Felker to hold listening session on homelessness July 14

Christopher-Aaron Felker

The Christopher-Aaron Felker For Ward 3 Campaign will hold the first of four scheduled Community Listening Sessions 6-8 pm Wednesday, July 14 at the Old North End Community Center at 20 Allen Street in Burlington.

These community outreach sessions are intended to bring all Burlingtonians together to provide multiple vantage points to address issues and obstacles facing our community and to forge a fair, compassionate and equitable path forward. These sessions are open to all Burlingtonians, the New Americans community, stakeholders and local nonprofits.

The first community outreach session will focus on urgent issue of homelessness in our community – the impacts on individuals experiencing homelessness, the obstacles to obtaining safe and secure housing, and accessibility to food and medical care.

Felker, the Republican candidate for the open Ward 3 City Council seat to be decided at a special election in August, is a Navy veteran, Catholic eucharistic minister, and lives in Burlington with his husband.

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  1. Will anyone DARE to bring up the decades-long stats the government has complied that demonstrates that the reasons FOR homelessness to begin with in over 90% of the cases stems from serious drug & alcohol addictions and untreated mental health disorders now all compounded by illegal immigration? I doubted. Reality infuriates liberals! “Affordable” housing will NEVER fix this problem, nor will “encampments” on public property, nor was it resolved in the least while they lived in motels, courtesy of the taxpayers, for over a year ingesting & selling these same drugs & living with the same injurious mental health issues they faced prior to being there. The police were called in repeatedly & NOTHING – including FREE housing solved anything. So the government’s solution? Let’s do it all over AGAIN & expect different results!

    • I worked the streets for homelessness long before I ever thought I’d be homeless.
      Drug addiction and “mental illness” are more often the result of homelessness.
      Have you priced any rentals lately?

  2. The Marxist strategy is to keep chaos alive. That’s why there is the forever homeless, the dependent welfare recipients, the haters of America – BLM and ANTIFA. It’s all a playbook for the Marxist Agenda to try and takeover Free America. We all see through their Plan and their Lies. The Truth is upon us and is coming out fast!

  3. I have many conservative friends who have well thought out positions and arguments but this post is nonsensical.

    If you want to know why people are homeless you need look no further than rents and jobs. With rents topping 1500/month for tiny apartments in cheap areas and topping 3000/month in california cities and NYC the reason for homelessness is obvious.

    When i got out of school rents were 300-450/month and a shopping cart of food was $20. It’s comes as no surprise that many fall between the cracks.

  4. Charity used to be provided from town-run poor farms and church charity, where you knew your benefactors and maybe someday would return the favor. This evolved into the very concept of housing as a human right meaning that it must be provided through the public treasury, and you did not have to face those who provided for you. This started out as communal shelters and high-rise HUD projects, many of which turned into gang infested hellholes where honest people lived in fear. After tearing down some of these disaster areas, Section 8 evolved so that those who claim to be homeless or otherwise financially qualified can be spread out into the “nicer” neighborhoods. Vermont’s homeless hotel program has concentrated the homeless once again in the interest of “quarantining” and many of these hotels have required much attention from police and rescue squads due to crime and overdoses. The hotel program in Vermont has been draining the public treasury for years now and is nothing new. Advocates agonize that all we can offer some people is a lowly hotel room but for many working people in unaffordable Vermont, a hotel stay is an unaffordable luxury. FEMA, meaning the US taxpayer (that means you) was funding Vermont’s homeless hotel program to the tune of $6 Million/ month. That costs the average Vermont working taxpayer about $150/year. This is in addition to all the other housing programs offered under Vermont’s very generous cornucopia of public benefits. And let’s keep in mind, a claim of homelessness is based on the honor system and currently, every business in Vermont has a “help wanted” sign in the window.

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