EUA for ages 5-11 Covid shot approved despite Advisory Board misgivings

By Genna Barnaby

The FDA Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Oct. 26 approved emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer-Biontech’s COVID-19 injection for 5–11-year-old children, but not before troubling concerns were raised:

1. Dr. Eric Rubin: “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it, and that’s just the way it goes. That’s how we found out about rare complications of other vaccines.” 

2. Dr. Cody Meissner: “I am just worried that if we say yes, then the states are going to mandate administration of this vaccine for children to go to school, and I do not agree with that. I think that would be an error at this time.” 

3. Dr. James Hildreth: “It just seemed to me that in some ways we’re vaccinating children to protect the adults when it should be the other way around. If 30 million children already have some form of immunity, they’ve made their contribution to herd immunity already and our focus should be to get the adults vaccinated to protect the children.”

4. FDA advisor, Michael Kurilla: “…many have already had Covid infections and have some immunity because of it… but “I don’t see the need for ‘emergency use’ of this vaccine across the entire age group and would have preferred a more nuanced approach.”  

Within the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 injection itself, there is a new technology that has never been used in humans until recently with these clinical trials and rollout of use for the public. The shot uses mRNA that is genetically engineered (GE), and to many this is simply considered a genetically modified product.

In May 2014, the Vermont Legislature passed Act 120, the law that requires labeling of food produced with genetic engineering (GE). Foods produced with genetic engineering are also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Attorney General TJ Donovan said. In 2016 he announced he would no longer enforce Act 120 following President Obama’s signing of S.764, which establishes a “National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard.”

During Pfizer-Biontech’s COVID-19 injection experimental trials for 5–11-year-olds, there were a total of 4,695 participants ages 5-11. 3,109 received the experimental injection and 1,538 received a placebo. Safety trials are still ongoing. If we do some simple math, we can see that there are 48 children that were unaccounted for (3,109+1,538= 4,647).

The reasons for their ‘disappearance’ from the trials are unknown. Additional concerns for parents may be that there are unknown carcinogenic, mutagenic, fertility, as well as coadministration effects – giving the shot at the same time or around the same time as other shots. Therefore, the risk of taking the experimental injection appears to greatly outweigh the benefit. Parents have the right to refuse this product for their child.

Here in Vermont, 100% of Vermont youth from birth to age 19 – 99%+ in the USA- have recovered from SARS CoV-2, the virus that is said to cause COVID-19. The efficacy rate for children who took the shot is not 100% and there are many risks that have already outweighed the benefit, namely adverse reactions to the product itself.

As of Nov. 1, 52 Vermont youth have been reported into VAERS following the COVID-19 shot. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. It is a highly punishable offense to falsify a report into VAERS, and great care is taken with the reports that are filed within this government-managed system. Fifteen of these Vermont youth, or 29%, received incorrect manufacturing brands and/or were minors ineligible for the shot; in other words, they were experimented upon with a product not approved for their age.

Pfizer-Biontech is not held liable for any adverse events your child may experience, and you may receive little, if any, compensation through the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Plan. If you are interested in learning how to preserve health care decisions for you and your child, visit Health Choice VT.

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  1. In keeping with the Democrat’s policy of “You have to pass it first to know what’s in it”….Give us your children mom’s and dad’s and be part of the great American experiment & never-mind all that small print that say’s you and you alone bear full responsibility for any and all adverse reactions…Don’t worry, be happy.

  2. Yet our current administration still pushes the safe & effective Bio Weapon on children and our Senators and Representatives remain silent.

    Sometimes it is necessary to just stand and speak out, even if you feel you are in the minority, we are at that point when anything less would be considered Criminal Behavior!

  3. Pretty sad. Obviously it was politically expedient to pass this to be used on kids. Zero reason to as the best thing would be for kids to just get Covid and then natural immunity. Instead they become guinea pigs in an experiment to see what happens. Any parent that opts for this is crazy, but I’m sure heavily vaxed VT will flock to it in droves; something to post on your Facebook account- proof of ultimate wokeness.