Vermont law for ‘future generations commissioner’ subject of UVM talk Tuesday

Sophie Howe

Does Vermont need a law creating a Future Generations Commissioner? Supporters of the concept have invited the first Future Generations Commissioner of Wales to speak Tuesday, September 19, 10 – 11:30 am in the Grand Maple Ballroom, Davis Center at the University of Vermont.

The event is sponsored by a group of local organizations concerned about Vermont’s sustainability, wellbeing, and prosperity. The Vermont Prosperity Project hopes to explore a potential law to do exactly that and it’s kicking off its efforts by hosting Sophie Howe, the first ever “Future Generations Commissioner” of Wales from 2016 to 2023, to speak at UVM and with legislators.

Sophie Howe was the first Future Generations Commissioner of Wales from 2016-2023, where she led successful interventions around transportation planning, education reform, and climate action. She has also represented Wales at the United Nations and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and is currently the chair of the Network of Institutions for Future Generations

The Wales Wellbeing of Future Generations Act was passed into law in 2015 after widespread public consultation on the question: “What kind of Wales do you want to leave for your children and grandchildren?”. The result was the identification of wellbeing goals including a prosperous, resilient, more equal, and healthier Wales built on cohesive communities, vibrant culture, thriving Welsh language, and global responsibility. 

The event is being organized by the Vermont Prosperity Project and co-sponsored by the Lintilhac Foundation, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, UVM Gund Institute for Environment, and the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

The event will be Live Streamed. More information on Sophie Howe and the landmark legislation are included below.

Well-being Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 essential guide

Well-being and Future Generations approaches across the world

Our Network – Network of Institutions for Future Generations

Sophie Howe keynote at the Beyond 2022 Conference

Sophie Howe TED talk in 2020

The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act in a nutshell: 

  • The Act required the government to develop intuitive indicators to measure progress towards the achievement of the 7 wellbeing goals, resulting in a set of 50 national indicators. 
  • Government departments and most public bodies need to set wellbeing objectives and targets in accordance with these wellbeing goals and report annually on their progress towards the achievement of these objectives. 
  • Governance and decision-making was reformed in line with five principles or “ways of working”: Collaboration, Integration, Involvement, Long-term, Prevention. 
  • A Future Generations Commissioner was appointed to represent the needs and the interests of future generations. Together with the Auditor General for Wales, the Future Generations Commissioner monitors and evaluates public bodies’ achievement of the seven wellbeing objectives and the extent to which they are acting in line with the five ways of working. The Commissioner has a seven-year tenure, longer than the electoral cycle. 
  • The Act applies to government bodies at all levels and while progress is monitored at the national level, each community is empowered to design bespoke strategies to support their achievement. 

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    • You are so correct. See UN document titled Our Common Agenda, Policy Brief 3, Meaningful Youth Engagement in Policymaking and Decision making process, April 2023.

      Quote: “In recent years, young people have become a driving force for societal change” (BLM and Antifa) “through social mobilization – pushing climate action, seeking racial justice, promoting equality…”

      The UN defines equality broadly in the socialist convention, referring to America’s definition as equality as a laisser-fair doctrine).

      This document is available on the Internet.

    • Well, I can think of one more. We need a strong director for the “Immediate Reduction of Governmental Agencies Commission,” soon to be created. That Director can start with the elimination of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission,’ recently highlighted on these pages, and followup by disbanding any governmental commission, committee or agency centered around a title including ‘Diversity,’ ‘Equity,’ ‘Inclusion,’ or ‘Reparations.’ Sort of like a knowledgeable gardener snipping diseased branches off of a fine, old Maple Tree…

  1. another bloated tick to syphon more money from the working people. If this is SO good, why is a law needed????

  2. We need term limits in this state to get rid of the liberal minded in the legislature and replace them with sane thinking people!

    • Have you heard about the petition concerning term limits and fiscal responsibility at the federal level. conventionofstates.com

  3. I feel like I’ve been getting more libertarian every year since about, say 2001. My response to proposals like this has evolved from “I don’t know if this seemingly-great idea will fully pan out” to “Get F@#%’d, Commie!”

  4. This may be a local group of organizations concerned about our wellbeing, but remember the agenda is only seen as benevolent to those working within the compartmentalization of these organizations. There is a bigger picture here, that has other agendas and they are not necessarily for the greater good!

