Four-year-old left in freezing car at night for six hours

On April 18 at 10:30 AM, Burlington police officers responded to the block of 100 North Willard St. for a report of a 4-year-old child who had come into a nearby store and had been outside all night in a vehicle. 

Burlington police say they evaluated the child for exposure-related medical concerns. The overnight temperature was 33 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

Witnesses stated the child walked into the store, crying, and asking for their dad. The child was wearing only shorts, a t-shirt, and winter boots with no socks. The child’s whole body was shivering, their teeth were chattering, they were cold to the touch, their lips were blue, and their nose, ear, and feet were red. Witnesses advised the child stated, “I’m looking for my daddy.” The witnesses wrapped the child in thick clothing to help warm them up.

Officers learned the father to the child was Caleb Holden, age 28. Police had responded at about 4:30 AM to an intoxicated male on Pearl St, just four-tenths of a mile from where the child was found. Holden was disorientated and trying to access a building. Holden was transported to University of Vermont Medical Center Emergency Department for exposure related medical concerns.

Police learned that Holden had been discharged from the hospital however was located sleeping in a family room in the Emergency Department’s waiting area. 

Holden was taken into custody at the Emergency Department’s waiting area without incident. Holden was transported to the Burlington Police Department and later transported to the Chittenden County Superior Courthouse to be arraigned.

It is estimated the child was left unattended for a minimum of six hours. The child was later reunited with other members of the family. Caleb’s criminal history revealed 4 violation of Court Orders/Conditions (0 convictions), 8 Misdemeanor charges (2 convictions), and 2 Assaultive Charges (0 convictions). In 2018, Caleb was charged with Cruelty to a Child under 10 years old along with Careless or Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.

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    • Sarah George, TJ Donovan, George Gascón.

      Soros & Open Society, Fair and Just Prosecution, ChanZuckerberg Initiative, Ford Foundation,

      Just saying.

      • Just one. Police probably used their pronoun to avoid comment on gender of child for privacy reasons – I think.

  1. So the police didn’t check to see if any children were involved?
    4:30 – 10:30 = 6 hours.
    Nice side step there.
    This guy was drunk and left his kid in the car for AT LEAST that long…probably started drinking 5 ours before that, and likely the whole night.
    What a cluster puck.

  2. Father, be the watchdog in heaven that guides the children to places of refuge. We all need your watchful care. Let us all turn to you to guide us through the dark night before us.

  3. In Vermont you need a license to drive, you need a permit to build a garage, you may soon need a license to do repairs on someone else’s house, a convicted felon doing time can vote…but anyone can have a child…

  4. Don’t worry they’re working on limiting that too:

    Article 22. [Personal reproductive liberty]
    “That an individual’s right to personal reproductive autonomy is central to
    the liberty and dignity to determine one’s own life course and shall not be
    denied or infringed unless justified by a compelling State interest achieved by
    the least restrictive means.”


  5. Woke pronouns confuse and therefore distort truth. Woke distorts truth. Accurate news reports truth — not falsehoods. The child was a boy; singular. Referring to him in the plural is inaccurate and false. Such lingual construction also detracts from the grave story which is compelling in its own right. Report news forthrightly with clarity so we can all respond appropriately to this four-year old’s plight. We hope your follow-up reporting contains relief and justice for this young citizen-victim. May our legal system proceed toward a cure for the lad without the challenge of woke obfuscation and distraction, also. My heart aches for this little fellow.

    • I’m just going to assume that some of this was copied or it was just a mistake.

      What’s really unfortunate here is that a simple mistake like that can have so much detrimental meaning and that’s the position that the woke leftists have put us in.

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