Rowell: So tired of the one-sided news coverage

By Karen Rowell

I am so tired of 95% of our Vermont so-called press engaging in voter suppression, by never articulating a conservative argument and only repeating the false narratives the Progressives and Democrats put out. One-sided “journalism.”  

Thank God for Vermont Daily Chronicle and True North Reports and [WVMT’s] The Morning Drive. The rest of our press is biased, and operates as the left arm of the Democrat/Progressive party.   

Christina Guessferd [WCAX] billed her Prop 5 report as “what voters need to know” – only to interview an abortionist. No opposition at all, some of the worst reporting I’ve ever seen. No journalistic standards whatsoever. 

Nothing new for our VT press.  

Channel Five interviews two yes votes and one “no” and does not get across that this bill is intentionally worded so vaguely that it can apply to almost anything. The St. Albans Messenger just got called out for doing the same thing, engaging in voter suppression on the Prop 5 ballot question. They only reported on the “vote yes” side with no articulate argument on the “vote no” side. 

The language of this bill is so vague it could mean anything and it should be illegal to put forth such a ballot question so that our ignorant Vermont press can sell it any way they want to sell it.     This is so pathetic and yet here we are with a completely uninformed, emotionally excited population who have no idea what they are actually voting for.

Just so you know – what the press is supposed to do, is equally show both sides of an issue/candidates (even Republican candidates who are never given a fair chance) and let the viewers/readers/public decide. You should not be deciding ballot issues or picking candidates and manipulating the information to get the public to vote the way you want them to vote.   

This is what the impacts of Prop 5 are – but no one knows because of your ignorance on the issue – which I believe to be intentional. I believe you are hiding this from the electorate. It is very apparent that, with the exception of readers and listeners of VT Daily Chronicle, True North Reports and The Morning Drive, Vermonters have no idea how bad Prop 5 is as a direct result of your negligence. You are engaging in voter suppression and now here we are with a population that is emotionally excited and uninformed and, once more, in Vermont we are losing the power of the people to the power of the State. Progressive and Democrat goals completed with the help of the left arm – the irresponsible Vermont press.

Prop 5 is not about securing the rights of any citizen. It is about giving your rights to the state. Take it for what it says, not for what the proponents say it says.

The author is a Burlington resident. This letter was sent directly to most Vermont news media outlets, including those mentioned above. 

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  1. Thanks Karen,
    I see the one sided reporting. I contacted WCAX to complain about their one sided report before the news was off the air. Emerson Lynn could have published an editorial about his views on Prop 5 but instead he chose to devote a whole page of the Messenger claiming “In an effort to curb the spread of misinformation surrounding the amendment, the Messenger spoke with Rep. Ann Pugh and House Speaker Jill Krowinski,” and proceeded to give a totally one sided explanation of Prop 5. I wonder what is the misinformation the Messenger refers to. People have a choice. They can vote yes or NO for Prop 5. All information about Prop5 should be presented, not just one side. People taking the NO side should not be accused of misinformation. I no longer trust the WCAX new which is sad. I do trust Guy Page and his reporting.

  2. Incentives man… the Biden administration admitted they are paying news outlets to print their biases (aka propaganda).
    All you have to look at is who is reporting that drivel to know who is benefiting in state…
    And when we have call in talk show hosts calling one of their guests – a candidate – a conspiracy theorist – ad hominem attacks become propaganda become ‘reporting..
    The bar has slipped…its gone.
    NO journalistic integrity from in the above mentioned publications.
    And look at how THEY are funded.
    qui bono?

  3. Vermont’s media is bought and paid for by the Gates/Soros/Zuckerborg mind control team.

    Right digger?

    You will be assimilated!

  4. Just a clarification the last line is quoted from the October 27th VDC Kauffman article – I had done a snip and sketch and didn’t put it in quotes. Thanks!

  5. Journalism is no longer “who, what, when, where”. It’s the reporter’s political opinion intertwined in the story. You see it daily. They talk about a politician with “Conservative” in front of their name, but never say “Liberal” in front of a politician’s name. They’ll use the words “right wing” but never “left wing”.

    • Maybe you could offer to represent Mr Felker. There are so few lawyers willing to take cases like this. I am sure you could take the case pro-bono !

  6. it’s all about labels in the mainstream media! right wing, insurrectionist, white supremacist, rascist, never do they label the left!

  7. Be aware that sometimes stations like WCAX actually DO listen & respond..Last tues. night, after their perpetual vaccine “boosterism” finally got to me, I e-mailed them some recent studies from Alex Berenson and asked if they “EVER do ANY research but ONLY parrot the CDC’s line?”..Well didn’t Darren Perron mention these studies (though not specifically) on the wed. noon-cast..Kindly send them info, be polite, and see what happens, as they (sometimes) actually DO watch feedback from viewers!

    • But you also proved that they can’t be bothered to do any research beyond their liberal affliction and orders from Head Quarters. The object of a free press is to report the news, not choose what we should and shouldn’t see. NPR and VPR should have their FCC licenses revoked. They are a taxpayer paid arm of the Dem/Prog party and they censor real news that doesn’t parrot the leftist ideology. Vtgravedigger should lose it’s 501c3 nonprofit status as well.

  8. True Dano! BUT sometimes they DO have a modicum of SHAME and WILL actually read incoming from the great unwashed..NPR/VPR are hopeless, mainly there for the NYC transplants..I watch WCAX mostly for coverage of the escapades & court appearances of our “New Americans”, shootings, etc, & the almost accurate weather, the rest is just High Comedy! Maybe a NEW Congress will finallt DEFUND NPR and make ’em BEG for ALL their “operating budget” of broadcast tripe.

  9. Even the small town newspapers around Chittenden County (and probably everywhere else) have become mouthpieces of the Left by portraying opinion and advocacy as “news”. I know they have slim budgets and need stuff to fill their pages but as an example…last week in the Williston Observer:
    -Headline: “Federal Programs Lifted Millions Out Of Poverty”, was a short blurb contributed by the Public Assets Institute, a non-profit based in Montpelier which advocates for treating everyone’s paycheck as a “public asset”.
    -Headline: “White House Conference on Hunger-A Moment To Build On”- laid out a sob story on behalf of the Executive Director of Hunger Free Vermont and the CEO of the VT Foodbank.
    NOT NEWS…just advocacy for their non-profits.

  10. Right on Karen. After submitting an “Opinion” on Prop 5, detailing all the misleading statements being heard about it and urging a NO vote, to the Burlington Free Press I received a phone call explaining why it would not be run. They no longer print Letters to the Editor or Opinion pieces. That, together with the fact that they no longer print any meaningful news has made me decide to cancel my subscription. I receive more statehouse news from my subscription to the Franklin Courier than I get from the BFP. My main source of statehouse news is now the Vermont Daily Chronicle, which I am happy to support.

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