Franklin County man arrested for ‘burning with intent to intimidate’ in Charlottesville, VA

Photo of Ryan Roy from ‘By Way of Plymouth,’ an anti-fascist, leftist website outing ultra-right protesters

by Guy Page

Ryan Roy of Enosburg Falls was arrested May 10 for allegedly burning a tiki torch with intent to intimidate at the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia August 11, 2017.

Under Commonwealth of Virginia law, it’s illegal to burn an object in a public place with intent to intimidate. The law was passed in an apparent attempt to criminalize the KKK-style burning of crosses.

Roy,  34, has made no secret of his affiliation with ultra-right causes. He appears in a Vice News documentary and has been interviewed by Vermont media. VDC was unable to find any contact information for him. 

A grand jury indicted Roy on April 9. After his arrest – it is unclear where it took place – he was released on bond. He is scheduled to appear June 5 in the Albemarle County Circuit Court, court records of his arrest say

Roy was allegedly part of the group of several hundred Unite The Right protesters who marched on the University of Virginia campus the night of Friday, August 11. Many carried tiki-style torches, video captured by the Cavalier Daily, the UVA student newspaper, shows. Video shows many in the crowd chanting “You Will Not Replace Us” and other slogans. 

The newspaper reported that many in the crowd mixed with counter-protesters who had linked arms around a statue of Thomas Jefferson: “Marchers also began swinging and throwing their lit tiki torches, adding to the chaos of the event.” 

Roy is the only Vermonter to be arrested in connection with the Vermont.

screenshot of Ryan Roy court record in Virginia

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  1. Not to make excuses but…leftist agitators have certainly done their share of “burning to intimidate” in their no justice-no peace messaging since the dawn of the George Floyd era…

  2. Amaaaaaazing…….Can’t locate your “MAGA extremists”??? Well, pull them out of the woodwork from years ago in an event where they were never arrested for anything. Lookee here who’s trying to do the INTIMIDATING now!

    Hey FBI: I burn tiki torches ALL the time here AND I’m one your President & Co.’s “MAGA” devotees as well! Come to my place tonight at about 8pm & I’ll light off a tiki & yell “MAGA” (as my RIGHT to do under the Constitution) – oh, and while you’re here, you can bite me, too.

    See ya!

  3. The new deplorables and domestic terrorists are “…white, Christian, own a firearm, believe the Bible, oppose the official 9/11 narrative, display Gadsden flags (or such type flags), are conservative, believe and support the Constitution, support the 2nd amendment, support or do homeschool, suspect fraud in the 2020 election, oppose official homosexual/transsexual policy” and “have opposition to the official COVID narrative.”
    Nehemiah Strong
    By John Dyslin
    pg. 22

    • Indeed. Had neighbors here abruptly leave a party during late last year’s holidays because they discovered, during the course of a casual conversation, that we support the US Constitution & are against ANY impediments to the rights of free speech. Oh…..I was so “offensive” that they had to leave. Phony pothead, atheistic, brainwashed “Vermonters” residing in a lily-white neighborhood who never knew economic hardship & buy into every Communist trick in the book.

      The only thing I can never fathom is why they don’t all hightail it out of here and move to China, Cuba, or Venezuela? Why are they here in a country they so detest?

  4. The left did this in dozens of cities for an entire Summer, causing billions of dollars in damage and they even managed to burn a few folks to death, but hey, that tiki torch sure is intimidating. 🤡🤡🤡

  5. By the way, it is OUR RIGHT to know WHO exactly is allowing this young man to be extradited from Vermont to Virginia? I presume some VT left-wing extremist judge signed his extradition order?

    What is his or her NAME? Who or what group was responsible for organizing this grand jury trial? What is the statute of limitations? Ever heard of the Freedom of Information Act?

    Inquiring minds from a land conceived in liberty want to know.

    Oh, and I’ll see ya tonight at about 8pm, correct FBI? I’ve got my tiki all ready. MAGA.

    • Article said he’s on bond. The expectation is he extradites himself to Virginia.

      The interesting part is that it took 6 years for this “dangerous domestic enemy” to be encountered by law enforcement again – 2017 to 05/10/2023. I’m guessing he had that warrant from the protest and was finally pulled over.