Galfetti game for Barre House run

Gina Galfetti, GOP candidate for one of the Barre Town seats in the Vermont House of Representatives

When longtime Barre Town legislator Rob LaClair opted to not seek re-election, businesswoman Gina Galfetti threw her hat into the ring. She and incumbent Francis “Topper” McFaun are the only Republicans on the ballot for the two-seat district. The following questions were submitted to candidates by another newspaper. Galfetti’s reponses are published below. – Editor.

Q: Tell us about yourself and your priorities.

A: I am a native of Barre and graduated from Spaulding High School and the University of Vermont, majoring in political science with a minor in history. I am the owner/employer of G-Force Painting and a “hands on” employee as well. About my priorities,  I am concerned about the lack of affordability of living in Vermont, the need for greater employment opportunities, and the changing issues regarding public safety.

Q: What are your thoughts about Prop 5?

A: Vermont’s laws regarding abortion are among the most liberal in the nation, and I don’t see that changing. The question will be put to the people of Vermont and I will stand with what the people decide in this matter.

Q: Are there ways you’d like to see Vermont’s gun laws changed?

A: Vermont already has the best gun laws in the country, and we don’t need to change them. I am very concerned about public safety, but we need to concentrate on the people who abuse firearms or should not have them in the first place. Better enforcement of the gun laws and criminal laws that we already have will help to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. I also think that we need to focus on hardening our schools to prevent gun violence.

Q: Real estate prices in Vermont have increased significantly in the past couple of years, and the housing inventory is low; do you see a solution in the legislature to make home ownership affordable to Vermonters?

A: We need to define “affordable housing.” It should mean “housing that is affordable to the average working Vermonter,” but it has come to mean “government subsidized housing.” I support the former but not so much the latter.

Much of what the legislature has done in terms of passing new regulations has raised the costs of construction; we can de-regulate and streamline the entire permitting process to have something far more efficient. Our landlord-tenant laws make it so difficult to evict a bad tenant that few people want to be landlords in Vermont anymore; we can speed up court processes to eliminate delaying tactics by delinquent tenants.

Q: What’s the most important thing you can do as a State Representative related to climate change?
A: Realize that Vermonters cannot afford to solve the problem of climate change by ourselves. Make sure that anything we do is affordable, reasonable, and will produce measurable results. Use common sense.

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  1. Thank you for running for State Rep. for Barre Town Gina. Good luck and God Bless You.

    Brian Judd

    • It would be helpful if VDC would mention the Political Party that a candidate is running on their ticket!

      • Joe, If you read the article, it clearly states she is one of two republicans running in Barre town.

  2. Best gun laws in VT? They used to be until Scott signed the magazine ban making people who have to go to NH to buy them criminals.

  3. The Vt. abortion law should be toned down. If Hitler were alive I’d say he had a hand in this. Housing is not affordable due to all the trust funders coming up here bidding up prices that no average Vermonter can compete with. They also occupy a lot of the so called affordable housing units, use up resources meant for the poor due to their low incomes. These are the nice people.

  4. Gina you might be a GOP candidate but you are sounding like a progressive democrat. Yes, Vermont has a law on the books that allows for an abortion, in 2019!!!!! Proposal 5 if passed in November 2022 will amend the Vermont constitution to allow reproductive rights and because it is so open ended and not specific it will have very radical abortion requests such as late term, partial birth abortions go in front of most probably liberal judges who will approve them when they truthfully shouldn’t. Underage children will have abortions without parental knowledge and planned parenthood will make sure that underage children will have gender reassignment surgery without parental consent!!! Sex traffickers and pedophiles will be decriminalize and not face jail time. Just think about this—that 10 year old that was raped and got pregnant by a 27 year old man in Ohio. That 27 yo was an undocumented and he faces no charges for repeatedly raping the 10 year old!! What 10 year old should ever have to face these terrible horrors in the first place!!! ! Now is this what we want to become???? I hope not!!!!! They should be prevented and not promoted. If you are a GOP then stand up and state it—-we need to deep six Proposal 5!!!!! Mary

  5. One more for ” The Big Tent ” agenda.
    So sick of fake Republicans refusing to stand against Prop 5 / Article 22.
    Evidently she knows nothing about Vermonts history and the Gun Laws that are attacking Law Abiding Vermonters while doing nothing to stop any criminal.
    A definite no thanks from me.