Firefighters, state’s attorneys want Kenney

Chittenden County doesn’t need prison abolitionist Sarah George, firefighters say

Last night, voters fire another Soros-backed prosecutor

Chittenden County State’s Attorney candidate Ted Kenney (third from right) endorsed by county firefighters, who say incumbent Sarah George’s policies are exposing firefighters to danger on the job.

By Guy Page

Four Chittenden County professional firefighters’ unions have endorsed Ted Kenney as the next Chittenden County State’s Attorney. 

Firefighters don’t often get involved in a race for state’s attorney. But growing numbers of assaults on firefighters responding to calls, and theft of property (including fire trucks) pushed the unions for Burlington, South Burlington, Colchester and Williston fire departments to take action July 18.

Kenney is running in the August 9 Democratic primary against incumbent Sarah George, the George Soros-backed social activist whose non-bail policies have contributed to the increase in drug, retail theft, and violent crime, critics say. 

Burlington firefighters are now wearing SWAT-type gear to render first aid in some situations. The Burlington Fire Fighters Association tweeted last night: “Two dead and another seriously injured after another shooting in #BTV. Our members dawned their ballistic helmets and vests to enter the residence while LE was still clearing the 2nd story to triage and render aid to the victims.”

“We endorsed Ted Kenney because we are tired of the excuses and would be thrilled if our ballistic gear started to collect dust and we never put it on again,” the BFFA said. “Our members are out in the streets every day: 24/7/365. We see what is happening and the results of having an abolitionist as the top prosecutor in the county.”

Several Twitter readers questioned the use of the term ‘abolitionist’ – an appropriation of a anti-slavery term applied by George and others to shutting down (“abolishing”) prisons. George is one of two directors in the Women’s Justice & Freedom Initiative. WJFI’s website says “We are an abolitionist organization, as explained in Critical Resistance’s ‘Abolition Toolkit’: “Imaging a future based on abolition means totally shifting how we think about living with one another. We must create stable communities for people to come home to even as we work to shut down all of the prisons.”

George herself denied being an abolitionist during a candidate forum in early July, but admitted she is a WJFI director and praised the organization for its good ideas. 

Kenney also has been endorsed by two sitting Vermont state’s attorneys: Jim Hughes in Franklin County and Doug DiSabito of Grand Isle County. Hughes is the senior state’s attorney among the 14 in Vermont. 

They were joined by former Chittenden County State’s Attorneys Lauren Bowerman and Bob Simpson in a joint statement supporting Kenney. All of the endorsers are Democrats. It is unusual for sitting State’s Attorneys – such as Hughes and DiSabito – to endorse a candidate in another county in a contested primary.

“The State’s Attorney is a county’s top law enforcement officer. As such, you are accountable to the community, victims of crime and defendants,” the statement said. “This requires working with all stakeholders to bring about lasting reform and work for justice for everyone.”

Kenney declines participation in forum sponsored by George’s organization – The ACLU-VT and the Women’s Justice & Freedom Initiative will hold a state’s attorney candidate forum Thursday, July 28. Kenney’s no-show was criticized today by liberal/progressive columnist John Walters: ” It’s disappointing. I mean, if Kenney is tough enough to clean up Chittenden County, surely he’s got the cojones (or ovaries, if you prefer) to handle a skeptical encounter with a legitimate advocacy group.”

Walters dressing-down fails to mention that WJFI is co-sponsoring the forum.

photos from Meet The Movement page on website of Fair and Just Prosecution, a national organization of progressive prosecutors backed by billionaire financier George Soros

Another Soros-backed prosecutor rejected by voters – Marilyn Mosby, district attorney for Baltimore, became the latest progressive prosecutor rejected by voters at the polls. She was defeated yesterday in a Democratic primary. Chesa Boudin, San Francisco district attorney, was recalled by voters earlier this summer; George Gascon, Los Angeles district attorney, now faces a recall. All are portrayed on the ‘Meet The Movement’ page of the website of Fair and Just Prosecution, a national organization of progressive prosecutors backed by billionaire financier George Soros.

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  1. Progressive/socialist in disguise do you really want more of that Vermont

  2. The “WJFI”? At least she knows what a woman is, unlike new SCOTUS Justice Jumanji Jackson-Browne! If this balloon-head is CRAZY enough to RELEASE a guy with 23 arrests in 9 years, & busted with a hot gun in July, then she’s either got a anti-public agenda or just plain nuts. Either way she can resume her prior “public service job” as a waitress, then only the cooks & dishwashers have to deal with her decisions. So long Sarah, the jails may be more crowded, but streets safer. Now..about that City Council…

  3. Sarah George – our never prosecutor – Has got to be on the loser list after this election.



    • Would enjoy joining forces with Kenney as I am running for a House seat in the Washington-Chittenden district.

  4. I was always taught that; the governments number one constitutional duty is to protect and defend the citizens who elected them to represent them with such a responsibility? They have been charged with protecting and defending our Vermont constitution, as well. If lawlessness is allowed to flourish, government is failing at its responsibilities and needs to be changed. If this circumstance was a major corporation losing profits, the stockholders would fire the incompetent executive team and would hire a new team to turn the company around. Why should a government of the people be any different? The obligation of the government is to provide security to the whole state, not just it’s so-called leaders. If the people want to affect change, they need to assert themselves just as a corporate stockholder would. We are all stockholders and owners of our state. When our leadership team has forgotten who they work for and who gave them their positions, they need to be reminded that, those same people can also take those positions away. It appears that we have reached and gone beyond the time for needed change. It’s now your responsibility to stand up for your future. You are needed as a Vermont stockholder to exercise your power of the vote in the privacy of a voting booth to urgently change the direction of our state. This is the power you have, why not use it?

  5. These firefighters also supported pantywaste pete welch. So much for good judgement!!

  6. To be rid of the societal malaise known as Sarah George, many people who do not think of themselves as democrats will need to vote on the democrat ballot on Aug. 9 for Ted Kenney.
    And while you are at it, give Molly Gray your vote so we can send her to DC, where she will do far less harm to Vermonters than if she stays up here and ultimately runs for Governor.
    She will simply be Peter Welch with a skirt so nothing much will change there. Balint is more of an extremist and will not pull as many centrist votes in an election for a state office. After you do that, you can tell your liberal friends that you are pragmatic and bi-partisan because you voted for some democrats in 2022. Just save your real political angst and motivation for the November election…

  7. Hoping her days as states attorney are numbered, there’s a gun crime in BTV almost everyday!