Gervais: Voter rolls: The election fraud credit line

Setting up election steals: Part one

by Joe Gervais, in Vermont Musings


Recently, Rob Roper wrote If you really care about Donald Trump, don’t let him be the Republican nominee. Throughout the article, there was no mention of corruption to our election system, rather just calling out that Trump did not beat Biden in 2020 and that he did not help Republicans win in the Georgia 2021 runoff. Three years later, Trump has a very strong policy platform in his Agenda 47, but also is not letting go of the theft of our elections. His continued amplification of the election integrity issues is a key factor in both the most recent federal indictment by Jack Smith and the Georgia indictment by Fani Willis against President Trump.  If we do not have free elections, we do not have a republic, and millions of Americans have woken up to that fact.

In August, I attended the Election Crime Summit in Springfield, MO. Videos from the two-day event are available on FrankSpeech. Representatives from all 50 states were in attendance and gave updates on the state of elections in each of their states.

Joe Gervais

Vermont’s State Constitution, Article 8 states: That all elections ought to be free and without corruption, and that all voters, having a sufficient, evident, common interest with, and attachment to the community, have a right to elect officers, and be elected into office, agreeably to the regulations made in this constitution. Federal Election law specifies the standard for without corruption – less than 1 in 125,000 or .0008% ballots in error.

The topic of Election Integrity is one that books can be written. I will publish a four-part series Part One – Voter Rolls: The Election Fraud Credit Line, Part Two – Using Centralized Management to Drive the Results, Part Three – Where does Vermont Stand? and Part Four – Solutions to Restore Safe Elections.

Expansion of Voter Rolls

When we dissect elections, we first need to look at voter rolls. The dirtier the rolls are, the more room for fraud and illegal activities in elections. Wisconsin has nearly two voters on the rolls for every legal age adult in the state. Vermont is one of seven states in the country with 100% registration rate. As Dr. Douglas Frank said in this presentation during the Summit, the voter rolls are the credit line for election fraud. The greater number of voters above legitimate registered voters on the rolls, the greater the opportunity for fraud. In a later presentation, Dr. Frank showed how much easier it is to stuff ballots to get a desired result than to remove votes to obtain that result – turning a 10% win into a 4% loss takes 8% additional votes to flip yet requires suppressing 14% of the vote to get a similar result by suppression. This is why having dirty voter rolls is so critical to election fraud. In each of the 46 states Dr. Frank has analyzed, including Vermont, the voter rolls are growing significantly faster than the underlying population growth of voting age adults, and furthermore, the pattern of growth is identical across counties, with significant growth before elections and purges immediately after elections.

In his presentation, Dr. Frank spoke of a meeting with the head clerk in the State of Missouri. The clerk acknowledged that tens of thousands of ballots are being stuffed. When asked why county clerks aren’t aware of this, the clerk stated “If we told the clerks how many ballots were being stuffed in our elections, the whole state would blow up, and everyone would lose faith in our elections.”

The Electronic Registration Information Center

A number of states are members of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). ERIC is a Soros funded, state-run voter monitoring system in which states periodically submit their voter rolls for review to purportedly identify incorrect and outdated voter information. Its membership consists of state-level election officials from member states. In the past year, nine states including Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia have withdrawn from ERIC over a number of concerns. Arizona attempted to withdraw, but the legislation was vetoed by Katie Hobbs.  In Virginia’s withdrawal from ERIC, Virginia cited concerns related to the sharing of data with outside organizations leveraged for political purposes. Some states objected to the membership requirement to contact would-be voters who may be eligible to register but haven’t registered. 

Ken Blackwell, Chair of the Center for Election Integrity at the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) issued a statement following the Texas withdrawal from ERIC. He stated, “ERIC was initially sold as a non-partisan data system to clean voter rolls. However, it has been transformed into a system that lacks transparency, compromises voter information, and focuses on states registering voters rather than cleaning voter rolls.” He recommends “Secretaries of State who are still members of the system should conduct an immediate review of ERIC’s effectiveness and validity for their states and voters.”

Retired Air Force Colonel Shawn Smith has a short video for Cause of America where he describes some of the issues of a private organization like ERIC having influence over voter rolls without oversight. In recent Supreme Court decisions like West Virginia vs. EPA, we’ve seen the court rule that Executive Branch agencies cannot make laws, that is the role of the legislature. Here we see government, at both the state and federal level outsourcing critical operations on critical infrastructure to private, outside organizations, and in some cases, foreign organizations, with little to no oversight.

