Evidence of Plan-demic?

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by Aaron Warner

Unless you have been living in a cave or traveling in outer space you are more than familiar with ground zero for the SARS-COV2 virus that has acted like an assault vehicle on the entire world. That place is Wuhan, China. 

For many who can find China on a map most Vermonters and/or Americans would struggle to locate Wuhan without a concerted effort.  The remoteness of China and its cities act like a two-sided insulator from both necessary knowledge and unwanted influence by the Communist Chinese Party and their societal control mechanisms.

For years American policy toward China was largely influenced by our diametrical opposition to communism.  Despite nearly all of the products one can buy in a given store having the “Made in China” tattoo on them somewhere, the average Vermonter knows less about China’s political ties to the U.S. than they know about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. 

A few years before the Wuhan virus, a video was circulating around the internet showed a non-descript Englishman, with an Indiana Jones taste in fedoras, monologue into a camera about certain high level secret meetings. His informant was a highly ranked member of the British military who was working in the City of London, a financial center akin to Wall Street, which sits in the heart of the U.K. capital.  

The speaker is Bill Ryan, semi-famous to those who run in the UFO sightings and phenomena circles.  Just this one entry on his CV would seem enough to discredit him.

However the story he shares cannot be ignored.  He qualifies the man’s statements by acknowledging his high rank in the military along with the high ranking officials in these meetings.  

To summarize the “high ranking” people included heads of the police, church, political parties and such, discuss what he relates as the “Anglo-Saxon mission”.  This mission, or planned sequence of events, begins with fomenting a limited nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel. The purpose is to cause the unsuspecting world to look on in horror and feel compelled to require martial law, which is what the conspirators want. 

Next the conversation turns to China and Japan, with Japan apparently not keeping China’s hegemony in check.  So, despite their inability to make these things happen sequentially and understanding they are “in a rush” to make this all occur, the next thing to take place stated in the meeting is…”a flu-like virus is going to be released into China”.  “China will (air quotes) catch a cold” he states and explains the men in this meeting were “laughing” as they said this. 

Mr. Ryan explains it will “spread like wild-fire to the west” and knock out significant infrastructure, by design. He also explains these viruses will likely “mutate”.  The video goes on to speculate about what ensues next and the chance of this involving some sort of alien sightings, which, if you’ve been reading the news, the pentagon recently released several statements in regard to UFOs.  

You can’t make this stuff up.  Or can you? 

Further evidence along these lines is the book “The Eyes of Darkness” written by Dean Koontz in 1981.  In it Mr. Koontz writes about a virus that breaks out in, of all places, Wuhan, China.  Now I have not read the book, so we can surmise this all might be simple blind luck and conspiracy theory coincidences at this point.  Internet fact-checkers were quick to “debunk” this prophetic link to the coronavirus by stating the original name of the virus was the Gorky-400 but was changed to the Wuhan-400 in 1989.  Whether Mr. Koontz was foreshadowing actual world events, stumbled onto an uncanny coincidence, or perhaps was guided by something or someone who knew better will likely remain unknown.  One has to ask though, what are the odds a story includes Wuhan, a virus that is targeting humans, developed in a bioweapons lab, and is part of a larger military operation (Project Pandora), that involves microwave radiation?  Fun Fact: Wuhan was home to China’s first 5G microwave radio towers. One would need more than this to compile as evidence before acting on any conclusions.  As luck would have it, the evidence piles up rather quickly if you know where to look or who to listen to. 

Two of the major names that emerged on the scene early in this global virus calamity are Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. One might think these two have little in common with each other, however Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book “The Real Fauci” due out in September, digs into their ties.  As he reported in a recent podcast with Charlie Kirk, Mr. Kennedy claims Gates summoned Fauci to his $147 million mansion outside of Seattle to discuss “philanthro-capitalism” by way of vaccinating the entire planet. 

