Eshelman: Abracadabra at Mar-a-Lago

by H. Jay Eshelman

One of the most feasible explanations for the Mar A Lago raid may have little to do with what Trump has done or said. But it may have everything to do with preventing the documents Trump had in his custody from being circulated. Why? Because they may incriminate the various ne’er do wells in the numerous corruption scandals perpetrated against Trump, his administration, and the American people.

I suspect Trump was holding these documents for leverage, when the justice department and enabling members of congress only recently caught wind of them – which might explain why the search warrant was so late in coming, and so broad in scope. Seize everything. Who knows, even the magistrate judge, Bruce Reinhart, might be exposed by some of these documents. Reinhart’s recent history with his never-Trump positions and the Epstein fiasco, were motivated by something.

The FBI, Merrick Garland, and the rest of the never-Trumpers want you to think this is all about Trump. On one hand, to stop him from running for President (which they know they can’t do). But with their other hand, hidden from our view as with any good magic trick, they want to make the actual documents disappear. It’s not that Trump is dangerous for the country. The documents they seized are likely the greater danger to them… to Clinton, Comey, Wray, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and likely many more, including prominent Republicans.

Trump has declassified all of these documents. And Merrick Garland’s justice department was dumb enough to bring attention to them. Now all we have to do is demand transparency. Show us the documents. They’ve been declassified by a President of the United States. We, the people, demand to see them… all of them. Now!

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      • No. Trump is not above the law!

        And neither is the Justice Department, the FBI, or the Congress above the law.

        Executive Order:
        “The President has the authority to declassify documents in
        the public interest that originated in any department or
        agency of the executive branch.”

        The President (at the time the documents were created in the Executive Branch) has testified that he declassified all of the documents in his possession. No one else has the legal authority to supersede that order.

        So, follow the law. Release the documents. They are, clearly, in the public interest.

  1. Kash Patel: “In October of 2020, he issued a sweeping declassification order for every Russia Gate document and every single Hillary Clinton document and then on the way out of the White House, he issued further declassification orders declassifying whole sets of documents…

    President Trump as the sitting president is the unilateral authority for declassification, he can literally stand over a set of documents and say these are now declassified and that is done with definitive action immediately.”

    • Recall Shakespeare’s words in the mouth of the Doge of Venice in Othello. “To vouch this is no proof without more wider and more overt test
      Than these thin habits and poor likelihoods of modern seeming to prefer against him…”

  2. Great post H.J.Eshelman.I have said this from the day of the raid.Trump has serious,incriminating documents regarding Spygate where the DOJ,FBI and even CIA spied on Trump since the day he came down the escalator.
    They spied on him before the election,during the election and after he became president.
    He has the goods on all of the corrupt players and they know it.
    The Deep State will do anything to protect this information from being released.I am certain that Trump is smart enough to cover his back,but,I feel he is in great danger.Remember JFK and Epstein.
    It is scary that so many people know this and remain silent.

  3. As one who really does believe in the rule of law, I have to leave it up to the courts and the lawyers to sort it out. Both the Feds and Trump have attorneys who know how to play hardball. I doubt that we will solve it with our untested hypotheses.

  4. wow………H. Jay Eshelman; methinks you are onto the real story……Thanks!!! it’s very easy to get caught up in the rhetoric. reminder to self, think outside the box!
    YUp I want to know what was taken……..all of it