Future Generations Commissioner pushes no-car society, universal basic income

Sophie Howe speaks at the UVM Davis Center Tuesday morning. Bielawski photos

By Michael Bielawski

Sophie Howe, the first Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, told about 100 UVM students Tuesday morning that cars – even EVs – shouldn’t be part of the final solution to climate change. She also downplayed the need for individual rights.

Howe was brought to UVM by a new advocacy group exploring a state law requiring a ‘Future Generations Commissioner’ for Vermont.

Some of the plans cited by Hose include discouraging new roads and car ownership altogether, as well as universal basic income and other ideas that she deemed “revolutionary”.

“So this definition of prosperity in Wales, an innovative and productive low-carbon society which recognizes its limits in regard to the environment,” Howe said.

“You wouldn’t think it’s revolutionary for a country to have a long-term plan but it’s completely revolutionary,” she said.

She said these efforts should be comprehensive across all efforts by the government.

“Everything that we do, across government, across all public services, must be designed to take us towards those well-being goals,” she said.

No to all cars?

She described a society that discourages vehicular transportation altogether, be it gas or electric-powered.

“If we are thinking about health and the things that are going to make a difference for health, actually public health is a transport function,” Howe said. “Why do I say that? … If we just build it all around cars that goes to increased air pollution and we’re not going to get physically active. We’re not going to create those connected communities, we’re all stuck in traffic.”

She suggested all of society’s habits need to consider the environment, health, and other quality of life matters.

“If however, your mission is to decarbonize your transportation system, plus also including health … also making the country more equal, actually investing in EV infrastructure is not the answer at all,” she said. “We’re all still stuck in traffic, not talking to each other, in EVs rather than our diesel vehicles.”

She also noted that the cost of EVs – which are highly subsidized by state and federal money – is still out of reach for most budgets.

“If you couldn’t afford a diesel car, then you are not going to be able to afford an electric car, so you are still not addressing that inequity,” she said.

Universal Basic Income?

In going over potential solutions for more equality in the economy, she brought up the potential for a universal basic income system.

“So universal basic income may be a potential solution for that [inequalities],” she said.

She suggested that people need to broaden their ideas and that the policy changes that she is proposing are to completely transform society.

“This is not just legislation,” she said. “This is not just a bureaucratic process refinement, this is a big cultural change. This is completely transforming the way we do business.”

Is Universal School Meals part of the larger agenda?

Universal school meals is a new Vermont policy passed by the state legislature earlier this year. According to Howe, this is also an initiative in Wales.  She says it’s about sustainable systems.

“We have universal school meals in Wales tied to a sustainable supply chain,” she said.

Is this new sustainable society Orwellian?

VDC asked Howe during the question/answer session how she can guarantee that citizens’ constitutional rights can be protected while she calls for greater controls over how people live, travel, use energy, and other aspects of their lives.

She suggested that currently different classes of people have different levels of freedom.

She further said, “It’s about not necessarily thinking only of ourselves and how things impact ourselves, it’s about thinking collectively about society, it’s about how our actions are going to affect other people in our society.”

She also suggested that if more climate-focused initiatives aren’t taken up then there won’t be a planet to live on with or without a constitution.

A freshman shares her thoughts

Meredith Alt, a UVM freshman, spoke with VDC about her initial reaction to the presentation. She generally supported the ideas that Howe put forth, and one piece that stood out to her was that EVs may not be the solution for transportation needs.

“She did mention that they were coming from a perspective of understanding that people don’t have access to these expensive cars,” she said.

The author is a reporter for the Vermont Daily Chronicle.

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  1. Proof of their hypocrisy: They want a Universal Income that THEY control, rather than get rid of the need for income altogether. It would be their goal, if it really weren’t just a ploy to control society’s wealth.

  2. I keep saying this over and over again. The concerns and agenda being put forward is aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which includes the World Economic Forum and other NGOs and stakeholders. The plan is to control all resources on the planet, production, consumption, transportation and all other facets of human life. This is a form of communism. No one will be allowed to have a car because some people can’t afford electric cars, so the solution is to get rid of all cars. This is the true nature of equity, to create equal outcomes throughout all of society. The same applies to universal free school lunches for children. If lunch is provided for one child, then lunch is provided for all children. The United Nations states that all member nations (which the US is) must provide free school lunches. The World Bank considers the US SNAP program as being part of Universal Basic Income.

  3. Reading about all the monumental societal changes that the left proclaims as being for the good of all, and being a bit of a “Trekie”  it reminds me of an episode of Star Trek, “A Taste of Armageddon” where the people of two far away planets had agreed that it would be in everybody’s best interest if instead of waging wars, that the citizens just get there names drawn from a pool after which they would report to an execution center to be killed, and proclaimed as “casualties” in a giant computer war game. Far fetched ? Hopefully, but every time one of these left wing fruitcakes proclaims that something is for the good of all humanity, I can’t help but remember this episode. Are we about to”boldly go where no man (woman, or any one of how many other genders?) has gone before ? Beam me up Scotty there’s no intelligent life here !