  5. Another one of those “piss hole in the snow” ideas that will do nothing but promote communism in the state.

    • Communism is the goal. Our Constitution spells out how laws are made through governing of the people, by the people and for the people. So, MS Howe’s plans are to have all of the above disappear with her plans to replace same. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!! It is just the beginning, and remember this, there is no end to liberalism. Liberal Governing came to the surface in 1963 with Phil Hoff as the top dog, and it has been one thing right after another since the 60’s.
      I have had enough of this crap, and feel it is time to catch our breath and start on a plan to balance the books.

  6. I’m encouraged by the comments. Please know that this is reorganization month for the GOP! Please get involved in your town GOP committee to fight this stuff.

  7. Such arrogance and hubris demonstrated with this attempt to dictate control of future generations. What we all want for future generations is civil rights and liberties as defined in the United States Constitution Bill of Rights. No 15 minute cities, fake food or the tyranny of fake health care and climate emergencies. We need solid education for future generations so they can intelligently manage their lives.

  8. Just another global attempt to save us, the only ones we need to be saved
    from are people like Sophie Howe, a globalist front & center !!

    Wake up people

  9. vt, = mini California , can we secede from the left side of the state and join new hampshire? it seems the area encompassing lake Champlain have gone over to the dark side!

  10. Does anyone smell the Marxism in the air? With a waft of totalitarianism on the side? This of course is smothered in a rich sauce of sophistry, colloquial known as liquid bovine excrement, or bovine squirts for short.

    And they call this higher learning. My old school saddens me.

  11. Why would we want to emulate Europeans ? Aren’t they responsible for 2 World Wars ? The U.N. Pifff. Send the present occupants home, and turn that beautiful building into apartments for the homeless !

    • You have to be kidding me. Most Americans are of mixed race. My descendents are from Germany, Italy and the Native America Indian. The Europeans of the World Wars are all but gone. The Americans of today are not responsible for the World Wars. You must be a New Left ideolog due to your application of identity politics.

      • Actually I am Scott/Irish, but the fact that the Europeans seem to want to drag us into every war they want to start is not lost on me . Ever hear of Ukraine ?

  12. Vermont Commissioner for the indoctrination of WEF policy propaganda on the impressionable youth, paid by taxing the subjects of Vermont. Office Established by the sheeple and lemmings from the same State, approved by RINO P. Scott, governor.

  13. The fact that UVM is showing it’s well funded evil agenda on a daily basis, why are we supporting their beast system with our money? Considering the University of North Carolina is connected to Wuhan and the coof, UMASS is connected to Epstien’s merry band of nihilists, higher education is woefully infiltrated and should be starved of their fuel, i.e. our money and support. Don’t support their sports, their businesses, any entity connected to them, or their medical establishments. Bud Light them today!

  14. For some reason, this reminds me of the probably unconstitutional Regional Climate Council that came up with rules that the member states promise to abide by WITHOUT the need for anyone in state government needing to take responsibility for the rules enacted. Instead of calling it the “Future Generations Commissioner” maybe they should come up with a different euphemism, such as “Individual Responsible To Think Up More Ways To Make Vermont Unaffordable And Less Free”. Reminds me of a law firm I saw in a “Three Stooges” short “Dewey, Fleecem and Howe”. No matter how you describe it, if the Vermont government continues to make Vermont more expensive to live here and giving the state more control over our daily lives, we’ll continue to lose residents. Soon, it will become mostly a theme park – somewhere people go for vacation, but nobody can afford to live here nor would they want to.

  15. Here is what I see daily from the younger, hipster, woke, climate unconscience generation: They all seem to be members of Amazon Prime. They stuff the recycle bin full with excessive amounts of cardboard boxes and the affiliated packaging trash. It never occurs to them the amount of energy necessary to deliver their excessive consumerism to their front door step packaged in layers of plastics and cardboard. The new vehicles they drive are now in negative equity – meaning the loan balance far exceeds the vehicle value. The new homes they purchased are also in serious negative equity. They really do not understand economics, credit, liquidity, or finance. If they are crypto holders, they believe they own something of value, which is not tangible and floating around somewhere in webspace. Unfortunately, they are set up to fail from the gate and debt is going to ruin them. They are caught in a paradox of propagandized shiny objects and scams. Jeff Bezos and the banksters are delighted and filthy wealthy for their patronage and ignorance. Sad, but true.

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