GMP intentionally destroys gas-powered truck

Demolition required by state grant funding new electric truck

Green Mountain Power, Vermont’s largest electricity utility, today intentionally destroyed a heavy-duty truck that was well-used by a Rutland-based field electric maintenance team and replaced it with an all-electric Lion stake body truck. 

The Destroy-a-Truck event took place at GHR Recycling in Pittsford, where guests got to check out the new all-electric truck. Making the old truck unusable is a requirement of a state of Vermont grant to speed replacement of fossil fuel vehicles with clean electric.  

According to company information, Lion6 specs are: Range – Up-to 200 miles, Battery Capacity – Up-to 252kWh, Top Speed – 65 mph, Maximum Power – 250 kW / 335 HP, Maximum Torque – 2,500 NM / 1,800 ft-lb.

“What an amazing symbol of this first big step to electrify our entire field fleet – crushing a fossil fuel truck!” exclaimed Tiana Smith, GMP’s head of Electrification as the team at GHR recycling spent ten minutes flattening the old truck. “This new all-electric truck and an all-electric line truck on its way will displace about 100 tons of carbon emissions per year, all while making the grid more flexible and resilient and reducing costs for all GMP customers through vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging.”

Driving with fossil fuels is the largest source of carbon pollution in Vermont, about 40% according to the latest data from the Energy Action Network, so any time drivers switch to clean electric it helps the state reach its climate goals. Vermont provided a grant of about $915,000 in VW settlement funds to help launch GMP’s fleet-wide switch away from fossil fuel, and GMP will gather data for the state on truck performance and charging, as well as emissions reductions.

Roger Bathalon has been driving trucks for 25 years and works in substation operations at GMP. He will be regularly using the new electric truck and attended the truck crushing event. He says he’s not sad to see the old truck go.  “The new truck is pretty cool. There’s a lot of pick up and it has a real smooth and quiet ride,” he said.

The stake body truck has 200 miles of range. The trucks will reduce both carbon and noise pollution in communities where GMP works to keep Vermonters powered up. A 60% reduction in maintenance and an 80% drop in fuel costs is also expected because like all electric vehicles, the new trucks have no combustion engines. GMP will further help to reduce costs by about $100,000 for all GMP customers with V2G charging, allowing the truck batteries to share energy with the grid during peak usage times. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle questioned GMP yesterday about utility plans to recharge the trucks in the event of a widespread, lengthy power outage. Spokesperson Kristin Kelly was asked about backup power supply, and answered: “There is a charger in Rutland where the truck will be based. As I mentioned, this truck has 200 miles of range, more than enough for the work by this truck. It can also charge at any Level 3 fast charger in the state.” 

VDC then asked: “How about a power source when the power goes out – say for a day or so. Is there non-grid tied power generation available (diesel generator, etc.?)”

Kelly answered: “The truck would be powered up enough and as I said, there are fast chargers across the state. We also have storage to help on backup power too if that were ever needed.”

A Green Mountain Power press release provided most of the content for this news story.

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  1. Of course, there are many environmental scientists who question all the CO2 phobia and global warming itself. Many believe that we are entering the beginning of another ice age. But the climate change fears work right into the plans of the WEF and their cohort seeking to bring about Agenda 2030 and move us all into smart cities with social credit passports. Vermonters need to dig deeper.

    • Bill Bonner of Stansberry Research tells an eye awakening story both about finances and the overkill of the Green Energy movement. In New Zealand they aimed to go all out for zero carbon emissions initally by 2020 (they missed) and when they re-upped fof a 2050 goal they learned going after the first half, the low-hanging fruit, it would cost the equivalent of their entire educational and health budgets. To go after the other half with deeper roots and finances, it would cost the equivalent of their entire budget – so they could have zero carbon emissions and have a totally bankrupt empoverished country and the net effect would be a change of .004 degree Farenheit drop in global temperatures.

