Dashboard shows State Police use of force

A new interactive online dashboard will allow the public to review data regarding uses of force by members of the Vermont State Police during the past three years. New annual data will be posted to the dashboard each year.

“Although uses of force are exceedingly rare, occurring in less than one-half of one percent of all VSP incidents, such instances are the subject of high public interest and deserve robust transparency,” Vermont Public Safety Commissioner Michael Schirling said.

“This dashboard allows us to continue our ongoing efforts to fully illuminate the scope of our operations, enhance transparency, and provide operational and public safety data to Vermonters with increasing scope and volume,” Schirling continued. “Police use force in approximately 0.3% of incidents that VSP responds to annually, but these are important events to report on. This data has been shared publicly with lawmakers and others during the past two years. At this stage in the evolution of our systems, we are now able to publish interactive versions on our website.”

The dashboard was created using data collected by the Vermont State Police with help from the Vermont Agency of Digital Services to analyze the data and develop the online tool. People may view the dashboard at this link: https://vsp.vermont.gov/public/UOFdata.

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  1. “Police use force in approximately 0.3% of incidents that VSP responds to annually, So that means that less than 3 out of 1000 VSP arrests, involve any use of force. Of that number I’d be willing to bet that more than 99% of that use of force was correctly measured, justifiable, and or necessary. I just wish that our elected representatives under the “Golden Dumb” were as responsible, professional, and judicious in the actions that they take “on our behalf” as the VSP.
    God bless the VSP !

    • Oops, I made a boo-boo. That was not 3 out of 1000 arrests, but responses, but I still stand by my opinion about their integrity, and professionalism.

  2. It is appropriate and vital to have comprehensive reporting of the conduct of public officials. Can we also have some honest reporting by the mainstream media and State officials on crime statistics in Vermont, without the omissions and glossing over of certain demographic info of the alleged perpetrators? Having credible, politically unbiased information about crime is an essential element of public safety, giving people the opportunity to avoid certain situations that stand out in the statistics. When it comes to serious, violent crime that has historically NOT been a problem in Vermont, information about the geographic ties of the perpetrator(s) in the recent past IS vital information that should be made available. There is a culture of violence, “historically associated with urban street gangs” taking root in Burlington and surroundings. As the inhabitants and voters of Vermont, we have to ask ourselves if it makes for good public policy to tolerate it, as it currently seems to be tolerated in many State’s Attorneys’ offices.

  3. Police protect and serve —— Government officials ought to maybe give that a try. Just: PROTECT & SERVE, morons. The rest of the time you’re not busy doing that? MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.


  4. How about a “Dashboard” showing all the legislators personal investments & income (Source) above and beyond their legislative salary?

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