Doctor opposing vax mandate ordered to get psych evaluation

By Guy Page

A Maine physician who has testified before the Vermont Legislature opposing vaccine mandates has been ordered by the State of Maine to undergo a psychological evaluation in connection with prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19. 

The Jan. 11 order by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine directs Dr. Meryl Nass to “submit to a neuropsychological evaluation by a Board-selected psychologist on February 1, 2022.” The charges against Nass outlined in the order do not appear to demonstrate mental illness or incompetency. 

Dr. Meryl Nass

Nass told reporters last week that the order “is on shaky grounds.” The board also suspended her medical license in a separate Jan. 12 order. 

Testified against banning philosophical exemption to child vaccine mandates

Nass is a practicing, board-certified internist of 41 years who has testified before Congress several times about problematic vaccines, including an anthrax vaccine. She testified before the Vermont Legislature in 2015 against H98, a bill sponsored by Rep. Dr. George Till to repeal the philosophical exemption allowing parents to send their children to school unvaccinated. 

The bill passed into law (Act 37 of the 2015-16 Legislature) despite Nass testifying that “diseases change, vaccines change and science changes—continually. Taking away parental choice–mandating a procedure that occasionally has lifelong, detrimental consequences–should be done very deliberately. You must be fully cognizant of the potential future, as well as immediate, ramifications—not just for the current vaccine schedule, but for all the vaccines in the future that will be added to the schedule.”

Till is also the lead sponsor of H148, a current bill to repeal the religious exemption for required immunizations. This bill – reputedly made necessary because parents deprived of a philosophical exemption then applied for a religious exemption – is in the House Judiciary Committee. 

Why a psych evaluation?

In its Jan. 11 order, the Maine Board of Licensure produces a litany of complaints about Nass and then concludes, “The information received by the Board demonstrates [italics mine] that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine.”

The State of Maine complaint can be read in its entirety here. In summary, the Board said Nass:

  1. Publicly and extensively criticized the federal government’s Covid-19 vaccine methods and motives.
  1. Lied to a pharmacist as the only way to get hydroxychloroquine for a Covid-19 patient. Nass volunteered this information to the Board. “The problem was finding a pharmacist willing to dispense the drug,” she reportedly explained. “I was eventually forced, when the pharmacist called a few minutes ago and asked me for the diagnosis, to provide misinformation: that I was prescribing the drug for Lyme disease, as this was the only way to get a potentially life-saving drug for my patient.” Nass responded that she “was forced to inform the pharmacist [the hydroxychlroquine] was for a non-Covid diagnosis. That is because I was following the ethical principles of the AMA and other ethical codes of my profession.”

It remains unclear whether Nass will submit to a psych eval in order to keep her license. According to the Jan. 14 Miami Herald, she told reporters: “I have no comment about submitting to a neuropsych exam, except that the board ordered me to do so on shaky grounds.”

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  1. Our current authoritative system of govt. is taking on the Soviet tactics of the cold war era against those who would speak against it’s system of rule, by not only punishing them via termination of employment, but as well, calling into question their state of mind…That old saying of “Lest History Repeat Itself” or “Lest We Forget” means nothing when the govt’s of the world are busy creating a new world order…For our own good of course…I mean, it has to be right?…People better wake the (Acronym: Fornication Under Consent of the King) up!

  2. I’d much rather see Biden (demented clown) and Harris (deranged cackler) submit to psych evaluations.

  3. This is what medicine has come to. The system is indeed broken and corrupt. I met Meryl when she was here in 2015. Her comments were, and have been, commendable, and to suggest she should submit to a psych exam for speaking the truth to power, as she, and many others, see it, is nonsensical, unethical. and should alarm all of us, health professionals and consumers alike.

  4. Wow–Ralph’s right..THIS is Soviet Era stuff, what’s next? “Re-Education” at a Siberian Labor Camp? So much for the last independent MD’s! I hope she has a page/site for legal donations, this is truly insane..Would it have mattered IF she wrote the script “For Parasitic Clearance” on the bottle too? EVERYONE must read RFK Jr.’s new book “The Real Anthony Fauci” & THEN you’ll see the tyranny with citations at the end of every chapter..We NEED hearings after the Rad Wave crashes over DC next fall, THIS all must stop, and soon.

  5. Truly, this is not a political battle, but a spiritual battle. May right win over might in the end as predicted Biblically.

  6. Wow, I am stunned at the deliberate defamation the state uses to call her to a psyc eval. (mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine). Just unbelievable in a “free” country (Publicly and extensively criticized the federal government’s Covid-19 vaccine methods and motives), and yet drug companies (Phamaceutical) can peddle drugs ad-nauseum on TV….This is really too much, too far, too oppressive.

  7. If anyone still wondered, all of New England has left its conservative roots behind and gone full bore leftist. Feels like we’ve entered Mother Russia or Communist China where a re-education camp awaits all who disagree with the party line.

  8. Horrible! Just like China. Do not let this report detract you from asking your doctor about this treatment. Someone in my family’s circle of connections was successfully treated for Covid by their doctor’s ability to obtain hydroxychloroquine.

  9. I just listened to Jan Markell’s January 14, 2022 radio program, “Covid Chaos: Conspiracy or Reality? (Part 1),” on her Understanding the Times website, and I learned that hospitals are paid bonuses by the government for hooking COVID-19 patients up to respirators and for prescribing the government-approved Remdesivir. What are Vermont’s hospitals receiving? I also learned many other disturbing things from this program, but thankfully, clear thinking, answers, and resources are provided. Vermont Daily Chronicle readers may be quite interested in Jan’s radio program as well as the Citizens Council for Health Freedom website, which includes Helpful COVID-19 Resources (risks, early treatment, and legal) the downloadable COVID-19 Quick Guide.

  10. If you are unvaxxed and get covid, every incentive they have is to let you die. Deny treatment, use dangerous drugs, delay treatment. And then when you die, your death is used to further push the vaccines. IN NO WAY am I trying to convince anyone NOT to get the vaccine. That’s your choice. The choice is much tougher either way when you can’t trust the data. The fact that we are 2 years into this, and you have to go way off the grid to figure out what the best treatment options are is criminal. Not once have I heard Fauci, Collins, Levine talk about vitamin D, or healthy living, losing weight. Remember the pictures of people doing exactly what they should…. going to beach, being active, and absorbing the sun’s vitamin D rays? Fauci called that a ‘super spreader’ event.

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