Dr. Reider: pushing Covid shot on children is medical abuse

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By Dr. Sandy Reider

Putting aside the issues of the pandemic-inspired, mind-numbing promotion of fear and division, ongoing scientific censorship, as well as political/economic agendas, one must ask the simple question: are proposed mandates to administer the experimental injection to our children and youth evidence-based? Equally important, are they ethical?

Dr. Sandy Reider

The media drumbeat of “safe and effective” has been impossible to ignore. When the pandemic began over a year ago, we had no data upon which to make informed public health decisions. We now know that the risk of severe illness and death is highly dependent on age and associated health problems.

Here is the data on COVID-19 risk by age:

The survival rate for unvaccinated ages 0-19 who may contract Covid-19 is 99.9973% (death rate 0.0027%).

For ages 19-29, the survival rate is 99.986% (death rate 0.014%).

Institutionalized persons older than 70, particularly those with comorbidities, have been at highest risk of death from Covid-19, with survival estimated to be 94.5% (death rate 5.5%). About 70% of all Covid-19 deaths have occurred in this age cohort.

If one is older than 70 but not in an institution, the survival rate is 97.6% (death rate 2.4%).

The 400 USA children in a population of 350 million who have tragically died with a positive Covid-19 test have been very immune compromised (cancer, organ transplant, etc.). Every death of a child is a tragedy. A sickened child with immune compromise is a tragedy.

Yet vaccination will confer no benefit whatsoever to children. Here’s why:

These Covid-19 shots are not vaccines, as they fail to fulfill the goals of vaccination: They do not prevent a vaccinated individual from becoming infected, nor do they prevent the transmission and spread of the virus in one who is vaccinated. Indeed, a vaccinated person may show few or no symptoms and still be quite capable of infecting others – and as such there will be no achievement of “herd immunity” by giving these shots, even with 100% vaccine coverage. Any mention of that goal, touted by our public health “experts” at the outset of the pandemic, has quietly disappeared from news releases, here in Vermont and elsewhere.

There are worrisome ‘safety signals’ for the Covid-19 shots. 

The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS), co-managed by the CDC and FDA, is the official system the US government uses for vaccine surveillance. By reviewing the weekly updated VAERS reports (,, it is quite clear, even with the system’s acknowledged shortcomings, that there has never in history been a drug or “vaccine” that has caused anywhere near this level of harm. Through Oct. 15, 2021, US reports have tallied 17,128 deaths, 18,925 life threatening reactions, 26,199 permanently disabled, 10,304 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis (heart inflammation), as well as other serious events, including neurological damage, anaphylaxis, heart attacks, blood clots/strokes, paralysis, miscarriage…. the list goes on.

There have been 1621 reports in VAERS of adverse events in Vermont. … thus far. Of this total, 88 are categorized as serious (i.e., life threatening, hospitalized, disabled, and/or died). There have been 11-13 deaths reported (the exact number is hard to pin down, but we know from the CDC and FDA that vaccine adverse events are under-reported by a factor of 5 or more ….you do the math ). 

One of these Vermont deaths was a very immune-compromised woman in her 20’s; the rest of the deaths occurred in older age groups, none younger.

Close to 23% of Vermont’s serious reactions occurred in the 17-44 age group. I recently saw a mother in my office whose healthy 24-year-old son, two days after receiving his 2nd Moderna jab, developed severe myocarditis and was rapidly placed on a heart transplant waiting list. I have also been hearing first hand, and from acquaintances, of numerous Covid shot injuries, none of which are being reported to VAERS.

The CDC now openly acknowledges about 5000 cases of myocarditis (VAERS reports 10,304) mostly in adolescents and young men. The four Scandinavian countries, and Iceland, have either stopped giving, or no longer recommend, the Moderna shot to their youth for this reason. The FDA has delayed approving Moderna’s shot in this age group as well. The UK no longer recommends Covid-19 jabs in 12-15 year olds.

Just considering the risk of heart injury alone in young men, or the risk of blood clots in young women (never mind other adverse reactions), makes the known harms of these shots greater than the risk of contracting and recovering from Covid-19. Additionally, there is zero long-term safety data for these mRNA shots, which employ an experimental genetic technology that has never been used in humans on this scale, let alone proven safe.

Many of our youth have already contracted and recovered from Covid-19, and thus now have robust and durable immunity that is far superior to what the shots provide. Immunity from natural infection has in every instance been far superior to that provided by vaccines. There are no exceptions. There is now abundant scientific evidence that this is true of Covid-19 as well. Any person, particularly a child, being injected must first be screened for already existing immunity.

