GOP bill: no ‘safe spaces’ discrimination at government meetings

By Guy Page

S218, a bill introduced  by five Republican senators, would stop any prohibition of participation at government meetings on the basis of race.

“This bill proposes to amend the Open Meeting Law to expressly state that the public bodies of the State and its political subdivisions shall not prohibit or discourage the participation of a person or group of persons based on race or other classification,” S218 says in its introduction. 

Last year, the Vermont Climate Council on Oct. 13 held subcommittee meetings for BIPOC members only. White people were strongly discouraged to not attend or participate in the virtual meetings. 

At the meeting, facilitator Kiah Morris stated the purpose of discouraging non-BIPOC people from participating: BIPOC Vermonters need an “affinity space” to express a perspective that “is not often welcome, that is not often acceptable.” Vermont has historically “not done a good job” with affirming BIPOC perspectives, and is not doing so now, either, she claimed.

The sponsoring senators are Randy Brock – who is black – and Corey Parent (Franklin), Brian Collamore and Josh Terrenzini (Rutland), and Russ Ingalls (Essex-Orleans). 

Information on S218 and other bills introduced in the Senate since the new session began Tuesday appears below. 

S.2081/7/2022An act relating to fair disclosure of lodging rates and resort fees
S.2091/7/2022An act relating to reviving the Vermont Film Commission
S.2101/7/2022An act relating to rental housing health and safety and affordable housing
S.2111/7/2022An act relating to creating the Vermont Teaching Careers Study Committee
S.2121/7/2022An act relating to income-based education funding
S.2131/7/2022An act relating to payment options at electric vehicle supply equipment
S.2141/7/2022An act relating to valuation of time-share projects
S.2151/7/2022An act relating to the cannabis wholesale gross receipts tax
S.2161/7/2022An act relating to the definition of “cider”
S.2171/7/2022An act relating to authorizing satellite tasting rooms for malt and vinous beverage manufacturers
S.2181/7/2022An act relating to prohibiting public bodies from discouraging public participation based on race
S.2191/7/2022An act relating to ensuring compliance with the U.S. and Vermont Constitutions in the use of public funds for tuition and in the dual enrollment program
S.2201/7/2022An act relating to State-paid deputy sheriffs
S.2211/7/2022An act relating to unemployment insurance benefits
S.2221/7/2022An act relating to authorizing temporary Open Meeting Law procedures in response to COVID-19
S.2001/6/2022An act relating to Act 250 downtown master plan permits
S.2011/6/2022An act relating to the use of leghold traps
S.2021/6/2022An act relating to supporting creative sector businesses and cultural organizations
S.2031/6/2022An act relating to workforce development
S.2041/6/2022An act relating to licensure of freestanding birth centers
S.2051/6/2022An act relating to making certain reforms to Vermont’s health care system
S.2061/6/2022An act relating to planning for the care and treatment of patients with cognitive impairments
S.1921/5/2022An act relating to creditable service for temporary State employment
S.1931/5/2022An act relating to strategies for reducing prescription drug costs for Vermonters
S.1941/5/2022An act relating to peer-operated respite centers
S.1951/5/2022An act relating to the certification of mental health peer support specialists
S.1961/5/2022An act relating to relocation assistance, tuition assistance, and loan repayment for dental professionals
S.1971/5/2022An act relating to the Coordinated Mental Health Crisis Response Working Group
S.1981/5/2022An act relating to the Diaper Need Working Group
S.1991/5/2022An act relating to establishing criminal penalties for unemployment insurance fraud
S.1501/4/2022An act relating to legislative subpoenas
S.1511/4/2022An act relating to the posting of land with paint markings
S.1521/4/2022An act relating to the cannabis excise tax and local fees
S.1531/4/2022An act relating to eliminating the religious exemption for required immunizations
S.1541/4/2022An act relating to cannabis excise tax revenue and the Vermont State Colleges
S.1551/4/2022An act relating to the creation of the Agency of Public Safety
S.1561/4/2022An act relating to the appointment of the Adjutant and Inspector General
S.1571/4/2022An act relating to leave to attend court proceedings and depositions
S.1581/4/2022An act relating to optometrists’ scope of practice
S.1591/4/2022An act relating to unemployment insurance coverage
S.1601/4/2022An act relating to patient access to and payment for health care services
S.1611/4/2022An act relating to extending the baseload renewable power portfolio requirement
S.1621/4/2022An act relating to the collective bargaining rights of teachers
S.1631/4/2022An act relating to State court jurisdiction for special immigrant juvenile status
S.1641/4/2022An act relating to the Green Mountain Care Board’s duties and reappointment processes
S.1651/4/2022An act relating to expanding educational attainment opportunities for health care professionals
S.1661/4/2022An act relating to utility construction worksites and consumer protection
S.1671/4/2022An act relating to modernizing State telecommunications policy
S.1681/4/2022An act relating to cemetery fencing

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    • “Misdirection”? It is an intentional and malicious fabrication that netted her & her hubby $$$ and has largely contributed to the downfall of Bennington – now we are in the midst of seeing Burlington do the same. No misdirection here. Pure unadulterated Marxism & treachery.

  1. She is the radical race baiting extremist from Bennington who can be credited with the beginning of the end of outstanding job the Bennington Police did in town (of course…it was “racist). This, despite two separate investigations that proved nothing untoward except: Gangsta’s selling drugs & committing violent crime. That ain’t “racist”, “sista”.

    She instigated the entire BLM lunatics to come into southern VT from other far away locales such as like under mucky rocks & instigated the entire downturn of that once quaint & historic town into the drug den it is today. Nonetheless, its Select Board still obligingly refrains from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of their public sessions and I have heard it said that come the middle of the night in downtown Bennington – the elected “officials” lay prostrate in the road praying aloud to the gods of BLM on the publicly-funded roadway where they allowed the Marxist group’s name, in cowardly fashion, to be emblazoned.

  2. Sadly, with the exception of the Vermont Daily Chronicle, there is zero journalistic integrity left in Vermont. Morris’ discriminatory policies should be front page news coupled with outrage by Vermont citizens. What’s next? Separate bathrooms and water fountains based on race? (are we back to that?) . Is all lost in the State of Vermont?

    • Yes and the only thing people like her promote is themselves. Race baiting has become a lucrative career in Vermont as has Social Justice Warriors and nonprofits where the members take large salaries and the justice never gets to those who the organization works to help. Vermont, The Grifter State.

  3. A worthy bill, even if its main points ought to be completely self evident.

    “Accordingly, public bodies should not use the voice of government to discourage, hinder, or prohibit the attendance of any person or group of persons based on their race or other suspect classification.”

    Beyond race, I can think of another class of citizens that have recently been considered “suspect” by VT government.

  4. Only a member in good standing of the Party that opposed emancipation, enacted Jim Crow laws and founded the KKK as their militant wing would oppose such a measure. Opponents will claim that it is grandstanding and token virtue signaling but which party currently feels the need to re-word Vermont’s anti-slavery laws for the sake of their political vanity?

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