Glessner: Pregnancy centers under fire by those claiming to be Pro-Choice

by Thomas A. Glessner

One can expect to be met with love, compassion, understanding, and critical resources for both mom and baby at pregnancy centers across the country. Yet pro-abortion federal and state lawmakers are attacking these life-affirming centers that aid pregnant mothers in need and make true choice about their pregnancy possible.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a prime opponent of these centers, promised that she, along with her extreme pro-abortion counterparts in Congress, would “crack down” on these centers, and insisted, “We need to shut them down here in Massachusetts and we need to shut them down all around the country.”

Unfortunately, Warren’s harmful “crack down” has become a reality in many places. During the 2023 legislative session alone, Democratic state lawmakers have introduced or advanced at least 26 bills that seek to aggressively regulate or eliminate pregnancy resource centers altogether.

In Vermont, the state legislature has passed Senate Bill 37 which singles out pro-life pregnancy centers because they don’t provide abortion, and allows the state’s pro-abortion attorney general to fine them for advertising anything she deems “misleading,” up to $10,000 for each violation. The law fails to define “misleading.”

Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker recently signed a bill into law that gives the state’s attorney general the power to go after pregnancy centers he thinks use “deceptive tactics” to offer women considering an alternative to abortion care and resources. Under this law, the Illinois attorney general may investigate complaints about these charitable centers, prosecute cases, and issue fines of up to $50,000. A federal judge has since enjoined the law because of blatant free speech concerns.
In New Jersey and California, consumer alerts have been issued urging residents to file complaints with state officials against these centers.

Meanwhile, at least 87 pregnancy resource centers have been vandalized and brutally attacked by pro-abortion extremists since the Dobbs decision was leaked in May of 2022, simply because abortion isn’t among the vast number of resources they offer.

But what do these centers actually offer?

The nearly 3,000 centers in the country go far beyond offering abortion alternatives. They provide free professional care to vulnerable women including pregnancy testing, options consultation, medical services, prenatal and parenting education, material assistance, after-abortion recovery support, referrals for medical care, and connection to vital community and public health resources.

Even as corrupt pro-abortion politicians seek to eliminate these centers and by their rhetoric fuel the onslaught of violent attacks against them, 91% of Americans recognize the good that pregnancy resource centers do and support them.

Should these centers disappear, more women would be left without the crucial care and support they need when faced with a crisis pregnancy. More than that, it would rob women of making a true choice at a time when peer-reviewed research has found that 60% of women would have preferred to give birth had they received the emotional or financial support they needed.

It would be far more compassionate, and far smarter politics, if Elizabeth Warren and the numerous others attacking these life-affirming centers would roll up their sleeves and join the effort to help women – not sabotage it.

Thomas A. Glessner is the founder and President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA).

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  1. The Pregnancy Centers are targeted for population control. This falls in line with Soro’s Open Society goals. If this continues there will be no future births unless approved by governments and only by those they deem fit. He and his son already have much control in this country with many of his companies and foundations and grants well hidden behind the scenes. They are already in our elementary, high schools, and colleges to groom our children for the future they wish to design.
    People, please check out the VSARN project that is in our schools now on the internet, just type VSARN in Vermont. See what they stand for and who is on the Board of Directors and Executive Director Advisory Board. They have all worked in Education, one member in college and even one in high school here in our state and other states as well.
    Then check out who funds this. VTLFF which is a private design business which helps fund VSARN. Among others, the Global RCE Centre, a division of United Nations University which named an Outstanding Flagship Project in 2020 through collaborator Burlington City and Lake Semester of Spark funding to VTLFF. There is more to see here than what I have just showed you!
    I would like to know who is checking our back door of our Educational System and letting them in, to our state and country! THIS needs to STOP!

  2. Maybe it’s time to start referring to these extremists like Warren and Pritzker as “pro abortion” again…(I am pro-choice). Incorporating the word “misleading” into legislation like the demoprogs did in Vermont is like using the word “reasonable”…it’s just job security for attorneys.

  3. Here is what Elizabeth Warren actually said on the Senate Floor:,Senator%20Elizabeth%20Warren%20of%20Massachusetts

    The VSARN projects and Leadership team outlined below seem pretty legit to me. Please explain why we need to protect our kids from this group?

  4. Well put Tom. Who elects these politicians if the vast majority of the population supports these center. Has any politician ever visited a center (I have). It only takes a few minutes of observing the relief and thanks that the clients exhibit to wish there were more available to the population of women who need them.