Voter rolls have been steadily growing across the nation since the passage of the National Voter Registration Act in 1992. This was an era where the general population and municipalities started more widely using computers with Internet connectivity following the development of the world-wide web three years earlier by Tim Berners-Lee at The European Organization for Nuclear Research (known as CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland, and the release of the Netscape web browser in 1994.

Judicial Watch has been pursuing litigation against some of the most egregious dirty voter rolls, and won a settlement to remove 1.5 million entries from the Los Angeles County rolls. Unfortunately, it is usually mere months after a litigation win with an order to remove illegal registrants, that the voter rolls return right back to where they were. These dirty voter rolls work hand in hand with lack of Voter Identification requirements in many municipalities, and a widespread lack of chain of custody and signature verification for mail-in ballots and ballot drop boxes.

Stay tuned for part two where we’ll explore some of the pieces used to provide a pre-determined election outcome. 

Joe Gervais is a former Army Officer with an eclectic career ranging from decades in Sales and Marketing in the tech industry to running a sawmill and serving the global church as a missionary.

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  1. I contacted the SOO about the fact that 100 percent of all Vermonters voted based on the voting outcome. The office did not bother to respond to my concern. I came up with this conclusion using basic math. I took the total vote and looked at the census. I think deducted the demographics based on age and citizenship that would not have voted in the presidential election. I accept that my logic might have been basic, but my mathematical outcome is supported by your statement that 100 percent of Vermont’s population is registered to vote.

    • Being registered to vote is one thing. Sending out unsolicited ballots to everyone is another. But these points don’t prove voter fraud or prove that voter fraud may be more or less likely to have occurred. Nothing can be proved by these issues – by design.

      If you want to determine whether or not mail-in ballots are fraudulent, ask your town clerks how they verify the signatures on the mail-in ballots they receive to be sure it’s the registered voter casting the ballot.

      Again – Just ask your town clerks that one question! How do they verify the signatures on the mail-in ballots they receive by mail or at drop boxes?

      Their answer will explain everything you need to know.

      • Hello H. Jay,

        Do you know any Vermont Clerks who match signatures on Ballots? I don’t. Does anyone else?

      • Bingo.

        Vermont Town Clerks don’t have anyone’s signature on file to verify in the first place.

        There is no way to prove, one way or the other, whether or not voter fraud happens.

        And that, to be sure, must be by design.

      • Apparently, 26 States have signature verification. In Arizona, for example, the verification process is currently being scrutinized.

        But Vermont doesn’t have ‘signature verification’ per se.

        Even when submitting a petition in Vermont to be placed on a school board ballot, the petition is supposed to include 5% of the total electorate. And when one signs the petition, they sign it AND print their names. The ‘signature verification’ process then is one in which the town clerks check the printed name with the voter checklist. There is no ‘signature verification’ process.

        I suspect the practice is a remnant of a time when no one in a small town would even think to cheat. But times have changed. With the advent of ballots being mailed to anyone and everyone on the State’s voter checklist, whether they request one or not, well, anything can happen.

        What does this tell us. Two things.

        Those who claim elections were stolen in Vermont can’t prove it.

        Those who claim Vermont’s elections are fair and accurate can’t prove that either.

        The only recourse is to have an election system in which ballot signatures are carefully verified with a signature on file, or to show an ID at the polls on election day.

        And, finally, anyone who complains that requiring voter ID, or having verifiable signatures on file, is tantamount to voter suppression, etc., is likely naïve, ignorant, or a cheater.


    You have done an excellent job laying out the problems with our present election systems. I look forward to reading your part two.

    So many people are being fooled into believing their votes cannot be thwarted. Ask yourselves: With no voter ID’S and no Ballot chain of custody, how do we know who is voting?

    Will you please think about writing some practical suggestions of what you believe average citizens can do to help?

    Thank you.

  3. As an election official, I continue to be troubled (exasperated actually) that out-of-state college students are included in our census count and allowed to register and vote in Vermont. This has significant and detrimental impacts on local budgets and election outcomes. Having asked, there is NO organized/systematic cross referencing with out-of-state election officials to confirm voter registration status in states of home residence.
    I am hoping the author will address this discrepancy in a future article.

  4. Considering that, if a machine runs on software, it can be hacked, the software on these voting machines should be open source and auditable by anyone. The same goes for the software on the servers that tabulate the incoming data. And the feed should be publicly available.

