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  1. Crimes against humanity – the new chicken dance is plausible deniability. They it walk back, they push it forward, they side step facts, and do it all again. There is a virus all right – it isn’t Wu-Flu and there is no cure for stupidous bureucratitis.

  2. That a**hole said that I was “the problem.” Never had covid, never spread it, lost a 20 year business to lockdowns and oh, yeah, the state only had money for sole proprietors who were women or minorities. I’m sick alright, sick of these people in Montpelier.

  3. My friend, one of the only 2 people in VT to whom I was close, was triaged. He needed intensive treatment for Covid and was placed in a corner with some oxygen and left. His name was Thomas Farrow. He was a Navy veteran who used opioids to deal with the pain of a service related injury.

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