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Driver hits four cars, kicks cruiser windshield

A St. Albans woman must appear in court after police say she rear-ended four cars and then kicked and damaged a state police cruiser windshield.

At 5:30 pm October 10, state police learned of a vehicle operating erratically and side-swiping other motorists on I-89 northbound in South Burlington and Colchester. Three operators called in to report being hit. They reported no injuries and advised their vehicles were drivable.

While the vehicle was traveling east on Rte.104A in Fairfax, the car driven by Anastasia Rose, 35 rear-ended another vehicle and continued without stopping. A traffic stop led to her intentionally kicking and damaging the police cruiser windshield, police say. She was cited for Negligent Operation, four counts of Leaving the Scene of a Crash, and Unlawful Mischief.

One of the victims was Sierra Rose, 26, of St. Albans. The others were Janet Johnson, 67, of Highgate; Lynn Sauve, 43, of North Hero; and Kyle Ellis, 34, of Fairfax.

Malcolm Sovey

Burlington cop seriously injured after speeder flees on foot – A Burlington police officer suffered serious, unspecified injuries apprehending an alleged speeder who exited his car and fled on foot. 

On October 11, at about 3 AM, Malcolm Sovey, 21, of Milton fled deputy sheriffs when they tried to stop his car. For safety reasons they declined to pursue, but at 3:42 AM, deputies relocated the vehicle and reengaged in the pursuit. 

After Sovey’s car crashed on Battery Street in Burlington, he fled on foot. An officer from the Burlington Police Department assisted in the foot pursuit and sustained serious injury while taking Sovey into custody.

Sovey was transported to court to answer for multiple charges. Sovey’s criminal history shows arrests for assault and robbery with a deadly weapon and unlawful restraint in 2019.

Gun used in Montpelier stick-up – At 10:30 pm on October 12, Montpelier Police responded to an armed robbery at a convenience store in downtown Montpelier. A lone male entered the store, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash and other items, and fled before police arrived. Anyone with information please call Detective Sergeant Jeff Pearson at (802) 223-3445.

Involuntary manslaughter charge after fatal drug overdose – the Vermont State Police has cited Jody White, 54, of Bethel for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the February death of a Royalton woman.

Police say that shortly before midnight Feb. 6, they received a call from White advising that Crystal Porter, 45, of Royalton was unresponsive in the front seat of his truck, and he had pulled over on Route 14. 

Rescue workers’ life-saving measures were unsuccessful, and Porter was pronounced deceased. Her death was ruled an accidental overdose. Police say White found Porter unresponsive in his bathroom at about 10:30 p.m. but failed to provide medical assistance to Porter or call for help for over an hour.

Burlington police seek Milton youth – On October 11, at about 8:30 pm, the Burlington Police Department was notified of missing person Tyler Wolfe, 14, of Milton. Tyler was last seen going south on Elmwood Avenue in Burlington around 8:07 pm. He is described as 5 feet 3 inches tall, around 148 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Wolfe was last seen wearing a maroon sweatshirt, black sweatpants, with a black hat, tan Timberland boots, and has braces on his top teeth. With info please call 658-2704.

Fatal crash in Mendon – Rodney Greene, 71, died in a two-car crash on Rte. 4 in Mendon in the late afternoon of Thursday, October 12. He was a passenger in a car that was struck when another car attempted a left-hand turn and crossed into their lane.

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  1. Not to place blame or start a racial issue, but this whole trend of disrespect for law enforcement seems to be a product of the post-George Floyd/BLM era. It gets perpetuated when far-left, Soros-supported, police-hating, “incarceration is obsolete”
    prosecutors like Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George keep getting elected by a majority of voters. Burlington is bad but the bad attitude is spreading out from there into the rest of the County and statewide. Police bias assertions aside, if law enforcement pay particular attention to males with neck tattoos, that is only common sense supported by solid statistics and doesn’t involve race.

  2. Yes, all these articles just go to show, that this is what happens when you have liberals in charge……………. you vote these fools in, so how do you like them now !!

    Lock your doors, lock your cars……. they want what you have as they have no morals!!

    • Vermont’s Republican committee equally shares blame. Consistently fielding unelectable candidates.
      Democrats I speak with, that can rationally discuss rampant racial crime, homeless camps, taxes and the Fentanyl overdose epidemic are discouraged with legislative leadership. But lament it’s better than the perceived options put forth by republican candidates. Time to overhaul a chronically losing platform. The solution is not complicated.

      • maybe a little but VT has been inundated with progressive, big money libs and they are the majority. You speak of overhauling the platform…how exactly? Are you spearheading the effort? It’s not too difficult; any Dem candidate supports bad policies so regardless of the ad campaign, they suck. Any conservative, although maybe not so glitzy, supports common sense, conservative approaches. Vote accordingly. We lose in VT because we’ve become a liberal progressive playground.

  3. Who’s culpable for all of this violence in Vermont? Progressives who vote, conservatives who don’t vote. Get used to it Vermont. It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Look no further to your Socialist Senator Sanders who’s supportive of Hamas and other terrorist groups that murder innocent people, including young children. Despicable. When will the truly peaceful and liberty supporting citizens in Vermont take a stand against this mayhem and dystopian future?

  4. The crime in a week, in Vermont today, adds up to about the crime you saw statewide in a year, about 50 years ago, when Vermont was a rock ribbed Republican state.

  5. This guy committed a ROBBERY with a firearm in 2019. If he was properly held accountable the FIRST time, this wouldn’t have even happened.