  4. This is funny stuff! All the mocking of “vast right wing conspiracies” and denials from current ‘elected officials’ is laid aside to promote the exact things you’ve been warned about. Also glaringly apparent is the naivety of the speaker, obviously pre-programmed with the desired talking points- this person just cannot see the reality of what she is preaching. Whom is going to do the work that produces the tax revenue to pay the basic income? More concerning, whom shall grow the food, raise the animals required to feed the basic income recipients? This is bernie sanders 101 socialist/communist preaching, nothing more- but it’s now the law to pay for all this “planning” with tax dollars.

    • Frank this is very real. Please see my website with free responses discussing this agenda. Equity is socialism, creating equal outcomes and wealth redistribution. I put this site up for free to assist people in understanding the international NGOs controlling this agenda. UNESCO is one entity. They are embedded in higher education and now k-12 public education. My site is transparencymatters.info.

  5. people are busy trying to make money to pay their taxes,and this is going on in the light of day.and if they do by chance read about it they just say to them selves its just something that will never happen and forget it…hello hello hello…free lunch IS HAPPENING.

  6. Of course it’s real. A fantasy society that cannot sustain it’s self, but must be tried and made to work. We’ve read and seen similar societies and their shattered outcomes. We have read, heard of and indirectly witnessed the human suffering involved with these totalitarian societies. Yet, perhaps because we- the current citizens of the USA have had it fairly easy during our lifetimes, we do not have the perspective to see the obvious- and give creedence to those that promote these ideas- and demand there implementation. As petulant children, we demand to make our lives and generations to follow live in misery under totalitarianism. There are Trillions of dollars at stake- this sophie howe and her ilk are but shills for those that desire the trillions, the power and control. Yes, it’s still funny stuff, ridiculously so.

  7. I thought Minimum wage IS a basic income, while I think about it so is social security and welfare. In closing, I’m glad I have more years behind me than in front of me.

  8. About a week ago I was touring the NEK with relatives and observed some of the Amish homesteads, which led me to think back about the “horse and buggy” days. It really wasn’t all that bad, but I wonder how some of these folks, esp. the younger generation, would like it.

  9. Wonder how she would cope with her partner having a stroke while emergency services dispatches a mule carriage to respond?

    There is a reason responsible parents increasingly steer their college bound children away from UVM. With the research and spectacular discoveries in quantum physics, fusion reaction, medical science, space, and a hundred other topics, couldn’t a more intelligent speaker be contracted? Who benefitted from this? Certainly not a student.

  10. Sounds like slavery to me.

    Own nothing and be happy.

    Said by all slave masters from years past.

    Said by the NWO today.

    Sophistry. Lies. Word Games, But trust me they are not playing games. And this at higher learning and people probably ate it up.

  11. Is this just for the “little people” and the elites and politicians still get paid big money and get to drive in their SUVs and private jets or does this include them?

    • Exactly my theory … this entire “Global Warming”& too much CO2 is really a front for the 1% Billionaires who plan to HOARD FOSSIL FUELS for themselves ONLY … Forcing us to walk everywhere in their NWO 15 minute cities (decided upon by UNited Nations; controleed & managed by Central Bankers; the Club of Rome Davos crowd) …
      … Yet, they plan on continuing to fly around in their jets (w/ their own Private Pilots (un-C19-vaxxed) ~ so the pilot doesn’t die mid-flight from the C-19 clot shot)
      … There is not enough Lithium or Cobalt to make EV for us all … As it is, they are abusing African’s & using child labor to mine for it (ethically; mining Lithium & Cobalt violates Human Rights).
      … Interesting we have this new diagnosis of S.A.D.S. all of a sudden (the WHO makes up the ICD-10 diagnosis guide) Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – which happens to be a side effect of Klaus Schwab’s C-19 Great Reset jab (depopulation agenda) …
      … ex-Wall Street broker for Blackrock, Edward Dowd (one of the good guys), wrote a book about how the “all cause mortality” rose 40% in working age (aka “healthy) Americans 24yo-64yo in 2021 – 2022 (as evidenced by drastic increase in Life Insurance claims) post their mandated Covid-19 experimental mRNA injections.

      “Cause Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths 2021 & 2022” by Ed Dowd

  12. Wait…what’s going on here? They have to import communists now? Aren’t there enough wanna be BS’ers (Read Bernie Sanders)? Feel the burn yet? It has not gotten bad enough yet! Hoping people start paying attention to the right things….

  13. Gonna be 10’s or even 100’s of millions of dead Westerners soon if this crap continues in the same direction. What’s not sustainable is this ideology of various grass-hut justices and terracotta equities. Good luck with all that!! LOL!