One good reference to read more about this subject would be: 81 Research Studies Confirm Natural Immunity to COVID ‘Equal’ or ‘Superior’ to Vaccine Immunity.


Children have everything to lose and nothing to gain by getting the Covid-19 jab. The risks exceed the benefits, and some will certainly be harmed if the mandates are imposed.

Medical personnel, the state, and drug companies cannot be held accountable and bear no liability at all in the event their jab kills, severely injures, or permanently disables. The injured person and family are left entirely on their own. The medical, financial, and emotional costs of a severe vaccine injury for families are devastating.

Children and students have already paid a high price in terms of education, social isolation, mental health, and masking, not to mention being trained to avoid and fear others. Our societal norm has always been to protect the most vulnerable, especially children and pregnant women. Is it ethical to use them as a means to protect the old and frail, particularly when that strategy has never been proven? Haven’t they sacrificed and suffered enough? 

This utilitarian tactic, euphemistically termed “the greater good,” employed by all authoritarian regimes, is in the final analysis quite cruel, regardless of the risk/benefit equation. Mandating Covid-19 jabs in our young can, and should, be understood to be medical abuse.

This is exactly the kind of experimentation that the Nuremberg Code (1947), The Declaration of Helsinki (2013), the Geneva Declaration (2017), the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (1998), and the AMA Code of Ethics were all written to prevent.

Alarmingly, the fundamental right of each person to bodily autonomy and true informed consent, without coercion, no longer seems to be tolerated by many doctors, politicians, and especially public health “authorities”. Like so many of our human rights in this pandemic, the informed consent of individuals, or parents on behalf of their minor children, to any medical intervention has become a privilege to be granted, or suspended, at the whim of the state and the stroke of a pen. It is time to wake up.

Parents, school staff, teachers: Please pass this article on to your school boards, local House reps and Senators, family, and friends. Our children and youth have too much at stake for us to remain silent.

I trust and hope that school boards everywhere will keep the wellbeing and health of their students as their first and only priority. 

Dr. Reider graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1971, and completed his medical internship at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont. He practiced family medicine and emergency medicine in Vermont from 1972-1985, and for the past 30 years has maintained a private medical practice in northern Vermont. He serves on the board of Health Choice Vermont (, and is a founding member of Physicians for Informed Consent (

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Reider for sharing truth, experience, and speaking up for the children. It is true that many have become ‘fear-shocked’ by covid-19 this past year and a half; however, with you and others who are educated and experienced, you have the patience and wisdom to explain to us why we do not need to fear. Treatments for illnesses are not always the same for everyone, yet there are ways to take care of ourselves. Healthy regimens can be quite simple, like adequate sleep, pure and clean foods and water, sunshine, fresh air, supplements, and exercise. Personally, we are a family with asthma and allergic conditions; yet, we have overcome so far without any medicines, hospitalizations, or long-term effects. With two children in middle and high school, they have no fear of the covid-19 nor are they eager to take a product that is said to only reduce severity and death. Youth are already not showing severity or death in 99.997% of children. As a teacher for over 20 years, I knew that teaching was a calling to educate the future of our country. With that career choice came the understanding that I would be exposed to a lot of pathogens. After all, we are not working in hospitals! Teachers receive basic training and follow basic procedural guidelines. We have never been told to wear a mask until covid-19, nor have we been told to take shots to keep our jobs. Americans must learn from its history so that we do not repeat the failures. In the area of health and wellness, it is not a one-size-fits all shot. Health care must return to the individual and to the parent. It is far too obvious that the mandate of a pharmaceutical product by the government does not benefit the people but the company. How about the pharmaceutical company take legal and financial responsibility for this product they are making us take by way of a government mandate? It’s proper health hygiene to cover one’s cough/sneeze, and stay home when ill. It’s quite an inappropriate demand to force a shot upon someone-namely our children- when the risk does not show that it outweighs the benefit. Once again, thank you, Dr. R. for your voice of expertise and experience. We hope that your article will alleviate fears and worries of people that believe a shot is the cure- it isn’t.

  2. Thank you, Doctor! Myself and others have been saying this at True North. People need to step forward and protect these children from this experimental non-vaccine, gene therapy that may be extremely dangerous to their health now and in the future. I can not understand how people can subject children to an untested injection, it’s not a vaccine. Parents, please protect your children from this unfolding nightmare for parents and the public. No forced injections for children! Then we need to fire everyone pushing this potential poison onto Vermont’s children. The state does not own these kids, the parents do.

  3. Thank-you Dr Reider for your bravery. So many health pros and educators are silent. They will someday have to answer for the harms committed against our children.