Doug Richmond: will children ever recover?

To the editor:

Kudos to Mike Dougherty of VT Digger for his long, detailed feeling article about the effects of Covid in Vermont.

There are many effects,  and digging very deep into our psyche, and in ways from which we will  never fully recover. What is the most severe punishment for the worst possible deadly criminal? A single month in solitary confinement.

The freedoms with which we all grew up with – speech, travel, a free economy, JOBS, Grandma!, friends, Religion,        extended family, attending school – are gone. Add “Cancel Our Culture” – rightly named.               

The flu of WW1 was worse in hopeless deaths and legitimate destruction, but was not used as a bludgeon on American Heritage, as we are experiencing today. Now “Covid tests inaccuracies” and “Covid death counts” are certainly being dishonestly exaggerated.       

From CDC, 2020 total deaths were only 58,000 total deaths more than 2019 total deaths.  Yet now 500,000 “died of Virus?” Our kids are damaged beyond belief – growing up with severe limitations compared to our constitutional and historical experiences.

With All of this restricted living, what will grade schoolers ever remember of their youth? How can they grow out of this? How does this allow our 200+ year heritage to continue when these now children have their own families?  “America” to them and their children is twisted beyond our comprehension.  Drastically!  Intentionally? Other news media have covered the political, international, underground, the sinister release of this virus, World Health Org., Dr Fauci, China Virus – still held secret from the recent six-member International Investigation, which was “sequestered” first, then denied  access.

Doing my patriotic best as my generation was taught, 

Doug Richmond

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