Douglas backs Klar for state senate

By Guy Page

Former Gov. James Douglas has endorsed the Republican candidate for state senate in Orange County – 2020 gubernatorial candidate John Klar.

Klar is the sole Republican in the race. He is challenging longtime incumbent Democrat Mark MacDonald.

“Vermont is the greatest place in the nation to live and work, but we still face serious challenges: a shrinking workforce, declining enrollment in our schools, a huge unfunded pension liability and controlling state spending after Federal COVID funds dry up,” Douglas said in his endorsement statement. “We need balance in Montpelier. We need real-world experience. John Klar has the energy and the background to tackle our problems. I hope he’s the next Senator from Orange County.’

Douglas seems to be taking aim at the Democratic/Progressive supermajority that currently controls the senate. During the last biennium, only rarely could the Republicans rally enough independent and/or centrist Democrat votes to muster even the 11 votes needed to sustain a gubernatorial veto. Also, Republican senators have complained that their voices are ignored during committee discussions.

Klar ran an “outsider” primary campaign for governor in 2020 that, while failing to gather much opposition to incumbent Phil Scott, did attract many candidates for the Legislature – including several ‘unknowns’ who were elected. Among them were Sally Achey, who defeated the head of the Progressive House caucus in the general election and as a legislator sounded the alarm about H715, the Clean Heat Standard bill; and Samantha Lefebvre of Orange, an emerging leader in the House GOP caucus. 

Klar isn’t the only member of his household running for the Legislature. His wife Jackie, a nurse, is seeking the Orange/Washington/Addison seat in the House of Representatives. Wayne Townsend is the other GOP candidate for the two-district seat, which is held by incumbents Larry Satcowitz and Jay Hooper.

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  1. Perhaps John Klar can have an impact of getting the Dem-Prog Groupthink under control. Getting one Groupthink member replaced is an important step.

  2. In endorsing John Klar, Gov. Douglas made a simple but very relevant and incredibly important statement……..He said: “We need real-world experience” in Montpelier. A simple statement, but a powerful observation packed with truth and common sense.

    There have been dozens of times after reading the remarkable things that legislators have said and done that I have gone to the legislature’s web site to look at their resumes……..Amazingly, all to frequently these resumes do not reflect any of the “real-world experiences that Gov. Douglas calls for.

    It is time that the voters pay close attention to the “real-world” experiences of candidates before voting for them……The output of the most recent legislative sessions reflects the lack of “real-world” experience present among our legislators……….Inexperience that has forced Gov. Scott to issue numerous vetos in order to protect Vermonters from the work of those lacking in “real-world” experience.

    One thing we can be assured of is that John Klar has “real-world” experience and is able to articulate his experience clearly and honestly……He meets Gov Douglas’ standard and deserves the support of the Orange Country voters.

  3. There isn’t one senator currently in Vermont who can match the intelligence and common-sense displayed by John Klar in his research and writings. Vermont needs to have him in our senate. While many of us can’t vote for him we can donate and pass the word on. His opponent was the one who suggested that if people didn’t like the Clean Heat Standard bill, they could buy more blankets. How’s that for caring about people’s survival in Vermont’s cold winters. His been there too long and needs to go. Thank you, Governor Douglas for endorsing this needed breath of fresh air in our senate.

    • Thank you Gov.Douglas.what a fine and honest man John Klar is.praying that you win that seat.we need you.

    • I just donated. Come on people, you want change? It cost money to beat these Progs and their out of state money. Send McDonald to full retirement, he’s 78.

  4. A baby killer supporting a baby killer. That’s what Klar and Douglas are. Two men who hate conservatives.

    • And it’s the ignorant crap spewed from people like you that continue to get Republicans not elected office

      • Both these men support child murder by abortion and that is fact!

      • And YOU by NOT voting to substantially decrease abortions by voting for these two men & other Republican candidates who will foreseeably be on the official ballot will ALSO be supporting abortion!

    • Where have you been when John has held conservative events decrying CRT/Equity education, governmental over spending, bringing down the BLM flag, rallying for Constitutional rights, decrying MSM’s lack of voicing Conservative values?

