Former school board member, law enforcement pro Gaiotti seeks “balance” in Legislature

The Bennington and Rutland Republican committees have announced the candidacy of William “Bill” Gaiotti for State Representative for the Bennington-Rutland legislative district, which includes Danby and Mt Tabor in Rutland County, and Dorset, Peru and Landgrove in Bennington County.

The seat is currently held by Democrat Linda Joy Sullivan, who is not running for re-election.

House candidate Bill Gaiotti

Gaiotti commented, “I look forward to respectfully representing all residents of this district in Montpelier. Having been born in Bennington, I can proudly say I am a lifelong Vermonter. Over the past 40 years I have been educated, developed careers, married, and raised a family all within Bennington and Rutland Counties. My career path has been split between law enforcement and club management. Due to the versatility of my work history, I bring a unique perspective to the table which I believe will be of great value in Montpelier.”

Having been interested in politics his entire life, William Gaiotti served on the Mount Tabor Select Board for six years and the UD#23 School Board for about twelve years, six of which as the board president. He also served on the Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union for several years working with many people from the exact towns he will be representing if elected.

Bill explained, “Having been recently widowed, I find myself in a position to dedicate the time and effort required to be a true representative for the people of Vermont. Currently, I do not feel the concerns of the majority of Vermonters are being addressed in Montpelier. The numbers are out of balance meaning the ruling majority does not have to work with the other side. There are some extreme agendas taking time away from the issues that most affect our state, i.e., the opioid crisis, mental health, affordable housing, tax reform, etc. I feel the most effective way to offer compromise, common sense, and rationality back into our state government is for Vermonters to balance the scale.”

Currently the Vermont House of Representatives includes 46 Republicans, 92 Democrats, 7 Progressives, and 5 Independents.

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    • +1 here. We need more balance is an understatement. A Vermonter for Vermonters. TAKE BACK VERMONT from the progressive agenda destroying our state!!!!!

  1. I notice, you have the courage to, mention your Republican Party affiliation. So far, I have observed that NO candidate has mentioned any other affiliation, ignoring that fact, in all their publicity. that they are running as Democrat or Progressive.

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