Flanders: don’t bow to the statue

By Alice Flanders

About two weeks ago my brother William and I engaged in a ‘light’ discussion of the ‘jab.’ I said that no one held us down on a table to get the jab.  My brother responded, “the threat to their economic security was tantamount to nearly irresistible coercion.”

Alice Flanders

My response to him appears below.

And we know that it does not get easier as time goes forward. For those who paused and compromised, they can likely rationalize that they can, should/must compromise again.  

But isn’t it always that way? Powerful entities trying to bully us into compromising. Looking back at the historical Biblical record, the various prophets and God Fearing have always first been threatened with damage to their economic security. Bend the knee, kiss the ring, bow to the statue or you won’t get the goodies.   

You said: “the threat to their economic security was tantamount to nearly irresistible coercion.”  But it is not 100% irresistable. We can say no. The cost might be high, but this is where we put our faith to the test, where we get a chance to put our money (God’s money) where our mouth is.

I would like it to be known that here in the People’s Socialist Republic of Vermont, life is always a challenge… and many RINOs know first hand that they can not easily step in another way once they have compromised.  

Note that I did not say they cannot turn, but once the first compromise has been done it is harder to step away. But admitting our error and siding with what we believe is the proper way to go brings relief as we face God every day in prayer and ask for His  guidance and assistance… that will surely be granted.

Vermont is not the place to be for an easy ride.  Here in Vermont the Republican Governor is very popular with certain elements of the Left. The fix is in for most RINOs.  And FYI that is why I took NO donations for my last political run. I was and am indebted to no man.  

Just stand strong and try to encourage any you know who felt they had to compromise on what they believed was not correct. They will be challenged again. These are the times that have been spoken of before. So many around us will certainly need solid living and breathing examples of people who have counted the cost and are not willing to compromise. You can be that person for many.

One with Hashem [a Jewish reference to the divine name] is a majority. Remember the challenge, the drama at Mount Carmel.

The author is a Windham County resident and 2022 and 2020 candidate for Vermont elective office. She is of the Jewish faith. 

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  1. You’re absolutely correct Alice. Living in VT is for those most hardy (or wealthy). Now we must be prepared for the unbelievable tax hikes foisted upon us by Leftists in the Statehouse. Just maybe that will jar voters to finally vote Republican? In spite of people’s complaints about (R)’s at least we are willing to make a real change to protect Vermonters. Yes also, am so thankful that the good Lord watches while His hand is over us.

  2. Definitely. I recall a conversation with a nurse who was defensive over getting the vax; “I’m a nurse so I had to get it” was her defense. And her children are in college so they “had” to get it she insisted. Well no, none of you had to. You had alternatives. They might have cost you your job and impacted your finances but you had alternatives. Your children could have left school, transferred to one that didn’t mandate the vax or just waited it out; there were alternatives. But they took what they viewed as the easy way and that was their choice. Should any of us have been forced to make this choice? Indeed not but that is the battle we need to fight so this doesn’t happen again.

  3. I guess this hit home with me because I’ve been well aware of the choices I had to make and the consequences of refusing the vax (and any long term mask wearing such as on a job). I had to start my own one person small business which has not been super profitable. I’ve had to really watch my finances. I’ve been shunned by many; old friends, religious institutions and so many entities that I had been a part of before for my refusal. So I guess I don’t have a lot of sympathy for most who insist they had no choice. Some I really feel for such as a low wage single mom who feared her family would be homeless if she was fired for refusing the vax, and others like that. But most people had alternatives but they just gave in as it was easier.

  4. 100 million people were killed by their own government during the 100 years of the 20th century. When people can’t trust their elected representatives, who can they trust? Is it a stretch to say we were all lied to about vaccines, Safe and Effective? How about the masks? How about get the jab or lose your job? How about climate change, trust the science?
    How about the planet is in crises?

    We are not getting the truth because our government is run by the wealthy people who have bought it. A million dollar donation of dark money to a ideologue leftist candidate who’s now our congresswomen. Media blackouts of important stories and issues. A two tiered justice system based on ideology. Vermont prosecutors bought and paid for by George Soros’ Open Society organization. A military more concerned with equity and inclusion than defending the USA. A president who goes on TV and declares the southern border is secure while fentynal from china, gangs, sex traffickers, the diseased and terrorist pour into our country, 2.5 million in 2022. A president who sells our strategic oil reserves to China and sends billions to corrupt Ukrane with no accounting to fight the Russians and inch America closer to nuclear war.

    The word ignorance comes from the two words, to ignore. The sheeple of our state and country ignore what they don’t want to hear or can’t admit they were wrong. We have the evidence daily that proves leftist and progressive cities and states are in ruins across the country. Crime, homelessness, violence, drugs and murders. Is this the new normal? The only time people these days pay attention is when something affects them personally. So Vermont will fail, it’s kick the can done the road. Ignore the real problems and punish the people with high taxes to save the planet from a state so small it hardly registers on the earth’s surface. Keep ignoring and go about your life until it gets to you and the rest of us who are paying attention but have no power to stop it will say, good luck with that now you know how we feel.

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