  5. Douglas supported abortion while in office and Klar supports abortion. This is proved fact!

    • So…..once again, you are insinuating that Republicans & Conservatives stay home & not vote, right?

      You are either a democrat posing as a conservative or very, very ignorant re: elective governance.

      Your ideology is: Let ALL babies from ALL stages of pregnancy (gestation) be slaughtered in Vermont if we cannot have our pro-life way right now. Talk about throwing the BABY out with the bath water!!!

      So stay home, don’t vote for anyone, ensure babies can be slaughtered at 4 months, 7 months, & even 9 months whilst coming down the birth canal – because YOU cannot immediately halt all abortions. Brilliant thinking & I’m sure exactly what Jesus would condone. Save all or save no one!

      The rest of you get OUT & VOTE for the Republican candidates running NOW who are willing & able to do their best to save as many unborn babies as is possible & save this democracy to the extent it can be saved now.

      Roger, you stay home & do nothing, as you plan. Don’t vote, don’t run as a candidate, don’t support the best choices we have, and thanks for nothing.

      • Oh, you don’t want to vote for the great prolife Vermont candidates running. I see. Simply continue with the slaughter of babies. Only vote for the status quo. Disgusting.

    • I will vote for ANYONE who will REDUCE the slaughter of the unborn as likely anyone who is running on the platform to abolish abortion is NOT going to be elected as a candidate within the general election. That is: Reality.

      If you wish to waste your vote writing them in at election time, go right ahead. You are wasting your vote & essentially SECURING the PRO-ABORTION candidate(s) to win yet AGAIN.

      Enjoy. You are, again, CHOOSING to have all innocents murdered in VT as opposed to one-third.

  6. Terrific! Best news I’ve heard today. I will absolutely encourage the folks I know in Orange County to vote for John. Mark MacDonald’s blanket comment reminds me of the career ending Dean Scream. Can’t take it back.

  7. I also donated but now I am concerned since Douglas also backs the progressive democrat governor we have. So Jim do you support conservatives or progressives or just trying to stay relevant?

  8. I do live in Orange County. I will watch for any and all scheduled debates between John Klar and Mark MacDonald and I will attend them. It’s important to attend these to be an informed voter. As soon as MacDonald opens his mouth to try and justify his record in the senate he’ll stumble stutter and collapse. He’s told me in a conversation that he wanted a carbon tax and he wanted to put all Vt truckers out of business and on welfare!!! He’s has lost touch with his constituents but I’m sure he feels he’s untouchable and its owed him because he has gone along with the progressives agenda. I want to be there because I know Mark—I want to see his face and hear him explain to me why he’s in favor of proposal 5. Mary

    • PLEASE write Letters to The Editor to the effect of what you state HERE! It is imperative that the general population of VT knows well of this extremist, destructive, Socialist ideology out of MacDonald!

      And when these propagandized rags that term themselves “newspapers” refuse to print your letter because of the bias they blatantly wield – inform them that you are contacting their publishers and/or owners, etc.

      Do NOT allow censorship by the once free press!!!

  9. Who will the current governor be endorsing? I will predict numerous democrats & even a couple of democracy-destroying progressives…after all to NOT do so will be deemed “racist”.

    GET A SPINE, Governor.

  10. I would appreciate any advice on how to get and receive fair coverage for Republicans in “Letters to the Editor” at Times Argus or any of the newspapers in Vermont. They will not do it. I have tried. In 2020 I wrote a letter in support of 2 Republicans running in the Vt house and Times Argus never printed it and never returned my phone calls.
    They need to have scheduled debates that are advertised so news media outlets have to cover it. People need to see and hear these candidates to see how their values align with the candidates instead of being told to just keep that person in office thru name recognition and then find out after the elections they lied and they don’t care about your circumstances of higher gas, heating fuel, electricity and food costs! The progressives have failed Vermont. The republicans need to capitalize on it and the governor needs to either get inline and repeal bad law or get out of the way!!

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