  14. Works in an urban setting not in a rural setting. Being without a car in Vermont is no fun, says the voice of experience. Not a lot of people volunteer to share rides though thankfully, one or two do.
    We don’t have a public transportation infrastructure.
    And we got rid of the horse and buggy, or just horse, transpo that would fill this gap — horseriding is very good for the…errr …seat…
    The programming of these younglings is what is scarier than anything else. They are up and coming and getting in charge of our choices — by eliminating them — because you know — having choices is so… expensive. Homogeny, sameness, ends in silence.
    Noticed how smiles have all but disappeared from what used to be called ‘the friendliest state’? Hmmm… wonder why…
    Send these communists back to their communes and and kibbutz’s… and let us make our own informed choices…that’s the mature adult thing to do…

  15. This lady comes from Wales – owned and controlled by the Crown. The same Crown of inbreds (except maybe Harry), disgraced Epstien buddy Andrew, and Jimmie Savile’s buddy, King (cough) Charles. How are things going in the UK these days? Is Buckingham Palace still boarded up? Cue the Benny Hill theme song.

  16. I can’t help but wonder why anyone who’s income is “universal” would have an incentive to produce the products that the masses want to purchase with their “universal” income.

    • These entities plan to control all production and consumption, so you will not be be allowed to purchase much or travel . They also plan to purchase and sell carbon credits, so rich people can purchase credits to travel from poor city people.

    • more like “universal slavery” … “universal income” sounds so appealing … Until we realize the 15 minute cities are open air concentration camps and to get food, water & shelter we do exactly as they say … They will put us to work, I am certain of this. For what? we can’t even travel to visit friends & family farther than 15 “away ? … their claims of “global warming ” to end all fossil fuels is REALLY a hoax so they can hoard fossil fuels for themselves.

  17. How long do we have before the controlling entities complete their plans using these useful idiots? I expect it will be sooner than anyone thinks. Then what do we have to look forward too? A bullet in the back of the head before falling into a trench?

  18. And what of the roads and the infrastructure, how will this all be kept from returning to nature, chain gangs? Will we all live in huts? Who will live in the houses, it seems like everything will go to seed and decay almost immediately when people can’t move freely in society. Also what stormtroopers will keep free thinking people from doing so? She’s not well thought out.

    • It is documented in Agenda 2021 that asphalt roads in rural areas will be ground down to ruble and dirt.

  19. Take her 10 miles out on a back road somewhere drop her off at a house and tell her the only way back is to walk!!!!

    • But the Amish are FREE! … Agenda 2030 (which works in collusion with the WHO & the WEF – that want us all in 15″ cities … we will NOT be allowed to grow our own food … Klaus Schwab of the WEF wants us to “own nothing, be happy, eat bugs & walk everywhere we go” …
      They are wanting to kill off farm animals (e.g., Denmark), they say, “because they emit carbon dioxide & methane” … when I believe their real goal is to starve us to death.
      … As Kissinger warned us, “You control the food, you control the people” … and the 1% believe we have 7 billion too many living on the planet.

  20. I believe that Ms Howe has spouted enough threatening nonsense and BS to qualify for a spot on the Terrorist Watch List…

  21. If we want to get ourselves out of this impending tyranny … we need to write the POTUS, VP, Sen Bernie Sanders & Sen Peter Welch …

    I have a user-friendly link below (it takes less than 1 minute to fill out; just your name & address) it’s a petition for the USA to #EXIT the WHO (World Health Organization).

    TRUTH ~ The WHO is a world depopulation founded by the Rockefeller Foundation (it is supported by the DoD / MIC) … The #WHO is a power grab through pretending to care about our health and they plan to FORCE vaccinations in the future that implant our ID & CBDC AI (that are a violation of privacy – NOT a convenience like they want you to believe) and have ingredients (e.g., graphene oxide) that are harmful for our health.

    ~ AND the #UN wants to grab power through the lie of #ClimateChange (most all of the fires – Canada, Lahaina, Greece, Colorado, California (Paradise) have been arson.

    We need to #ExitTheWHO & #ExitTheUN for USA to remain sovereign

    Please post this petition to “STOP GLOBAL TYRANNY” (see link below)
    addressing Sen Peter Welch’s ( @PeterWelch ) & Sen Bernie Sanders ( Twitter ) & their Facebook pages


    • These people are part of the problem. I have received multiple emails from Welsh about rural communities being left behind and on on the need for internet access. Welsh isn’t sending out these emails because the state is suddenly concerned about your well-being. He is sent out these communications because according to the WEF and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, all rural communities have to have Internet and mobile phone capacity. These entities are very concerned that rural communities will not be subject to the global digital transformation. This is because the UN Sustainable Development Goals include digital ID and the use of central bank digital currency.

  22. please anyone against this plan for the WEF & WHO to take away our sovereignty (own nothing & be happy … eat bugs & walk everywhere in 15 minute cities); Agenda 2030 has it all written out; a United Nations plan since 1992
    — NOT a conspiracy —

    sign this petition – it includes Sen Peter Welch & Sen Bernie Sanders

  23. Presentation begins with how one is dressed, and coifed. Anyone who dresses like a barmaid in a professional setting is not to be taken seriously, and I don’t need to do anything she says. Excuse me, I need to go and gas up my Lincoln.