts to silence, intimidate, threaten or inhibit the campaigning activities a legitimate candidate for elected office should be prosecuted under Federal law.
    Similar tactics are currently being used against a former President and possible future candidate for President. I await the news of an arrest in this case. What kind of response can we expect from the Lamoille County State’s Attorney?

  14. Did not the Vermont legislature pass a law against anyone being aggressive against school board members and elective or potential candidates for office in the last session? Law cannot be selectively enforced. If the infraction occurs against a progressive, they get the book thrown at them. If the infraction occurs against a conservative, prosecutors look the other way. As Dan Bongino says: “the DOJ and the FBI are too far gone. Fire them all.” To me that sounds like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    • Thanks for acknowledging the double standard: If you interfere with a conservative, that is being a conscientious social justice warrior…if you interfere with a progressive, you are being a domestic terrorist.

  15. It’s my opinion that 99.9% of Democrats suffer from mental illness. They are hateful, unstable, and dangerous — and that’s how the Democratic Party wants them. If some nut kills someone, they don’t have to take responsibility for it. But Republicans have to stop being intimidated and stand up for themselves. By avoiding public appearances, the Democrats get exactly what they want.

  16. There is not one once of indication this was “a Democrat”. This is obviously a person angry about a statement reference the LGBQ community, (as stated per the statement from the complainant Rebecca Petre). There is nothing in this filing that indicates any political ties to any one party.
    Interesting how hateful the comments are and how assumptions were/are made about political ties. What I am reading in print in the comments, is/are the very hateful and angry words the people state they don’t like.
    I am making an educated guess that since the comments are hateful towards the Democratic Party……that the hate spreading commenters are republicans?

    • Remember how Biden promised he would unite the country as he simultaneously insulted, ridiculed and slandered Trump in the 2020 election? Well now, shockingly he is calling anyone who doesn’t agree with him “semi-fascist.” The thing that should concern everyone who values truth and freedom is that the left never hesitates to dehumanize their political adversaries and are convinced anyone receiving their vitriol deserves it. They do in fact spread hate at the same time they accuse others of hating.

  17. The democrac party has established itself as the party of violence……but truth is, none of them can fight.

  18. The man in question will perhaps one day step on a property of someone who will not be so civil or passive. If the Left believes they can be the caustic jackboot bullies and assault peaceful people with no consequences, they should review what happened during the late 1980’s when Eastern Europe decided enough is enough. It is happening again now in the West and they will be defeated again. How messy it will be is on them.

  19. Just wondering why Kevin Hoyt doesnt get the same attention from the media. He has been threatened numerous times. I thought this was an unbiased platform, but I am starting to wonder
    This is a statement from him on Facebook:

    WTF… I’m sorry.. these “verbal attacks” and craziness are unacceptable, but I had to leave my home and community in APRIL!! 5 slashed tires, busted hood latch, they disabled my power steering, CUT MY BREAK LINES, pried open my gas cap and added whatever to seize my engine. Cut all the wires (lights, horn, whatever) in a second car. Were MY death threats not good enough? Am I the wrong color or sex?
    I’m a CANDIDATE FOR VT GOVERNOR IN EXILE and I can’t get the media to publish my press release even announcing that I’m a candidate given to them in May.
    My very REAL death threats left in my car, in my driveway are not serious enough? Going to kill me with guns or my children when I’m not looking? My TOWN and state knows.. lots of letters. Guy Page and the media know.. the same for the scandals I expose to paint this target on my own back 🎯
    Maybe someone will talk about my situation and WHY! Is it because my attackers are Sheriffs, judges and Senators? Why will the town of Bennington not even reply to my letters requesting help? @H Brooke Paige you are aware and “active”, maybe you can help the people SEE the cheat and targeting like I am? Just askin’
    Sorry again, this upsets me a little. If YOU are upset by any of this CRAP, PLEASE SHARE ALSO

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