Candidate for Congress Ericka Redic shares story of recovery

Ericka Redic, a Republican candidate for Congress, understands the devastating costs drug addiction on Vermonters because she’s been there herself. With thirteen years in recovery, she understands first-hand that breaking the chains of addiction takes guts, determination and courage.  

Redic, a Burlington resident, is seeking the GOP nomination at the August 9 primary. She is opposed by Anya Tynio and Liam Madden.

Jenna’s Promise offers wrap-around support to those enslaved by drugs and alcohol. That’s why we are taking part in their series of Community Conversations, to highlight the various organizations in Vermont that do amazing work helping people rebuild their lives. 

The Redic campaign has invited representatives from Turning Point, Working Fields, A New Place, and others to join Ericka at Jenna’s Promise this Wednesday, July 20 from 530-730 pm to talk about how Vermonters can work together as a community to restore what the drug crisis as taken away. Ericka is dedicated to helping others recover. 

For more about Ericka’s personal battle to overcome addiction she invites you to view her three-part video episodes on Facebook: Part OnePart Two, and Part Three. Her story of recovery is a message of hope and how the lessons along the way led her to conservatism. You’re invited to come to Jenna’s Promise on Wednesday evening. Share your own story and talk with Ericka. 

Learn more about Ericka Redic’s campaign for Congress and her platforms by visiting RedicForCongress.com and her social media at Generally Irritable on FacebookYouTube, and Instagram — You’ll find a wealth of information on her positions and how you can get involved!  

Jenna’s Promise Community Conversations with Ericka Redic

Join this opportunity to speak directly with candidates running for office and share your concerns and ideas! This week, Ericka Redic, candidate for the US House of Representatives, will be joining us Wednesday JULY 20 at 5:30 pm, at Jenna’s House (117 St Johns Road, in Johnson, VT). 

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  1. I commend anyone who recovers from addiction. Personally, I’d rather see focus turned on taking down the global criminal syndicate reponsible and profiteering from the drug trade. We know who they are – is there anyone with guts enough to take them down?

  2. Ericka has walked thru the fire, that’s just the kind of person we need in Washington!

  3. Ericka is a very impressive person. It appeared to me that she had connections with many people. I met her a couple years ago at the State House when I was participating in a Convention of States informational meeting.