Finance expert runs for State Treasurer

Kevin Divney, GOP candidate for Treasurer, from a TV appearance as a financial expert.

Kevin Divney filed his petition to run for State Treasurer in the Republican Primary, the VT GOP announced today.

Incumbent Beth Pearce will not seek re-election. Divney faces a primary with Brooke Paige of Washington. Dept. of Financial Regulation Commissioner Michael Pieciek has declared as a Democrat.

Divney is a Chartered Financial Analyst who lives in Londonderry and has been a frequent guest on several shows that serve financial audiences such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC’s Squawk Box.  He has managed investment funds with assets over $12 Billion, which is roughly 50% larger than the entire budget for the State of Vermont.

He said he is running for State Treasurer in order to bring some fiscal discipline to our state and to provide experienced oversight of the state employee pension fund.

Kevin was recognized as “Asset Manager Risk Manager of the Year” by Risk Magazine in 1999 due to his strategy protecting from the dot com bubble and as the “Investor of the Year” in 2012 by Northeastern University.

Kevin and his wife Sonia love hiking and skiing at home in Vermont. Kevin is also a licensed pilot who serves as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol where he has completed trainings in Search & Rescue and Emergency Services.

“Politics is something new to me,” said Divney.  “I’ve always worked in the private sector, but I believe that experience is an important asset in the role of State Treasurer.  It will allow me to provide a new perspective that can really improve how the office operates and serves Vermonters.”

State Chairman Paul Dame also joined Divney in Montpelier to submit his petitions.  “I think Kevin is one of the best candidates we’ve had for State Treasurer in years.  He has an incredible background and experience, and even though he is new to politics, he is a natural as he has transitioned from Wall St. to Walmart while he was collecting signatures earlier this morning.  The Treasurer’s race just became an important race to watch for Vermont Republicans.”

Divney plans to have an official campaign kick off announcement in the coming weeks.

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  1. Bringing fiscal discipline to Vermont? A State of roughly 645,000 with a budget that ballooned from over $7 billion last year to over $8 billion this year? The Treasurer’s position is not to reign in spending. The Administration, the Legislature, and all agency bureaucrats are responsible for spending and wasting. If elected, his primary job will be manage the imminent financial collapse and bankruptcy of the State.