  2. Forced electrification of trucks by GMP is a slap in the face to customers and tax payers!!

  3. I was wondering what these money saving new trucks cost rate payers,and who payed to charge them?!

  4. My opinion is if most politicians stopped talking it’d cure the vast majority of the carbon pollution. That aside, politics itself is a nasty hypocritical business. You know, blame the Republicans, blame the Democrats, tax the already overtaxed. Oh, and if that isn’t enough just sick your alphabet agencies on us. Such a corrupt system when there are surely enough resources to go around for everyone if the politicians weren’t so busy liming their own damn pockets. BTW, I hope that destroyed truck isn’t tax deductible.

  5. Destroying a Gas Powered truck to stop using Fossil Fuel………
    ( don’t pay attention to the coal required to make the Electricity )
    At what point will people understand it is all a lie ?
    California orders people not to charge their Electric vehicles the day after announcing all gas powered vehicles will be outlawed. Scott and the VT Legislators follow blindly.
    Never mind the cost to purchase and run vehicles that are exponentially more expensive. Jump on the Unicorn Express.
    Must be hallucinogenic drugs are mandatory for wokism.

    • Yeah, not new, like every virtue signaling, social justice, conservation, and woke/fake non-profit organization sucking the government tit for subsidies, grants, etc., handed out by every politician and bureaucrat voting themselves a raise and getting a kickback in donations. It’s been a growing racket for decades. Vote them all out, in person, day of election, and man the poll and ballot counting stations.

      Mass psychosis.
      “…People feel a profound need to belong, and thus a kind of mob mentality takes over… If a person wants to advance his career it is necessary for him to belong to the “in-crowd.” Therefore the criteria for thinking is not truth and logic, but group-dynamics and trendy “duckspeak.” As Gustav le Bon showed in his famous study of crowd behavior, the “psychological crowd” possesses a low critical intelligence, and accepts the most idiotic nonsense as truth. It doesn’t make the least difference if the individual is highly intelligent, if his emotional need to belong is active he will be reduced to idiocy.”
      ― J.R. Nyquist

  6. Oh gracious…Help me here, I’ve fallen on the logic and I can’t get up. Let me see if I understand…we’ve got sufficient consensus (?really?) to embark on a community quest to eliminate combustion engines. To help us get started, our utility destroys one of these offensive combustion tools to get the government to redistribute some of our confiscated (?printed?) money to buy a new tool with wobbly reliability. And these are the conditions our utility company has to accommodate in order to sell us the product they produce…mostly by combustion because other methods are insufficient, offensive or unreliable. Is that about it? I feel so alone in my confusion here.

  7. ““What an amazing symbol of this first big step to electrify our entire field fleet – crushing a fossil fuel truck!” exclaimed Tiana Smith, GMP’s head of Electrification”. I’m liking this destruction of a useful truck, an amazing symbol of ignorance and stupidity. First, the truck has a value and could have been donated or sold. Second, imagine a nasty ice storm knocking out power in a substantial area and the wonderful new electric truck runs out of juice on a country road? Third, the truck is not going to reduce 100 tons of carbon because the electric truck requires fossil fuels or wood chip electric generation somewhere else. Fourth, note how she couldn’t answer the last question about charging the truck if the power was out. I think this person qualifies for Bidens press secretary. She has a mission to change the fleet to electric but has no idea what she’s talking about. Cold weather will deplete the range of the truck substantially and these batteries are to be charged to 90%. Run the lift, play the radio, run the heater and lights. Another wrong decision from the climate cult.

  8. Customer: “When will my power be restored?” GMP: “We are working as quickly as possible. We will get back on to restoring power after we drive 50 miles to recharge the repair vehicle, wait for the charge, and then return to the site of the trouble. It is our hope we can recover power without a second trip.”

  9. Hubris…nothing more. There are many who could have used that truck.

    I can’t wait for the electric rates to start spiking because of forced adoption of EV’s. These things guzzle electricity.

