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Fearing anti-Semitism, Jewish VT leaders petition against Burlington B/D/S resolution

by Guy Page

A petition is underway to support Burlington’s four synagogues’ strong opposition to the pro-Boycott/Divest/Sanction (BDS) resolution to be considered September 13 by the Burlington City Council meeting.

The resolution calls for the “ending the military occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Separation Wall; recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties.”

“This resolution is misleading, supports the BDS movement, desires to delegitimize Israel, and will result in further divisiveness in our community, on our campuses and throughout Vermont,” says the petition begun by Jewish Communities of Vermont (JCVT).

According to JCVT, among fellow opponents of BDS is Sen. Bernie Sanders. “No, I’m not a supporter of that [BDS]. I think our job as a nation is to do everything humanly possible to bring Israel and the Palestinians and the entire Middle East — to the degree that we can — together,” Sanders reportedly said.

Jewish student leaders at UVM say elsewhere, successful BDS resolutions are linked with anti-Semitic incidents.

“We are deeply concerned that, should this resolution pass, it will threaten the ability for Jewish students to practice Judaism on the UVM campus. Furthermore, studies show a correlation between successfully passed BDS resolutions and anti-Semitic incidents,” said Avi Zatz, student at University of Vermont and leader at UVM Hillel.

The petition is posted on and may be signed by anyone.

According to the organization’s online mission statement, Jewish Communities of Vermont develops connections to promote a vision of “One Jewish Vermont.” The Jewish community in Vermont offers a model of harmonious, pluralistic, inclusive, and welcoming Jewish life, finding connections, valuing diversity, inspiring identity, and expanding understanding.The purpose of JCVT is to share, celebrate, and support Jewish life, in all its forms, in Vermont. JCVT weaves together the statewide community–creating connections, promoting common ground, celebrating stories, and supporting organizational enhancement.

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  1. The late King Hussein of Jordan, who died in 1999 and father to the present ruler, spoke candidly during an Associated Press interview held on January 21st, 1960. “Since 1948 Arab leaders have used the Palestinian people for selfish political purposes This is criminal.”
    “Since 1948 it is we who demanded the return of the refugees while it was we who made them leave,” said Khaled Al-Azm, Syrian Prime Minister after the 1948 War in his 1970 memoirs. “We brought disaster upon Palestinian refugees by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave.”
    You will not see such historic quotes in the Burlington Free Press or the Barre Times Argus, since they blacklisted me back in 2016. But they do print pro Palestine propaganda, and call it equal time and fair. The Burlington synagogues are right to be sounding off. Now, it’s time for their Christian, Moslem, atheist, pagan, and relativist neighbors to support them. Burlington is just too cool for Vermont and Israel.

    • Peter, as you’re aware, I work to be honest in looking at all sides. What is happening is a polarization around the issue. E.g.: Ben Shapiro conflates Hamas, Al Quaida and the Palestinian Authority. VT Digger, arguably illegally, refuses dissenting voices.
      Please remember that I’ve, at least, put myself at risk. AS a “neurodiverse”, socially marginal person I’ve been physically attacked with impunity all my life. 4 times this was done by fanatics who would not admit dissent against Israeli policies.
      Have you even contemplated taking incisive action to allow your words to be heard?

  2. While I OF COURSE would sign this petition in a heartbeat – what IS it that the Jewish people CANNOT understand about the fact that the democrat and progression party are NOT on your side!!!! You loathed President Trump yet he was…you then voted in all these “liberal” fruitcakes & are shocked about what the anti-Jew sentiment they have been blathering on about, & you took out your greatest advocate, a man who moved the Embassy to Jerusalem & who has Jewish family members and you are: “SHOCKED”!!! (Yet again).

    Someone please explain this to me. Seriously, I cannot grasp it.

  3. The actions of many Jews in the U.S. precipitated crises. I myself was physically attacked 4 times by fanatic supporters of Israeli policy.
    This was a pattern of attacks across the U. S. in order to suppress dissent. Such led to the problems of today. Hamas might not even be in power.
    Honest negotiation might have avoided countless problems.

    • Sorry, Phantom, I doubt that you were actually ever attacked four times by pro-Israel activists. Were you attacked by a different opinion that you couldn’t debate successfully, or were you physically assaulted? That would be the first time I have ever heard of such a thing, It has been, in my experience, just the other way around. Palestinian activists and their supporters attack Jews and their supporters. Just watch the news. Over the past year Jews have been attacked in New York, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. BDS has a lot to do with it. A kosher deli in New Jersey was attacked last year and people were killed by BDS activists, or anti-Zionists, or anti-semites.

      • Read my letter more carefully. I stated plainly that I was physically attacked. This was common at that time, late 80’s/early’90’s.
        All debate over the issues was to be stifled. B’Nai B’Rith sponsored lessons in teaching people to disrupt discussion.. I experienced verbal harassment as well.

  4. It’s messed up to be conflating anti-Israel for anti-Semitic.

    I know personally, and have heard from Jews in America that it there are Jews on both sides.

    It has to do with humans rights not racism. Duh.

    • Tasty Sandwich, I quite agree with your words. That is understood. The issue is whether or not BDS will promote antisemitism. I believe that BDS is necessary to pressure the govt. of Israel to scale down. I’ve been 4 times physically attacked by fanatic supporters of Israeli policies for speaking out publicly. I also believe that Hamas is a dangerous movement that is more about spreading Islam than insuring the rights of Palestinians.
      The left, the “woke” movement, Antifa, etc., are promoting racism and fascism under different labels.
      Both sides are failing to ask, the left are intentionally suppressing, actual pertinent questions. A number of Jews who are otherwise critical of Israeli policies are wary of BDS as potentially a means of promoting more extremist actions.
      Those who see BDS as inherently antisemitic are, indeed, obfuscating the question and promoting polarization. The violent left fascists are also suppressing an equitable outcome.

    • ToastySandwich, by the way, you are concealed behind a pseudonym. I’m not really, that is just my email address. I’m Scott Norman Rosenthal. Activist, neurodiverse. I defend the Bill Of Rights and don’t use deception as a tactic.

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