Gate’s can been seen delivering a TED talk where he opines on vaccines helping to reduce the over-population “problem” in part by delivering vaccines.  He somewhat gleefully pronounces we can “reduce” the population by 10-15%.  The listening audience remains eerily nonplussed to hear him state killing off nearly a billion people is his goal.  Elsewhere he was heard commenting at Davos, the meeting place of the worlds wealthy elite, that vaccines were the best business investment he’d made turning a meager $10 billion into $200 billion.  Tough life it must have been for little Billy with one a few billion to play with.  

Do Gates and Fauci have any ties other than Mr. Kennedy’s testimony.  Turns out Bill Gates Sr.  can be seen pictured at the Rockefeller Center with Dr. Fauci and other dignitaries such as Barbara Walters, Bill Moyers of PBS fame, the now deceased David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, and world beater George Soros among others.  Why is this significant? 

Another link to Gates and America’s medical establishment (hosted by Johns Hopkins) is the Event 201 symposium that took place just weeks before the Wuhan virus was released into the world.  The focus of this gathering was to war-game how to handle a pandemic, including how to control the narrative by “flooding the zone”, which is admin-speak for silencing anyone who isn’t parroting the official narrative.  You have to watch it to see how brazenly they announce their plan. Gates denies his involvement despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Independent investigative journalist, and Canadian, Polly St. George, takes a closer look at Event 201 here. Included in her report is the World Bank issuance of $500 million in pandemic relief bonds less than two years prior to COVID-19.  It’s only logical to assume they knew they would be making their money back since banking practices of the World Bank yield a net return as they gobble up debt and control of underdeveloped countries.  I recommend watching most if not all of her videos on the subject at

What about those Rockefellers?

The Rockefeller Center released a white paper in 2010, the same year as the Bill Ryan video, and in the paper they list out four possible scenarios for the future of the world.  One of them was titled “Lockstep”, which begins on page 18 of the document. It describes a global pandemic begun by wild geese transmitting a virus to humans in…China.  What follows is almost an exact script for what has happened around the world since January of 2020 when this virus first spread to the west.  It details economic distress, lockdowns, and martial law scenarios. 

David Rockefeller, who founded the supra-governmental Council on Foreign Relations, donated the land upon which the United Nations is housed in New York, has openly stated he proudly conspires with other powerful people to create a global government while destroying America. 

“Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

-David Rockefeller (Memoirs)

We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a World Government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.

-David Rockefeller to Trilateral Commission in 1991

Finally, one has to ask how Dr. Anthony Fauci announced with confidence, while speaking to a group at Georgetown University, that the Trump Administration was going to face a new “surprise outbreak”.  Oddly he doesn’t sound surprised as he announces this.  One has to wonder why. 

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  1. I’ve said since virtually the very beginnings of this catastrophe that this was an engineered virus and spread INTENTIONALLY by China (along with radicalized democrat operatives in the U.S., it turns out).

    A virus that was completely novel & severely infected mostly the elderly? The elderly are more inclined to be the most religious/traditional & more conservative demographic within the population. This was China’s chance to rid the world of such a “drain” on society – this obstacle to their Communist takeover – and Covid19 essentially never affected the young at all, the demographic most EASILY open & agreeable to indoctrination.

    China & Fauci & Obama….bad to the bone!!!

    • You need to watch the Bill Ryan video from the start. By minute 16 you will think differently about China. Sadly, we are dealing with a much larger and more broadly deviant group that far out paces China in global influence.

  2. Yes, the breadcrumbs are everywhere. One of my favorites is a page on the World Bank’s integrated trade website that shows Covid-19 test kits shipping in 2018:

    When that was found out, here was the laughable “correction” to the same page:

  3. I’m betting Bill Gates already has his Soylent Green factories scoped out in China, U.S. and elsewhere globally…Probably right beside the One World Order, Nike Flip Flop factories.

  4. If you do a little research about past pandemics, you will note that most of them had their origins in Asia. This includes the Black Death and most flu strains among others. These happened long before Bill Gates, Chinese communism and all of the other boogie men you name.

    Pandemics have been around for as long as humans and anyone with any sense of history could make a prediction that a pandemic would emerge from China/Asia and spread like wildfire. COVID 19 won’t be the last.