  10. So in order to get a useless, limited, electric truck, you have to destroy a gas vehicle someone else might need?? The State of Vermont has gone mental! I paid for that truck through rates! That truck was no threat to the earth’s warming. It’s been in these cycles since time began. Your scientists and doctors are being muzzled.
    It’s ok for the Federal Gov’t to spread heavy metals across the skies using polluting planes poisoning our air and land ( deforesting electric line paths with poisons) but it’s not ok to run gas powered vehicles, which will prove to be less polluting then electric. It’s ok to release polluted waste water into the lake due to rain. It’s ok for rich people to fly their jets in and out of Burlington. It’s ok to run boats but not cars. It’s ok for billions of dollars to be sent to foreign countries. It’s ok to lose billions of dollars of military equipment to Afghanistan, not to mention abandonment of our soldiers. If you require the military to go all electric you’re doomed! It’s ok to have illegals cross our borders bringing in filth, pollution, diseases and drugs, and trafficking, being flown and bussed ( gas engines) by Biden into Red states. It’s ok for the Federal Gov’t to dictate what should be used as fertilizer whether it pollutes or not. Is it ok to have California say cut your electric consumption because our coal firing plants can’t handle the demand?? This is so maddening I can’t even believe this conversation! This is political and if the average person can’t do their research and determine this is all a control issue and all this does not make sense or compute, then you deserve the world you’re creating ( prostitution, blackouts, over crowding cities, traffic jams, abortion, increased disease, drug traffickers, crime, insecurity, corrupt State and Federal Gov’ts, no police protection, increased welfare, children abused, Gov’t control and monitoring your bodies and your lives, voter fraud, no hope, no joy, no faith, no reason to live) Plant a tree!!

  11. Similar to destroying statues of Jefferson, Washington, Jackson and Columbus. Out with the old, and in with the new, but without the rigor, logic, and analysis that went into the “old”.

  12. Seriously dumb and wasteful. The most environmentally sound thing would have been to use the old truck until it absolutely couldn’t be used anymore; what a waste of the resources that went into it’s construction. And yeah, can’t wait til we have seriously bad weather with a massive power failure and the stupid electric truck sits there dead with no electricity to charge it. The answers given by GMP would seem to qualify them to work in the Biden administration.

  13. If this truck is to be used in the event of a power outage how is it going to be recharged in the field as it works to restore power?

  14. ya know some pretty good cartoons could be produced out of this gig…….I mean holy..moly……can this whole thing get any more ridiculous?
    Oh my my my……….Im leaving thank god……..

  15. I suspect and would not be surprised at all,if GMPC’s corporate owner that was originally Canadian is now owned by a globalist hedge fund.

  16. I wouldve paid them $10k for that Ford. Looked a lot better than mine. What a short sighted, insincere stunt. Shame on you GMP


  18. Notice how the GMP spokesperson avoided answering the question asked. There are plenty of charging stations across the state, so what? what about when there is a widespread power outage? So they are going to drive the truck to where there is no power outage, charge it and then drive it back to where there is no power and then repeat the process the next time? Sounds like most of the time will be wasted driving around to find charging stations. I am sure everyone will be happy to wait even longer to get the power they pay for to get turned back on. What about when another state has a major storm that knocks out power and they request help? I can hear the conversation now: we will be there soon, just let us charge our trucks, were not sure when we will get there because we will have to stop and charge our trucks every 200 miles…really? ok, thanks but no thanks, click. They say they have backup power available which is good, but the best “backup” they have they just crushed.
    To make matters worse I had to help pay for it…
    The state I love has gone insane.

  19. I know a lot of small business owners who would have loved to have had that truck. What an elitist thing to do right in the face of working class people.

  20. What an idiotic thing to do to us taxpayers. Virtue signaling with our tax dollars. No sense of fiscal responsibility. Condescending. All of ’em. That truck could have been donated to a charity, for goodness sakes! How about Cars for Kids?? But to destroy a perfectly good truck? Our rights will be destroyed next on the Left’s mad march toward climate socialism and the UN Green Agenda.

  21. Lion6 specs are: Range – Up-to 200 miles, Battery Capacity – Up-to 252kWh, Top Speed – 65 mph, Maximum Power – 250 kW / 335 HP, Maximum Torque – 2,500 NM / 1,800 ft-lb.
    I notice they do not mention how long it will take to recharge the battery. Nor expected battery life, or the replacement cost. Plus, how will Vermont’s double-digit below zero winters affect range and battery service life? Will the truck carry a generator to recharge in the field? Is that 200-mile range under ideal conditions on flat road?(This is VERMONT, remember?) There are a LOT of unanswered, and unasked questions here.