First GOP debate May 14

The Chittenden County Republican Committee is sponsoring a Republican Congressional Candidate Forum at the Milton Grange on Saturday, May 14 at 8:30 am. The event is free and open to the public. Guy Page, Editor & Publisher of Vermont Daily Chronicle will moderate.

The forum will feature US Senate candidates Gerald Malloy and Christina Nolan, and US House candidates Ericka Redic and Anya Tynio.

Gerald Malloy is a West Point graduate and enjoyed an extensive career as a leader in the US Army.

Christina Nolan is the former US Attorney for Vermont, focusing her efforts on prosecuting criminal cases involving child exploitation, violent crime, and the trafficking of opioids and other deadly drugs.

Ericka Redic is a small business owner and local influencer with a podcast “Generally Irritable” which covers Vermont political and social issues and works with women in recovery from substance abuse.

Anya Tynio is a business and marketing professional who ran for Congress in 2018 and serves as the Orleans County Committeewoman and as a member of the 2022 GOP Platform Committee.

The Milton Republicans together with the County GOP are hosting the event as a public service for the Chittenden County area. “A major Vermont media organization has promoted and conducted a debate for Democratic congressional primary candidates, but not for Republican candidates. Grassroots events like this are important in the absence of equity in coverage and a real reason for Vermonters to attend.” according to Milton Republican Chair Wendy Wilton, the organizer.

Chittenden County Republican Chair Janet Metz praised the slate of candidates who are competing for the nomination in the August 9th primary election “All four Republican congressional candidates are leaders who are committed to serving the people of Vermont and not the politics of Washington DC.

“A vibrant democracy depends on citizens being fully informed of their choices at the ballot box,” Metz said. “The Chittenden County Republican Committee will continue to strive to bring our message and candidates to the public’s attention in the absence of interest by the mainstream media.”

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  1. The prevailing ethos of the legislative culture has for some time been to RULE us…we need to be led to enlightenment…”hold still your gona like.” I suspect we’re going to find that these 4 candidates are going to show us much more of the independent Vermonters’ mind set. It’s likely we are going to once again hear “constituent representation”, “what do you want…not want” kinds of talk. They’re likely to have the posture of “bring us a consensus and then we’ll talk policy and laws.” Let’s see if this view plays out on the 14th.

  2. Nobody is going to beat ERICKA REDIC She is that good! In fact even LiTTLE PETER could not beat her…..

    I wish she were running for Senate seat.

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