Fireovid: Scott veto gives citizens chance to protect voting rights

by Bob Fireovid

Gov. Phil Scott has vetoed two bills (H.177 and H.227) that would allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections. Why is this important? The Vermont Constitution clearly states…

“[VOTER’S QUALIFICATIONS AND OATH] Every person of the full age of eighteen years who is a citizen of the United States…”

Our State Constitution defines what government can do and how it can do it. It also defines the rights of citizens and what the government CANNOT do. Through H.177 and H.227, the Democratic-controlled General Assembly is trying to unilaterally amend our Constitution without going through the Constitutionally-defined process for doing so. Think about it. If Democrats can easily force small changes in our Constitution, what’s to stop them from making large changes? It’s extremely important that we-the-people firmly protect the only document that protects our rights. 

The Democratic leaders in the General Assembly have vowed to override Gov. Scott’s vetoes of H.177 and H.277. However, if every Republican in the General Assembly votes to uphold Gov. Scott’s veto, then the Democrats will NOT have the number of votes (2/3rds) needed to override the Governor.

All the Republican Senators and most Republican Representatives voted against H.177 and H.277. But some Republican Representatives voted FOR these bills, and these legislators are listed below. If your Representative is on this list, it’s very important that as many residents as possible in their legislative districts contact these Representatives and ask them to change their votes so that they uphold Gov. Scott’s vetoes of H.177 and H.227.

Be respectful but firm; understand that they will be under tremendous pressure from Democratic leaders to override the Governor’s veto. Contact information for any legislator is available here. If you phone and get an answering machine or answering service, then leave a message. These Republican legislators who voted for H.177 or H.227 (“A” means they were absent from the vote; we need them to actually vote against overriding)…

Rep. Scott Beck (St. Johnsbury)…………Y/Y [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Patrick Brennan (Colchester)……..A/N [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Thomas Burditt (West Rutland)… A/N [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Anne Donahue (Northfield)……….N/Y [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Peter Fagan (Rutland City)………..N/Y [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Martha Feltus (Lyndon)…………….Y/A [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Robert Helm (Fairhaven)…………..A/N [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Francis McFaun (Barre Town)…..N/Y [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Robert Norris (Sheldon)……………N/A [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (Stowe)………N/Y [H.227/H.177] 

Rep. Patrick Seymour (Sutton)……….. .N/Y [H.227/H.177]  

If your Republican legislators are not listed above, then they voted against H.177 and H.227. Hooray for them; but it’s still important for as many residents as possible in their districts to contact them, thank them for their “nay” votes, and ask them to uphold Gov. Scott’s veto. They will also be under tremendous pressure from Democratic leaders to override, but they must vote, and they must vote to uphold the vetoes. 

A few Democratic legislators actually voted against H.177 or H.277. If any of these legislators represent your district, then as many residents as possible need to contact them, thank them for their “nay” votes, and ask them to uphold Gov. Scott’s veto. They will be under the most pressure from Democratic leaders to override. Here they are…

Sen. Mazza (G.I.)…………………..N/Y [H.227/H.177]

Sen. Nitka (Windsor)……………..N/N [H.227/H.177] 

Sen. Starr (Essex-Orleans)…….N/N [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Corcoran (Bennington)……N/N [H.227/H.177]

Rep. Sullivan (Dorset)……………N/Y [H.227/H.177] 

You may hear that the “Legislative Counsel” said that these bills were consistent with the Constitution. However, the Legislative Counsel was not 100% certain about that; and a judge might very well disagree with this opinion.  The Legislative Counsel essentially works for the General Assembly, which is led by Democrats. Attorneys are paid to find legal arguments to justify what their clients want to do, and the Legislative Counsel is no exception. 

By way of his vetoes, Gov. Scott has given we-the-people a tremendous gift. Let’s not waste his efforts! Let’s not let Democrats whittle-away at our State Constitution and our rights!

The author is a Grand Isle County resident.

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  1. It seems very unambiguous to me, “Every person of the full age of eighteen years who is a citizen of the United State”. There is no wiggle room for “interpretation” only bastardization for an attempt at weakening the very documents that have made this country the beacon of Democracy that these very immigrants have come here because of. I am all but certain that if someone were to ask anybody who has become a legal citizen, they would see the folly in allowing “non- citizens” the right to vote in any election. Hell, why not mail a ballot to Vladimir Putin ? We know his address.


    While we appreciate Governor Scott’s veto of these Bills, his explanation for doing so, did not go far enough. He did not mention that the Bills violate, alter and usurp the Vermont State Constitution. Why? Like Vermont Lawmakers and ALL other Vermont Elected Officials, he took an oath to uphold Vermont State Law and the Vermont State Constitution.

    Also, where is the Vermont Attorney General and the Vermont Secretary of State on this subject?

    In my communications challenging Vermont Lawmakers on this subject, they insist they are NOT changing the Constitution. As you know, the Vermont Voter Requirements are very clearly worded in the Vermont State Constitution for all to read and easily understand. This leads many of us to ask, are Vermont Lawmakers and their lawyers using a “play dumb” strategy in order to subvert, usurp and devalue our State Constitution? If not, we have to believe they don’t have a basic capacity to read and understand words.

    Also in our Vermont State Constitution are more very clear words that give a specific directive to Vermont State Lawmakers. Chapter II, Section 6 of our Vermont State Constitution says,”… the Legislature shall have no power to add to, alter, abolish, or infringe any part of this Constitution.”
    Is this more “play dumb” strategy? Why do they say they need lawyers to understand these words?

    We don’t need further reason to object to Vermont Lawmakers on this subject, but there is more. The Town Charters they are trying to change have directives in them that make the Charters subject to Vermont State Law and the Vermont Constitution. Why are Town Leaders and Vermont Lawmakers ignoring the wording in the Town Charters? “Playing dumb” again?

    Vermont Lawmakers actions on this subject are clearly illegal and unethical in SO many ways. If Vermont Lawmakers genuinely care about non-citizens in Vermont Towns, why not help them to become citizens and have access to ALL the benefits of being an American Citizen, rather than leading them to be lawbreaking non-citizen voters living in the shadows.

    If Vermont Lawmakers genuinely care about 16 year old Vermont Citizens, they would not lead and teach them to violate and usurp their own State Constitution; the Document that lays out and protects their basic Freedoms and Rights.

    ALL VERMONTERS PLEASE STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT to the arrogant, power hungry and lawless actions of Vermont Lawmakers. Just like you and I, they are not above the Law. They need to be held accountable by WE THE PEOPLE OF VERMONT, those they are elected to serve.

    • I second everything you said vtbeliever – EVERYTHING!! Lawless is their first offense and it goes on from there – people need to wake up a whole lot more – we need 70% awake to move forward and when The Plan makes its move – you ALL will be privy to the greatest operation in history that will null and void these lawless creatures illegal actions. God knows and he wins over those who have gotten away with too much for too long – running ramrod over we the people – it will make more sense soon fellow patriots waking from a very deep sleep! It all connects – read:

      Countermeasures in process, incoming and more!!

  3. VTbeliever you are 100% correct, their tactic is to “play dumb” against the Vermont Constitution. Their ultimate goal is to make the State of Vermont the most extreme progressive, communist state in the Nation. Actions speak louder than words, and the Governor, the administration, most of the House and Senate have made their actions speak against the Vermont Constitution. There are some real Patriots, but unfortunately, not the majority. I’m convinced that we are past Petitions, E-mails and Phone Calls. We are now in a position where we need Class Action Law Suits against the lawbreakers in the State of Vermont.

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