‘Free’ fed money grinds rock-solid dollar into powder

To the editor:

Re: $2.7 billion in federal money for Vermont – this is not free money. This is a very heavy mortgage on our grandchildren, it is a slash at the value of the U.S. Dollar, and an insult to thinking people everywhere.

Washington DC should be ashamed of itself for this horrid abuse of a heritage of the U.S . Dollar being solid as a rock. They have reduced OUR rock solid Dollar to gravel, then ground it into sand, then into powder to blow away with the first wind.

The forces who want the United States of America to fold up and die are winning the game in “Now their Capital” – whatever they will choose to call it. Who are they?  We will find out only when it is too late.

Doug Richmond

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  1. When Sleepy Joe and the BUMBOCRATS get done with their spending SPREE, The American DOLLAR won’t be worth a SOU as the saying goes.

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