Evslin: Legislature’s zeal for higher energy prices ignores inflation, war

By Tom Evslin, Fractals of Change

Dear Vermont Legislature: Last year when you passed the Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) over the Governor’s veto, you thought that we needed higher prices for fossil fuels to save the planet. After all, home heating oil was only $2.77/gallon then and people weren’t hurrying to buy air-source heat pumps. Now, this week, home heating oil is $4.81/gallon. Shouldn’t you declare “mission accomplished” and try to protect Vermonters from the further price increases which are likely to come?

You seem to be going in the wrong direction. Last week the House gave preliminary approval to the “Clean Heat Standard,” legislation which, no matter what else it does, deliberately raises the cost of delivering heating oil and propane to Vermonters. Don’t you think a near doubling of prices in a year is enough? Are the heat pumps you want people to install so inefficient that a doubling of fuel oil prices won’t result in their adoption?

Last week the House gave preliminary approval to the “Clean Heat Standard,” legislation which, no matter what else it does, deliberately raises the cost of delivering heating oil and propane to Vermonters. Don’t you think a near doubling of prices in a year is enough? – Tom Evslin

Part of your prescription for reducing Vermont’s carbon footprint is continued subsidies for electric cars. Over that last year, the average price of gasoline here has gone from $2.72 to $4.34/gallon. Isn’t that incentive enough? Apparently, it is because electric cars are driving off the lot faster than dealers can replenish them. The incentives paid by Vermont utilities for buying electric cars are now counter-productive to the goal of getting people to switch from fossil fuel to electricity because, since they are actually paid by electric ratepayers, they INCREASE the cost of electricity. BTW, the price of natural gas which generates 53% of the electricity here in New England has gone up 93% in the past year. We will soon see that reflected in much higher electric rates. Are you sure you want to drive those rates even higher with unneeded subsidies?

In your defense, the world has changed very fast. Even if all the assumptions you used when you passed the GWSA were correct then, the world has changed in ways few of us imagined. Turns out that printing too much government money actually does lead to inflation. Turns out that discouraging US fossil fuel production actually leads to less energy availability. You certainly can’t be blamed for the effects of Putin’s war and the effect on world fuel prices of Europe’s over-dependence on Russia as a supplier.

Inflation, low US fossil-fuel production, and this terrible war are all facts now. Please take them into account – starting now. Stop work on GWSA at least until the fog of war is cleared. Look at the effect of already higher fossil fuel prices on Vermonters and consider very carefully whether those prices already provide the incentives you were looking for to switch from these fuels that. The world is changing at an alarming rate. We need a People’s Legislature which sees the world as it is and is willing to change as quickly as the world turns.

Thank you.

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  1. It would seem that the New Green Deal warriors have no other alternatives besides the “Big Stick” It reminds me of Putin’s treatment of Ukrainians. They (we) are just plebs, serfs, peasants ! If artillery (fuel prices) used against their army doesn’t break them, we’ll use missiles (a general assault on our ability to earn a living by ruining the economy) against their citizenry. Don’t give an inch, I don’t care what the cost, they must be brought into compliance ! Victory at any and all costs ! ……… Let’s go Brandon !!!!!!

  2. Regarding the Ukrainian was a lot of things are swept under the rug

    SHOCKING Reports Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion Setting Up Offensive Positions in Civilian Areas and Using Women and Children as “Human Shields” (VIDEOS)
    By Julian Conradson
    Published March 20, 2022 at 6:10pm


    The AZOV lovelies were forced people into their basements while fighting went on above them. If they tried to escape, they were shot.

  3. Stunning… it seems Vermont, Like the current administration of US thinks “we” (US/VT) can solve the problems of the Earth by doing this, that and the other which raises the cost of living for all of us worker bees, to a point of discrediting the wage increases, so ya all know where thats going…and the rest of the planet is doing what they do…..This is NOT a problem to be solved by “us” (anyway you want to look at that), but by every or the majority of countries on this planet working together (pie in the sky i know), do we have the facilities and materials all set up to manufacture the batteries, the cars, and who knows what else (I certainly do not)……what im saying is make a plan, share with those willing to add thoughts, ideas, suggestions…get the materials, have the manufacturing set up…..yes here! and then encourage all of us to get engaged…..

  4. and of course Iam going to say again…..our legislature needs a time limit to do the work for the year ..yes for 12 period. AND they need to get it done at the March 31 date at the latest…….they take way too much time to do a 12 month budget……lesser time to me would force taking care of business first…….

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