Former Burlington diversity chief leaves Minneapolis post under financial cloud

Tyeastia Green

by Guy Page

Tyeastia Green, the former director of the City of Burlington diversity and inclusion office, has resigned a similar post following fundraising irregularities, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported today.

Green was hired a year ago to head the city’s Department of Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, not long after she left the top job on Burlington. After her departure, allies of Green said the city was inhospitable to her efforts to promote diversity, inclusion and equity – even though the city hired and budgeted aggressively for the office during her tenure. Green disagreed with Mayor Miro Weinberger over civilian oversight over the police department. 

The Star-Tribune – the leading newspaper in the city where George Floyd was murdered, touching off intense civil unrest and a flurry of DEI hiring nationwide – reported today that Green:

  • “made false statements to the City Council about a taxpayer-funded Black expo,” which was under-attended.
  • “falsely told the City Council that the Bush Foundation had been prepared to donate $3 million for the event
  • “never even formally applied for any money from the St. Paul-based foundation, according to the Bush Foundation and a subsequent statement from the city
  • “told council members that she had secured some $200,000 from four organizations, perhaps local corporations,” a claim she could not substantiate. 
  • asked the City Council for and received a $145,000 increase on the contract with an Atlanta-based event planning firm, Touch Apparel, with which she also worked in Burlington, the Star-Tribune said.

There is no indication that Green misused any funds; rather, the focus is on her apparent failure, and subsequent cover up, of not raising sufficient funds. The apparent falsehoods and irregularities are now the subject of an audit.

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  1. Any good news in this???? I guess that Burlington dodged a bullet……We could have been entertained for quite some time if she stuck around.

    If that qualifies these days as good news.

  2. What a witch ! First, she claims she does not know where here $1M campaign contribution comes from, now she claims giving out other peoples money to students who do not deserve it is the same as backing up these depositors. ALL wrong !

    Oh, and Ms Balint. Give the money back ! The longer you keep it, the deeper the hole that you are digging gets.

    • Sorry, this comment was posted to the wrong article. My apologies to all. No Ms. Green, I was not referring to you. I’m sorry.

  3. Reporting funds that were not there..sounds a lot like what Jane Sanders did.