Docs to senators: add psychosis to cannabis warning label

A letter from a group of Vermont doctors wants the Senate Judiciary Committee to add the risk of psychosis to the cannabis product warning labels. 

The committee will consider H548, regulations for cannabis establishments, Thursday at 9:30 am. At present, Vermont legal marijuana products do not warn of psychosis, severe mental illness, addiction per se, or intractable vomiting, but Colorado’s do. 

Serious mental and physical problems are most likely to ensue with consumption of large amounts of high-concentrated products, such as will be marketed and sold in Vermont’s legal, regulated marijuana market by late this year or early next year.

“Vermonters deserve honest, science based warnings, just like Colorado,” Dr. Catherine Antley, a member of the Vermont Medical Society and frequent critic of marijuana legalization, said. “This is the cheapest most effective primary prevention tool available to Vermont to protect our kids.”

Even though the Cannabis Control Board is not recommending these warnings, lawmakers could require the safeguards. 

Senate Judiciary Committee contact information can be found on the committee page on the Vermont Legislature website. 

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  1. Marijuana should’ve never been made legal. It’s just a gateway drug to harder things. Definitely should put a warning label on any kind of marijuana paraphernalia

    • You care about the alleged risks of marijuana but nothing is mentioned about chemical trails, or the (prescribed) opioid crisis we’ve had for decades. Why are these always missing from the discourse? Me thinks those doctors need to put some warnings out about that. What evidence can you cite that marijuana is a “gateway drug”?

  2. Thought marijuana was “safe”! I was in a lot of crack and heroin houses during my career. Marijuana was always present. You’ll never convince me that marijuana isn’t a gateway drug.

    • So you’re saying no evidence will prove to you that marijuana is not a gateway drug but the only evidence you cite that it is is from your experience in crack houses. Tell us why you think that? What about opioids – most people take them from prescriptions and it’s a huge crisis, but nothing is said about that crisis. Marijuana was deliberately wiped off the earth, off the earth, can you imagine what kind of operation that must have taken. And why? Look at all the other substances that are allowed to thrive, and cause untold damage, alcohol for example. Where is the evidence Peter? Not saying you’re opinion doesn’t matter, just saying it might not if there is nothing to back it up.

  3. Thousands of peaceful, thoughtful, and productive Vermonters use marijuana. It is greatly appreciated.
    It isn’t a gateway to anything but relief. If you want to put warning labels on anything, who cares?

  4. Good! Because on the way from Vermont to NYC last fall there were all kinds of signs near the Amtrak stations starting in Mass. and Conn. offering marijuana addiction treatment. I can see another crop of synapse-challenged young people being cultivated and in need of future tax money infusions for treatment.

  5. I ONLY agree with this if there can be a similar warning placed on the exterior front of the VT State Capital! After all, it is more than obvious as though the vast majority of those who enters its halls suffer from psychosis nearly immediately.

    None of those pesky randomized trials needed!

  6. BTW, Marijuana is NOT an “innocuous” drug no matter how one intends to justify its use recreationally. It is clinically proven to be addictive, cause permanent brain changes & damage to users 25 yrs. of age & under, slows/alters reaction time, causes the aforementioned psychoses, it is a hallucinogenic drug, causes numerous syndromes including, but not limited to, Cannabis Hypermesis, etc. etc.

    Lots of productive Vermonters use it??? Lots of productive Vermonters are “functioning” alcoholics too. Like liver failure much? Coke heads often work on Wall Street. Like massive heart attacks?

    The FACTS are that drug abuse & addiction are NEVER positive, do NOT make anyone more “thoughtful” and the professionals of the VT medical community have long discovered its dangers.

    Got pain or chronic disease? Use low level THC Prescription Marijuana.

    Oh, but no, that was NEVER “good” enough.

  7. Well i smoked weed everyday, multiple times per day for over 20 years. I decided to give it up a few months ago so i could have a more clear head to battle wokeness in my newly elected position. While i definitely care less about most things when high, i can assure folks I was never psychotic and there was 0 withdrawl. It also never led me to consume other drugs. This is not the hill to die on. Racism is rampant in our state and country due to movements like blm. People are being injected with dangerous substances that cannot benefit them. Kids are being mentally molested in our public schools, groomed into good little socialists. Our freedoms and society is virtually being destroyed in the name of marxism. Forget about the weed, we have much bigger fish to fry…

    • Well we should consult you Kathleen before we make our own decisions about what we put in our body. So many dangerous things in this world how have we ever made it this far without all those labels! Marijuana has caused much less harm than even artificial sweeteners but nobody is having any debates about that.

      • I garner my knowledge based upon what our own highly educated & experienced Vermont physicians, including pediatricians, state about Marijuana & its ill effects via their repeated writings and documentation to the State – who therefore dismisses them out of hand as you obviously do.

        So, yes, you should listen to me; thanks! I don’t ingest or smoke drugs NOR do I use artificial sweeteners. Get a clue.

      • Oh really – which doctors are you talking about? Lots of doctors also think that covid is real when it has never been isolated. They will answer for that when it all comes out – don’t expect the media to tell you. Because people believe what doctors say they don’t question them so distortions are set in motion and snowball. You should really care more about prescriptions because they are up there as the second or third killer of all deaths. Nothing is mentioned about this but doctors want to tell us how dangerous marijuana is? What about the prescriptions for anti-depressants?

    • I agree with you totally John. They’re worried about the damage of marijuana and they’ve been injecting thousands, millions of children with graphene oxide and they say nothing about that? Seems that doctors are the new priesthood like in the Dark Ages.

  8. Any warning label about “risk of inducing psychosis” should also go on every ballot
    next to each candidate who calls themself a democrat or progressive.

    • Good one, yes. Although voting is meaningless anyway. They hoodwinked us there, thought we had a say in things but voting on people means nothing, we need to vote on proposals – that we ourselves make! And make politicians obsolete. The Egalitarian Proposal System on youtube.

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