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From Publisher Guy Page: Thanks, Karen!

In today’s edition, longtime reader Karen Rowell gets exasperated at most of the Vermont media but sings the praises of three Vermont news media outlets, including Vermont Daily Chronicle.

We agree with her perspective that some of the most important news stories and angles are ignored by most of the media. And we absolutely deplore the willingness of Vermont media to cave to ANY advocacy group, the way WCAX withdrew a news story about transgender conflict at Randolph Union High School.

At Vermont Daily Chronicle, we work every day to provide news and commentary you can’t find anywhere else. 

Publisher Guy Page

Our readers have responded. We’ve seen a huge jump in readership. We now average more than 3,000 views per weekday. Vermont Daily Chronicle is growing. We’ve become a true online, daily newspaper. The new year will see continued growth.

Our readers want reporters to ask our government leaders the tough questions. You want editors who think that sacred cows make good hamburger. You want fearless commentary. You want Vermont news that is fair, accurate, and relevant.

We have never charged our subscribers. We never will. Every reader matters. We will not let money become a stumbling block. Thankfully, many Vermonters support Vermont Daily Chronicle as an investment in a better Vermont. We are so grateful! We are ready to grow. Please join the Vermont Daily Chronicle subscribing reader team today by choosing one of these options:

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Free Speech Forever, 

Guy Page, Editor & Publisher

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  1. This is the place to read the unbiased truth about Vermont government and the hijinks of the legislature!

  2. Thank You Guy Page

    A great service, an important area previously ignored

    $$ Money’s Worth for sure !!

  3. Thank you Guy Page! So glad I found Vermont Daily Chronicle. This on-line paper deserves to be Number 1, as the articles inform the public the Truth, what’s really happening in Vermont! I haven’t seen any investigative journalism from Vermont local stations or on-line newspapers besides this one. I haven’t heard any real questions asked to our local government besides Guy Page asking them. Why is that the case? The local stations, journalists working for them and the on-line newspapers are all reading from the same script, they all copy each other and no one asks real questions about anything, it’s all “fluff” news, it all echoes the main stream media. Vermont Daily Chronicle outranks them all! We need more investigative, truthful reporting done by Guy Page! We need to have Vermont Daily Chronicle widespread throughout Vermont. Everyone needs to hear the Truth!

  4. Guy Page has done a fantastic job bringing journalistic integrity to Vermonters with Vermont Daily Chronicle. As an enthusiastic donor I highly value the option to read news that is not designed solely to promote the leftist agenda. I predict an ongoing increase in readership and a bright future for The Chronicle.

  5. Many thanks to Guy Page and Karen Rowell for exposing the truth about 99% of the Vermont media.
    Even the small town newspapers around Chittenden County (and probably everywhere else) have become mouthpieces of the Left by portraying opinion and advocacy as “news”. I know they have slim budgets and need stuff to fill their pages but as an example…last week in the Williston Observer:
    -Headline: “Federal Programs Lifted Millions Out Of Poverty”, was a short blurb contributed by the Public Assets Institute, a non-profit based in Montpelier which advocates for treating everyone’s paycheck as a “public asset”.
    -Headline: “White House Conference on Hunger-A Moment To Build On”- laid out a sob story on behalf of the Executive Director of Hunger Free Vermont and the CEO of the VT Foodbank.
    NOT NEWS…just advocacy for non-profits.

  6. Thank you Guy for your most welcomed journalistic style in promoting truth and honesty in the Vermont Daily Chronicle. I am pleased and honored to be a supporter.

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