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Entire Bible to be read Easter weekend at Island Pond church

ISLAND POND — There will be little or no sleep on Easter weekend this year for several members of the Green Mountain Bible Church in Island Pond, as an out-loud reading of the entire Bible is set to take place.

The church will be reading the entire Bible from 8 a.m. Saturday, April 3, to 8 a.m. Sunday, April 4.

From Genesis to Revelation, three teams will be vocalizing around the clock to get every word of the scripture spoken.

Pastor Neal Perry said the congregation has done this two times before and says it has been a wonderful experience for all involved.

“The greatest compliment you can give any author is to say I read your book,” he said. “We are doing this for an audience of one.”

Everyone is invited to come and listen or participate.

Green Mountain Bible Church is located on Route 105 West in Island Pond, just a mile south of town.

Republished from the March 22 Newport Dispatch.

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  1. That’s very nice…I hope they are streaming it live so people can listen as they go about their day & into the evening as they fall asleep for the night – as these dedicated Christians spread the ministry of Jesus.

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