CRT concern spreads to Rutland

The “Vermonters for Vermont” Initiative will be hosting a Town Hall Informational on the Teaching of Critical Race Theory in our public schools Wednesday, June 16 at 6:30 pm in the Vermont Building at at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland.

Six speakers will share their CRT experience and solutions. CRT is the basis for some of the ‘equity and inclusion’ curriculum in Vermont schools. Its authors were Marxists and it teaches identity based on racial and ethnic groups and the ongoing struggle between the ‘dominant’ white culture and the minority groups it oppresses.

The even follows a similar well-attended Town Hall meeting in Essex Junction Friday, May 28.

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  1. On one day the leftist/statist/collectivist contingent is commiserating about how traumatized the children by the COVID pandemic, the Trump Administration, and climate change. Now they want to make all the “white” kids hate themselves. There is certainly a bright future for the counseling and psychology professions and in the pharmaceutical industry producing all the necessary remedies for OCD and traumatic stress disorders. If this national and regional unhealthy obsession with race does not get cured in the next election, we are in for the full Venezuela treatment by the Biden “administration” (or lack thereof). Elections have consequences.

  2. The fight needs to continue on to clean house, hose out these public warehouses of supposed education, stop the funding, teachers against this horse manure stand up and be counted or washed down the river with the brain washed and trained foot soldiers turning our children into activists – oh and by the way – this goes right to the top so clean house at state level, districts and so on because it would not have gotten as far as it has without the blessings of their elite puppet masters – the hammer is coming folks but parents, guardians and those still funding this Marxists junk through property taxes keep the pressure on. Quantum education system coming!!

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