    How about stop blaming and start fixing by getting vaccinated? But I guess that, too is a hoax. Those of us who are concerned with public health and safety are doing the heavy lifting to get a normal life back are sick of your excuses and conspiracy theories.

    • Hello Mike-

      To your point then it would make sense to have the virus “originate” in Asia.

      Looking past the condescension in your comments, I have researched past pandemics. I will be writing about the Spanish Flu here soon. Have you studied up on it? Are you familiar with the Rockefeller / Big Pharma connection to that one? Please, do a little digging outside of your echo chamber and beyond the realm of confirmation bias. It’s clear you have a medical view of this situation, but you are ignoring the very obvious monetary and malicious motivations OPENLY STATED by the globalists who don’t share your public health goals, at all.

      Consider the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom. What do you know about him? Were you aware he is a socialist convicted in Ethiopia of committing genocide on his own people? Were you aware he is chummy with several WHO members who have been busted for using their positions of power to coerce sexual favors from their underlings?

      What about Anthony Fauci? Is a man who began his time at the CDC in 1981 with an 11% disease rate among kids 18 and under now sitting on a 54% disease rate succeeding at his job or failing? Should I trust him with my child?

      Or the vaccine companies paying out $32 billion in felony damages in the past year? Are they trustworthy?

      Or the experimental vaccine itself, now responsible for more deaths by vaccine than all other vaccines combined in the past 50 years. I’m supposed to ignore my 99.99% chance of survival and trust these people because Mike from Randolph read some history books?

      Go ahead and be sick and tired of those of us who actually investigate and research beyond a cursory, self-serving database of highly massaged information. I’ll hope that’s all you get sick and tired from.

    • Unfortunately, the vaccine seems to not agree with a certain percentage of the population. If you could take a moment to check out the CDC websites VAERS page, you can see for yourself that vaccine adverse reactions and deaths are quite high and they are quite real. Not ‘conspiracy theory’, not ‘coincidence’. It’s all just stats until it is someone you love or you yourself who suffers from a bad reaction and/or death. Not everyone is willing to take a bullet so they can go back to bar or a concert – or whatever this “normal” is that you speak of. Some of us actually care about our health and are not waiting on the gods of science to save us. They created this mess. Any anger you have should be directed at them.

      • I agree completely Missy. We are lucky to have Guy Page offering this chronicle to report what is being suppressed elsewhere. People like Mike from Randolph either don’t I wow hat they don’t know or prefer to associate with the intelligentsia and require the little people to step in line. Both are ignorant positions and neither motivates me to want to adopt their views. Thank you for speaking up, and here is to you staying healthy!

  5. Funny, but a little cynical. We need to sally firth and take this fight head on. Reach out to your circle and share this article please. The moment is here.

  6. Glad to see an article like this in the Chronicle. A quote from I can’t remember where, “If you don’t believe the rich and powerful conspire for their own benefit you’re an idiot; if you do and are afraid to say so, you’re a coward”.

    • Thank you Paul. Cowardice seems to be the real virus going around these days, and it’s just as deadly. Your comment reminds me of two of my favorite Bible passages relevant to the times. The first is Joshua 1:9 (which I have tatooed on my forearm, a necessary reminder not to be a coward:

      Have I not commanded you, be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

      The second is the admonition from on High in the book of Revelation which gives a roll call, a veritable who’s who for today, of those forgoing the kingdom and instead the finding themselves in the everlasting super sauna down below:

      “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” (Revelations 21:8)

  7. Oh this whole page is spectacular! You are catching what these evil ones have been putting down for way too long. Wait till the methods used to dumb the serfs down comes to the forefront. Those awake are very special and for a reason. Please keep bringing truths like this to the readers. MANY wrote about the plandemic way back in time. They are methodical in their devious plans because they enjoy a slow death for the masses.

    • Dublin – when you say “MANY wrote about the plandemic way back in time” who are you referring to? Can you offer links, books, articles? I’m doing a series on this and trying to support it as much as possible.

      Thank you!

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