  5. I know two people who moved out of state and received ballots from Vermont, 2020 and 2022. No amount of gaslighting will change facts. However, the installed ones, their judicial, law enforcement, and bureaucrat buddies will not budge and will ignore any attempt to budge them. The voter fraud is one fact and the other is how they raise their money. The election financial records and reports prove the shenanigans, but who will prosecute? The laundrymat runs 24/7.

  6. ITs important to name the names of those in and past office who are pushing the corruption IN OUR STATE… name names and call them to account. Whitewashing our elections by state officials got us here…

    Thanks for this series. Two presidential elections past due…

    • The Corrupt Vermont Legislators passed Bill S-15 in May of 2021 to remake our Vermont Election System into the present corrupt mess. They made the “so-called Covid Emergency Voting System” permanent. This took place against the recommendations of town clerks and state level election officials.

      Once the Bill passed, we can thank our so-called Republican Governor, Phil Scott who signed the Bill. I say it’s the Marxist/Leftist Legislators and RINO Scott we have to hold accountable. I would like to know why the Vermont Republican Party is not suing the Vermont Attorney General for allowing the existence of an un-Constitutional Election System in Vermont?

      With mandated vote counting machines in existence for several years, who knows if the Vermont Legislators in office in May of 2021 were truly those elected by “The People of Vermont” or were they “selected” like the present occupier of the White House.

      • The vote machines are a potential problem. But because the machines in my town read a paper ballot, discrepancies can be cross checked with the paper ballot.

        The problem today is, with the advent of unsolicited ballots being mailed to everyone on the State’s voter checklist, the custody of the paper ballot is broken as soon as the ballot is taken out of its envelope. The ballot doesn’t have a signature on it. So, whether or not a paper ballot can be cross-referenced with the voting machine tally, no one knows who submitted the mail-in ballot.

        And yes, so-called ‘dirty checklists’ are out there. Town Clerks are supposed to keep the checklist up to date by following specific practices. But many of them simply claim they don’t have the time to do so.

        I had to tell my children to write to our Town Clerk and declare themselves as being residents of their towns in NH where they now live. And one of my children still received a notice to request a mail-in ballot from an adjacent school district to where we live, even while never having lived or voted there.

        Not only is the system flawed, many of the folks running it are incompetent – or sly like a fox guarding the chicken coop.

  7. There are only 412 days until 11/5/2024. Better get started verifying voter roles soon.

    154.6 million votes were cast in the last Presidential election. If Trump loses in 2024, how long should we wait for the election to be validated? A week? A month?

    Will he then concede if he is not declared the winner?

  8. I remember when you guys against mail-in ballots without checking to see that lots of Republicans don’t like to leave the house and you got crushed by Sleepy Joe lol. Maybe you’ll learn that the only way Republicans can win is by suppressing voter turnout. Good luck, you’ll need it

    • Chris,

      Are you really paying attention or are you one who is checked out and indifferent to reality? There is a difference between a “requested absentee ballot by a voter” and the “unrequested state controlled mailing of ALL Ballots on ALL voter checklists statewide.” Do you know the difference? Do you care?

      • I am paying attention all right, it was in the middle of COVID and personally we all should be mailed a ballot even now that things are normal. We all are citizens, so we should get a ballot and it is your right (not a privilege) to fill it out or not. What’s funny is that Trump loved mail-in voting. Do you think that he’s stood in line for anything in his life? He was convinced by his moron handlers to tell everyone that mail-in ballots were fake, and they listened. Too bad those votes counted. Don’t cry foul, it was a giant miscalculation.

        I was there when Fox News payed out $787 million for false claims of voter fraud. I was there when Trump called the Georgia Secretary of State asking him to overturn the election. I was there when Trump couldn’t beat the worst candidate I’ve ever seen (except for Hilary of course) When you people want to wake up, realize that the election wasn’t rigged, it was a repudiation of incompetence and return to normal, then we can win some elections from some Democrats that have gone too far left for everyone.

        As for this article, taken right from the VT Secretary of State’s website:

        Local or state voter checklists that contain more voters than the projected number of voting age Vermonters or residents of that town indicate voter fraud is happening.

        Outdated registrations from voters who have moved or passed away may still be included on a town’s voter checklist. Their presence, alone, is not an indicator of fraud.

        The process of voter checklist maintenance is a deliberate process, designed to favor retaining eligible voters on the rolls so that they are not denied their Constitutional right to vote. The process of removing voters from the voter checklist is strictly defined by state statute and federal requirements that must be met, and is carried out by the local Boards of Civil Authority (BCAs) and the Town or City Clerks.

