Former Bernie, Planned Parenthood worker to lead VT Democratic Party

A former official for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund has been hired as the Vermont Democratic Party’s next Executive Director.

Prior to being named Organizing Director at the Vermont Democratic Party in 2020, Maine native Claire Cummings worked as Statewide Deputy Field Director for Bernie 2020 and before that as Coös County (NH) Field Organizer for Bernie 2020. She has also worked as the Regional Affairs Organizer for Planned Parenthood of Maine Action Fund. Cummings’ resume also includes work as a fundraiser, campaign manager, and organizer for various candidates and issue campaigns.

“I am so grateful for the trust and support of our party’s leadership, and I am clear-eyed about the significant work ahead. I look forward to fostering an environment of communication and collaboration both within the VDP and our greater Vermont community as we work together to move our party forward,” said Cummings. “We have an opportunity to listen to all Vermonters, and through that work to build a better, more representative, more equitable party. We can continue to be the Party of advocacy and activism in our state, to work for what we believe in and inspire our neighbors to get involved. I am excited by the challenge and the opportunity to do this work.”

Claire Cummings holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Wellesley College and previously served on the Maine Democratic Party Executive Committee and as Vice President of Maine Young Democrats. She is an alumna of Emerge Maine and of AmeriCorps VISTA. Previously, she was a proud union member of UFCW Local 40, where she served as Bernie 2020 NH Shop Steward, and of USW Local 4 as a staff member of the Vermont Democratic Party. Cummings’ first day on the job will be April 19.

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  1. To the LEFT we Must GO weather we want to or NOT. when the State Falls into CHAOS who will get The BLAME? For SURE, NOT those who drove us there !!! The will run and hide from their Marxist ways.

  2. The chosen state of Bernie Sanders, decades ago, still can’t find a suitable Vermonter to head the Vt Democrat/Socialist Party.

    A few Rock Ribbed Small Government Republicans and Independents are
    left to sustain a smidgen of Vermont, as we melt into Boston

  3. CLAIRE CUMMIMGS; Former official for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund…hired as Vermont Democratic Party’s next Executive Director.
    Yes, fellow citizens, there it is…pretty clear where these people stand and, with this new leader, the intent to continue with what they’ve been doing for us(?to us?). Having any OMG moments of re-think about who we’ve been putting up to represent us? I’ve heard rumblings that a change is coming…fed-up dissatisfaction is blooming in these mountains. Let’s start looking forward to some changes. You might want to look at what us laid back polite Republican have to say. An updated Platform vision of what our futures might be is in the works.

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