Despathy: ‘Compassion without comprehension’ = compliance at Newark Street School

Photo by August de Richelieu

by Alison Despathy

All last year, children in the Newark Street School were required to mask despite the fact that mask mandates were dropped. Section 504, a federal civil rights statute, was used as justification for this action. Section 504 “prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities and guarantees them a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).” There is nothing in Section 504 that states that children can be put at risk or placed in harm’s way in order to provide protections for another student. Yet, this is exactly what the Newark mask policy did.

For months, opposition to masking was voiced at school board meetings. Many shared evidence of known harms related to masks including compromised gas exchange and body systems, especially those directly responsible for regulating oxygen levels such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. Masks trigger the stress response due to reduced oxygen and the demand for increased and stronger inhalations regulated by the central nervous system. The impacts of chronic masking in children and the long term effects are unknown yet neurologists warn of harms due to reduced oxygen intake, especially in children. It is unethical to perform these types of studies on children, yet schools across America have participated in this experimentation.

It was shared multiple times that masks are not approved medical devices for infection control. Masks only hold an Emergency Use Authorization due to the lack of evidence supporting safe or effective use of masks for this purpose. Offering a false sense of security and a pretense of taking action does not justify this policy. Children were placed at risk and experienced compromised learning with the mask mandate at Newark Street School last year. They missed school due to mask issues and struggled with skin rashes and headaches. Alternatives to support all students were presented and ignored. This is a dangerous and unethical precedent.

Recently, Newark families received the following message in the their Back to School Newsletter

“I first want to thank all of you for masking as required for the past several years. I can’t begin to explain how appreciative and meaningful your effort as a community has been. The overwhelming majority of this community masked without complaints and without questions. Many of you did this with compassion and without having comprehension of why. Compassion without comprehension might be one of the strongest mindsets of humanity. And so many of you found your way to that place. I am in awe of those who did.

“’You don’t need to comprehend in order to have compassion.’ – Alok

“With that said, I would like to share with you that the Newark Street School will not be requiring masks to start the school year. We will remain a mask friendly environment, but not required.”

It is great news for the sake of the children that there will be no masking this year. However, this recent message is a gross manipulation of people and their innate goodness. It is this mentality of ‘compassion without comprehension’ that results in the abuses of people by those in positions of power who demand full compliance without question.

Can you imagine your child masked in school all day long for years? This is unethical and cruel. This message from the Newark School shames and silently berates concerned parents for questioning the mask policy. It expresses gratitude to those who didn’t ask questions or demand evidence of safety or efficacy. This response encourages obedience at all costs even when it relates to the safety and welfare of your children.

It is a parent’s duty to protect their children. Demanding answers and caring enough to be engaged and informed is both responsible and compassionate.  The strongest mindset of humanity is critical thinking and the ability to speak up and take action when necessary.  To ignore injustice and abuse is criminal, to play along destroys character.     

The author is a clinical nutritionist in St. Johnsbury.

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  1. Compassion without comprehension – inane, word salad, spell binding, witchcraft. It is language twisting from the demonic realm. The Truth is be compliant, obedient serfs and do not question our fake authority as we lead you and children into the pits of Hell. Time to break their spells and send them all to trial for crimes against humanity.

  2. In other words, do as we say because you are not smart enough to understand even if we explained it to you. Here’s a token word for you sheep….compassion. Feel better now? Gooooodddd…put your mask back on.

  3. Simple truths:
    Mandates are NOT LAW. Masks inhibit oxygen availability.

    Better truth: STOP asking PERMISSION to BEATHE. THEY are YOUR employees. STOP asking the people YOU pay for PERMISSION. TO. BREATHE.

    Another truth: Mandates have NO legal power or authority. However, if you CHOOSE to deny yourself oxygen with a not needed medical apparatus (that has now been proven to have parasites built into them), then, for YOU, it now has the power of law.

    A worse truth: You have not, nor will you EVER look up truth and facts. You will NOT demand such proof and facts regarding a virus THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

    Other than that, here’s the WORST OF THE WORST TRUTH: I could show you study after fact after proof, but those who are NOT using their brains and are ALLOWING themselves to be manipulated by fear will continue to do the wheeze and shuffle. That’s right: The WHEEZE AND SHUFFLE.

    So, Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the resurgence of another ridiculous fear campaign designed to deny reality, promote fear and demand mindless obedience.

    As for me: I have never, nor will I EVER do the WHEEZE AND SHUFFLE.

    Last but not least: Denial does not make the truth wrong; does not make it go away. Rather, it allows the truth to grow and fester and take hold.

  4. Thank you once again, Alison, for your reporting on this bizarre development, as well as your clear wisdom. Have you tried to get this published in Digger? That’s where it really needs to be…..

  5. Thank you notsettledscience. I am so happy for the kids at Newark and hope this remains the case. As I am sure you know, Digger censors anything related to masks, covid or vaccines that questions politicized government scientism or allows an honest debate and sharing of the real research. This is a disservice to Vermonters who rely on a free press to offer unbiased details, info and “digging” so they can assess and determine for themselves where they land.

    I was recently told that they will not be running my pieces after I submitted my writing about Energy Action Network.

    Sadly and to the harm of Vermonters, censorship is alive and rampant in VT.

    Thank you Guy Page and VDC for respecting and upholding free speech and a healthy vibrant free press and allowing the real conversations to unfold as we seek truth and the best path forward.

    • Alison, have you had any direct communication with Tom Kearney, assuming he’s still editing the Opinions pages? It might be good to try to hold him accountable. After he first accepted, then rejected a commentary I wrote a couple of yrs ago, essentially saying that we wouldn’t want to have our readers starting to think for themselves (!) (re Covid, etc, even though I didn’t mention that in my piece, just really talking about how science is never settled…), I was outraged and wrote to him (noting not for publication) a respectful but very strong email, essentially telling him that censorship doesn’t belong in the US and that by censoring these and other commentaries and letters I was aware of at the time, he is being a big part of the problem and should be ashamed. Something like that. Yes, Guy Page is certainly a breath of fresh air these days!

      • Here is VTDigger’s mission statement: “Our mission is to produce rigorous journalism that explains complex issues, promotes public accountability and fosters democratic and civic engagement.”

        I mean, really?

      • Here is VT Digger’s mission statement: “Our mission is to produce rigorous journalism that explains complex issues, promotes public accountability and fosters democratic and civic engagement.”

        I mean, really?