GOP candidates file for statewide office

“I am all in to be part of the Red Wave” securing the U.S. Senate and House in the 2022 General Election, U.S. Senate candidate Gerald Malloy (seen here at Secretary of State’s Office yesterday) said at a candidate forum in Milton earlier this month. The Perkinsville resident said he stands for national security, reducing government spending, and ‘more freedom and less control.’

Malloy faces Christina Nolan in the GOP primary this August.

Greg Thayer, former Rutland City Councilor and a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, files his petitions with Vermont Secretary of State official J.P. Isabelle.

Thayer has been on a listening tour across the Green Mountain State. His “We The People” campaign platform is “Public Safety, Parents Rights in Schools, protecting our VT/US Constitutions, stopping the drug problems, Free-Market solutions to Healthcare and standing up for the unborn, Gun ownership, private property and defeating Prop 5/Article 22 and indoctrinating our children in these government schools.”

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  1. SOS/11th hour here @ Waterbury; need help in gathering sigs from registered voters by 5p tomorrow!

  2. Gregory takes his oath of office to support and defend the Constitution (s) seriously. I cannot say the same for Ms. Nolan. Can a leopard change her spots?

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