From the “You can’t make this stuff up” Dept.:

Climate-minded City of Burlington pushing electric heat – but it’s main source of electricity is largest C02 emitter in Vermont

Received today from Matt Cota of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association:

The Burlington City Council has banned backyard wood burning fire pits. No more S’mores, due to concerns about air pollution. 

Meanwhile, the same city council is expected to impose a carbon tax on new gas furnaces in order to convince more people to hook up to electric heat. 

This is the same electric heat that caused Burlington residents to flee an apartment complex because the temperature inside didn’t get above 45 degrees in December. 

This is also the same electricity that comes from the city-owned utility that is fed by the city-owned wood burning power plant. 

This is the same wood burning power plant that operates at just 24% efficiency and is thelargest emitter of CO2 in Vermont.

Photo: McNeil generating plant, Burlington. Credit Burlington Electric Dept.

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  1. When I said in a campaign ad on Front Porch Forum that the Global Warming Solutions Act would bring tax hikes and eventually bans on heating oil and propane, wood stoves, and even backyard fires, I was accused of fear mongering and paranoia. I was also right. First in Burlington and soon in the rest of the state. Well done, Democrats!

  2. The energy game will always reveal a desire to control the masses while making as much money as possible off them. This push for inefficient electric only homes will certainly expose Vermonts odd obsession with going “all electric” as a fad movement steeped in half education.

    I installed solar for years. It’s a sham industry and the electric heating movement is a waste of money if your home isn’t brand new and/or very well insulated. Heat pumps are useless if your house is a drafty old farmhouse. Nobody tells homeowners that. They just slap 12k units all over people’s houses and ignore when they complain and cry because their brand new pumps are all the way up and sucking insane power just to keep your house above 60 degrees between November and March.

    No good. Not the end all answer Vermonters need. Just look at how many Solar employees went into drafting the GWSA. Wouldn’t surprise me if the 23 person committee the bill created had Solar company employees on it. That’s how Vermont politics has been lately. As dirty as Federal level.

  3. The City Council does not know anything about The City’s Infastructure! Just words and policy’s for their limited Intelligent supporters!

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