Follow Vermont election results tonight

By Guy Page

The Vermont Secretary of State’s Office maintains a ‘live’ elections returns page on Election Night. Barring technical problems, it’s the most up-to-date way to stay on top of statewide and local election returns. 

Vermont Daily Chronicle will be posting updates via Facebook until late until the night. The Sec State’s Vermont Election Night Results page will be a key source of information. 

But if you want to check for yourself, click this link. Then select from the menu at the top the type of race you’re following: Federal (Congress, Senate), Statewide (Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Attorney General, Secretary of State), Senate, House, or County. Then go to the column at the right hand side and click on the race.

You may need to be patient. While some election results are reported almost immediately, others take hours, and occasionally even days before the final tally is known. The delay usually has to do with either the counting of paper ballots rejected by the voting machine, or problems communicating the election results to the Secretary of State. 

Throughout the day, readers are invited to email photos and election day thoughts and observations to news@vermontdailychronicle.com.

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  1. So a bit of voter intimidation here in Island Pond. The Town Clerk advises me that I could not have a ballot unless I signed a paper saying I didn’t receive a mail-in ballot or chose not to use it. I don’t use the democrat’s mail-in cheating process because it is a violation of the state and US constitutions.
    I asked the Clerk where do these papers that people must sign to get a ballot go? To the Sec. of State? She said she didn’t know. She told me the paper I must sign is to prevent people from voting more than once (if they are voting Republican that is. My words not hers). So now do I go on somebody’s list of people who are not cooperating with democrat fraud? Will I get a visit from the VSP thug patrol?

  2. It’s 8:15pm and I must, with absolute disgust, confess that I am watching the election results on NTD, and those buffoons screwed up the picture of the Vermont Senate candidates, placing a picture of some black male where there should have been a picture of Gerald Malloy. Yeah, I went after them in the chat line.

  3. According to the link, Emily Krasnow won Chittenden-9 with 100% of the vote; no blank ballots. That is clearly, obviously wrong, but I’m sure all the other numbers are completely legit.

  4. In my town they were asking everyone who came in to sign those forms, even if people brought in their mail-in ballots.

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