        BCAs are required by law to meet and use a variety of information at their disposal to challenge voters they believe are no longer eligible to vote in that town. Those voters are issued a challenge letter, and their status as a voter is changed from “active” to “challenged.” This process is mandated by Federal law before removing a person from the checklist for reason of a change of residency.

        Those names will still appear on a voter checklist, making it look like there are more registered voters than the number of voting age people living in a town, according to Census data (which also changes over time and is a projection). However, those entries are not considered active for the purposes of voting and will be removed if the voter confirms they’ve moved or does not respond. A voter in this status is required to confirm their residence and eligibility to vote in the town before casting a ballot in any election. “Challenged” voters on the checklist are not automatically mailed a ballot for the general election.

        Being on the checklist itself does not constitute voter fraud either. However, casting a ballot illegally, either as an ineligible voter, by impersonating another voter, or by double voting, would constitute voter fraud, and there are numerous checks in place to prevent and detect voter fraud in the incredibly rare case that someone attempts it.

        Once again, I’m not going to change anyone’s mind here, but this is the reality and to be competitive in the future, take the L and move on.

      • As a registered voter, voting for 35+ years, I never needed a mail in ballot, I never asked for one, and I don’t want one mailed to me! I am perfectly capable of going to the polls and filling out my ballot. I do not need the despots to tell me how or who to vote for because they do not have that authority to do so. The psyop of COVID is what they used to create a mechanism to cheat more so than they ever did before. You know what “threat to our democracy” really means? It means the despots in charge will never relinquish control of their democracy! They own it and they will do everything, including partisan lawfare warfare, fraud and even murder (Seth Rich) to remain owning it and controlling it! There are 50 separate governments in the United States and one belligerent occupied Federal system of blackmail and corruption. With that fact, they have infilitrated and installed enough corrupt Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State offices to keep the cartel well funded and and in power. Welcome to the Cluster-B society!

  9. JayDee and Chris are back. I thought we had shook off these progressive disruptors and propagandists. Alas, I was wrong.

  10. There is a reason so many people will vote for Trump and Trump only. It’s because the other GOP candidates if elected there first order of business will be to get re-elected. Trump voters fear that they won’t care about voter integrity since they weren’t affected by it, they won’t do nothing about it and that issue would be ignored.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch the Commiecrats are up to their old tricks. In Pennsylvania they just passed automatic voter registration in violation of the U.S. Constitution as the PA legislature did not pass that law.

  11. Chris proved what I said earlier before his last post. He is indifferent and doesn’t care about the need of having Free and Fair Elections in Vermont and all other states.

    Maybe he has Trump Derangement Syndrome so his brain is frozen on hating Trump at ALL COST? OR maybe he has to win at ALL COST and doesn’t want to look at the reality that no votes count if there is no trustworthy system that can be measured.

    For the last two elections in Vermont, ALL voters were mailed Ballots without requests, on ALL statewide voter checklists throughout Vermont. Therefore, we had NO Ballot chain of custody to know who was actually voting on the Ballots. The mailed Ballots circulated for 40+ days. There were no voter ID’S and we provided unattended Ballot drop boxes for dropping off voted Ballots.

    Then, we topped off the corrupt Ballot experience with mandated vote counting machines that are unable to read all forms of pens, markers, etc. and they can’t add right either. I think the machines are set up to do “new math.” You know, leftest math where 2 + 2 = 8 and 8+ 8 = 24, because after all, the answer needs to “feel good” NOT make common sense with reality.

    Wake Up Chris!! Use that brain GOD gave you to think and reason rationally. Try it Chris! I promise you’ll truly be set free! Your brain will be so relieved of the steel trap prison you have it in!

    We ALL loose with rigged elections! I know it doesn’t “feel good” to say it, but some things are really true even if you don’t choose to believe them.

    • I didn’t go into the propaganda pushed by the SoS office with the myths / facts page in the articles. With respect to the voter rolls, tell me why we need to protect Voter’s right to vote by making the voter roll cleanup process onerous so that a voter doesn’t accidently get removed when there is zero penalty for a voter being removed with same day voter registration. If a voter is challenged, they aren’t mailed an automatic ballot, so whether a voter is in an inactive state or removed they don’t get a mailed ballot, however, they can still go into the clerk’s office during early voting or show up at the polls on election day and vote. They just have to register, without any verification of identity. Retaining the inactive registrations just keeps the fraud credit line open.

  12. Simple solution to all of the fraud: eliminate anonymous ballots and publish all votes, along with verifiable names & addresses.