Fernandez: FBI foolery over synagogue kidnapping recalls Burlington B/D/S effort

Wikipedia photo of Colleyville, TX synagogue hostage standoff

By Peter Fernandez

Just hours after Malik Faisel Akram, former pin-up lad for England’s Terrorist Watch-List, took four congregants, including the rabbi, hostage inside a Texas synagogue, an FBI spokesman explained that the incident was “not specifically related to the Jewish community.” There was, of course, a mighty outcry over this ludicrous statement, especially from Jewish leaders and conservative media pundits, before it was corrected.  Yet, this statement was eagerly consumed by the left, once again, quenching their sociopathic thirst for Purple Kool-Aid.

Peter Fernandez

Likewise, the seemingly chaotic Biden administration’s methods of madness are anything but meaningless bedlam. Transitioning from Democracy to Big Brother Socialism entails multiple chapters from the woke playbook, explaining how to racially divide the nation by the deconstruction of our Constitution, beginning, of course, with the first two amendments.

Even now, our traditionally conservative citadels of law enforcement and the armed forces are being infected by this virus.

During that Jan. 15 Friday morning Shabbat service, the armed Arab-Moslem British national, burst into the synagogue demanding that-Aafia Siddiqui, or Lady Alqaeda, be released from an 86-year prison sentence. Before her trial for attempting to murder Americans in Afghanistan, she demanded that Jews not be permitted on the jury. Siddiqui was married to the nephew of the 9/11 al-Qaeda mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Two months ago, CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations’ Executive Director, Zahra Billoo, paid tribute to her while condemning “Zionist synagogues” and the American Jewish community. But, still, to the FBI, Akram’s terrorist actions were not racist. 

Imagine the oratory orgasms that CNN, MSNBC, and The View would experience if The Proud Boys or The Windham County Sheriff’s Department pulled a rival stunt?  

“Armed white nationalists takeover a peaceful (mostly) Texas mosque without taking off muddy boots and square-dancing blasphemously across Persian rugs, expensive gifts from Hamas, Hezbollah, and CAIR. Reports say they pulled primary-colored crayolas out to draw uncanny likenesses of Mohammed, and after tacking them to the bulletin board, giggled and fled for Chick-fil-A.” 

Seriously though, this latest act of terror originally explained by an FBI spokesman is not unlike last September’s failed Boycott/Divest/Sanction Resolution against Israel proposed by the Burlington Council and Hate Group, Vermont Justice for Palestine. If not for the activism of Chittenden area rabbis, this proposal may have passed, and Bizarro Burlington, that tedious tempest in a teapot, would have become the first US city to formally adopt a moronic BDS resolution.

When outraged citizens stand up to woke lies, truth and reality are recovered. That FBI spokesman, perhaps placed by the Biden Administration, should have originally said what we already knew: Malik Faisel Akram didn’t select a synagogue on Shabbat, instead of a McDonalds, Pizza Hut, or Jersey Mike’s just because he wasn’t hungry.

The author is a children’s book author and Vermont resident.

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  1. Imagine the USA without the FBI and CIA. We must do everything possible to make that happen. If it wasn’t for the alphabet agencies, the USA would not be on it’s knees right now. Many men and women would still be alive and well. Any problem or conflict in this country for over 50 years is the direct result of this politically motivated “shadow govenment.”

  2. Biden has, on more than one occasion referred to people who participated in the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on Jan.6 as “white supremacists”. Most American who saw video and still images of the riot portion of the protest noted a variety of melanin tones in the crowd. Yet when this dolt of a President was asked about a motive for the Synagogue hostage-taking by a known islamic extremist he responded that it was too early to speculate on a motive. We have to hope that even the idiots who voted for this man are beginning to see that the emperor has no clothes.
    The FBI has many dedicated patriots in it’s ranks, but the leadership is nothing more than a praetorian guard for the democrat party.

    • “riot portion of the protest” – stepping dangerously out of line here. There was no riot, it was all patriots entering the ‘people’s house’ and conducting non-violent protest. Any images of a riot are either doctored of BLM/Antifa infiltrators set on muddying the waters and poisoning wells in their attempts to discredit patriots.

      Or at least that is what many would say….

  3. I had to look up “melanin,” but definitely agree with your suppositions. We are in trouble, and if I were Ras-Putin, I would take this opportunity while the USA has a weak sister-of-a-president (oops, that was unwoke and sexist) to gamble against our crumbling nation, and invade Ukraine.

    • And the previous occupant would have gone against Tucker Carlson and protected (at a very minor level) a sovereign and democratic (ish) Ukraine? Don’t make me laugh – he would have been on the dais for the first Russian military parade across the Maidan in Kyev!

      • What are you yammering about. Like you could possibly know what Trump would or would not have done.

  4. I don’t agree with all of your essay. However, it does seem that groups supposedly working for peace seem to advance slanted, even false, narratives. Israel’s deceptions and human rights abuses are real. However, there is no shortage of people willing to exaggerate, lie and exploit.

    • If you are really interested in human rights abuse, read Jonathan Schanzer’s Gaza Conflict 2021, and see who really is Palestine’s worst enemy, Hamas and Fatah, who both funnel multimillions of world charity away from the poor Arab public to line their own pockets and build six figure terror tunnels into Israeli territory. The liberal media never reports this, and you’ve bought their bill of goods, hook, line and propaganda.

  5. Made a mistake and am correcting: Friday morning should have been Saturday morning, Shabbat. שלכא הרב

  6. A single statement by an officer may not be of extreme significance. That being said, anti-Jewish racism is increasing. Not only from the “left”. In 2017 I was publicly assaulted in Newport.